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As the Ball Drops Murder Mystery Party

The Broadway Plaza Hotel, a celebrated icon in the historic heart of Times Square, New York City, is set to welcome guests with open arms to its extravagant New Year's Eve Gala. This exclusive celebration will gather the most distinguished of New York's high society, all dressed in their finest attire, for a night filled with the allure of high fashion, exquisite hors d'oeuvres, and enthralling party games. Holding your VIP access, you're guaranteed a lavish stay at the prestigious Broadway Plaza Hotel. You are about to embark on a journey into a world of enchantment, where your adventure takes flight amidst the splendor and excitement of a quintessential New York festivity. This is where your story begins.

Guest List


Chief Executive Officer
Powers Schwartz is the power-hungry CEO of Monster Financial Corporation (MFC). Feared by all, this authoritative leader is not one to cross if you know what is good for you! As strong a CEO as Powers may be, the employees of MFC must bite their tongue and be quiet as a mouse when their leader speaks, as Powers has a dreadful habit of speaking in cheesy clichés!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal party attire. Fake business cards as optional props.

If you’re looking for a realtor who can get the job done, Mortie Gauge is the only one you can trust—at least, that’s what the tacky TV commercials claim. This ultra-fake but friendly realtor looks out for number one, so if Mortie represents your new home purchase, don’t expect the deal to be in your favor. Mortie’s only true friend is the U.S. Dollar.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal party attire. Fake business cards, house listings, etc., are optional props.

Vegas Lounge Performer
You’ll see Glottie Larinx’s face on billboards and buses throughout Las Vegas. Glottie’s a long-standing lounge performer at the Bingo Bongo Casino on Freemont Street. With the lungs of an athlete and the vocal cords of a canary, Glottie entertains crowds of tourists every afternoon. It’s too bad Glottie has a compulsive gambling problem and is an annoying one-upper, or this performer would be an awesome friend to have otherwise!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lounge performer attire. Fake microphone as an optional prop.

B Movie Actor/Actress
Reece Vaughn is a struggling B movie star. Known for powerful screams and overly dramatic chase scenes, Reece is destined for top roles on the Hollywood big screen - or so Reece believes that to be true. Reece will take no blame for not making it to the A-List, as it will undoubtedly be everyone else’s fault! This drama conjurer quickly points the blame at anyone for anything.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear formal party attire and pretend you're more successful than you are. Fake movie poster photos of B Horror movies are optional accessories.

Wealthy Entrepreneur
Trumpy Gates is an uber-wealthy entrepreneur and world traveler.  Trumpy’s extremely condescending nature certainly doesn’t earn this tycoon a spot in anyone’s circle of friends!  Trumpy strongly believes everyone is for sale at a price.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear trendy and expensive-looking attire. Have money (fake) coming out of every pocket. Wear oversized costume jewelry.

Bird Watcher
Avy Arie is a romantic bird watcher hailing from a small, isolated island off the coast of South Africa.  An avid poet, Avy is also a loyal friend - if you don’t mind the intimate space breaches and constant fashion violations.  Do you hear the fashion police sirens going off?  Yup!  Avy just got dressed for the party!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheesy safari outfit with binoculars as an optional prop. You are a fashion disaster!

Personal Chef
Soss Parsley is Trumpy Gates’ accident-prone personal chef. With a perpetual black cloud looming above, this bad-luck kitchen guru continually makes a huge mess. Soss has dreadful manners, so don’t think about bringing Soss home to meet the parents unless they own a charm school!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s uniform. Optional props are spatulas, rolling pins, measuring spoons, fake chef’s knives, etc.

Wedding Videographer
Tip Burton is a peculiar wedding videographer who is filled with melancholy and despair.  Why this doom-and-gloomer would choose the career to film couples on the happiest day of their lives is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Nevertheless, this gothic videographer’s dark and quirky wedding videos are becoming quite the trend in New York City!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic, dark attire. 

Pat Inteman is one of the most brilliant folks you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting.  A Harvard graduate, Pat is an over-achiever who earned a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering at MIT. However, this creative engineer has a problem with controlling voice volume, as Pat goes from whisper to shout within the same sentence.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Engineering costume. Any nut, bolt, blueprint, robot, etc., as an optional prop. Fake patents are optional accessories.

Unemployed Couch Potato
Void of ambition and a career, this couch potato also has anger management issues. Be prepared to walk on eggshells around this lazy soul unless you want to be the target of a senseless tirade. Takey’s usually seen with fellow couch potatoes who have learned to deal with Takey’s complex personality.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pajamas, couch potato costume, sloth onesie - whatever makes you look unemployable.  A bag of chips and an empty wallet are also available.

Not many people know this shy florist. Sunny is extremely introverted and, if made to leave the house or floral shop, will linger in the back of crowds and watch from the shadows. Sunny is a talented florist and one of the most popular in the city, but nobody has been able to free Sunny from social restraints. Sunny speaks to plants far more than other human beings.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear a gardener or floral costume—be a rose, a sunflower, etc. Use pruning shears and flowers (real or silk) as optional props. You can also dress as a watering can, Mother Nature, a garden gnome, etc.

Professional Golfer
Skyler Green is a cheerful professional golfer with an infectious personality. Appreciated by all as the life of the party, this golf-loving party-goer impersonates animals on the golf course, keeping others in stitches. Unfortunately, Skyler is a narcissist and rarely passes up a reflection.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Golf/country club attire. Clubs, tees and balls as optional props. Golf visor is optional.

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