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As the Beads Drop Murder Mystery Party

Carnival season is filled with a tight schedule of festive events such as the Bal Masque, Tableau, Royal Court parties, charity events, and parades. The Krewe of Pantheon is a long-standing Carnival organization with over 200 members. Madeline Broussard, this year's Krewe of Pantheon Queen, is hosting the traditional Royal Court party. There should be fireworks at this party, as the Royal Court have done nothing but argue over every last detail.  You are part of the krewe and must attend this party.

 This is where your story begins....

Need some mardi gras threads?

Invited Guests

Madeline Broussard
Beauty Salon Owner and Mardi Gras Queen, Krewe of Pantheon
Madeline Broussard is the one Krewe member that you can always count on to keep her promises! A hair stylist by trade, she is extremely outgoing and quite talkative! Because she is such a ray of sunshine in everyone’s day, her beauty salon appointment calendar is booked solid for months! Sometimes, her clients book an appointment just to go for coffee and beignets in the French Quarter!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire with a tiara/Queen’s Crown. A feather mask as an optional prop.

Marc Boudreaux
Fisherman and Mardi Gras King, Krewe of Pantheon
Sometimes referred to as ‘Captain Dictator,’ Marc Boudreaux is not known for having compassion for people. On his fishing boat, he struggles with an inability to work with others and often has a hard time getting control of his emotions! So why was he voted the Mardi Gras King this year? Good question! But there’s at least one person that can take what this miserly grouch dishes out - that’s his long-time girlfriend, Jeanne Trudeau.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire with a King’s Crown. An optional Mardi Gras mask as a prop.

Remy Castille
Lawyer and Mardi Gras Maid, Krewe of Pantheon
On the surface, the thoughtful Remy Castille appears to be a patient attorney who cares tremendously about doing an excellent job for her clients. However, those closest to this attorney know that she would rather tell a lie…even when the truth is better! Deceit is Remy’s middle name!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire - Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold &/or green). A feather mask as an optional prop.

Sabine Doriocourt
Physician’s Assistant and Mardi Gras Maid, Krewe of Pantheon
Sabine Doriocourt - the extremely compassionate perfectionist - is the one that you’ll hear as you walk into the local hospital emergency room. She is the loud-talking, super energetic physician’s assistant with an altered ego that’s quite unfriendly and nearly hostile. You never know who you’ll be talking when you see Sabine…just keep your fingers crossed it’s her good side.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire - Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold &/or green). A feather mask as an optional prop.

Sebastienne Thibodeaux
Owner of the Bourbon Street ‘Cajun Cavern’ and Member of the Board of Directors, Krewe of Pantheon
Known for his extremely high IQ, Sebastienne Thibodeaux is the quirky owner of the Bourbon Street hot spot - Cajun Cavern. Sebastienne always gets what he wants as when he sets his mind to something…he’s more than persistent until it is done. Sebastienne’s very creative and imaginable with wide ranging interests but is extremely resistant to change. Sebastienne does have a quite irritating habit of snapping his teeth when he gets angry and the group wishes he would stop doing it!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire (i.e. a suit with a Mardi Gras themed tie.) An optional Mardi Gras mask as a prop.

Jeanne Trudeau
Swamp Tour Owner and Member of the Board of Directors, Krewe of Pantheon
Jeanne Trudeau is the fun-loving prankster of the group with a great sense of humor. However, this Krewe member is inconsistent and entirely unpredictable as her ‘altered ego’ is quite neurotic and moody on occasion. But tourists absolutely rave about her awesome bayou swamp tours! She is the long time sweetheart of Marc Boudreaux.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire - Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold &/or green). A feather mask as an optional prop. A pad of post-it notes and a pen as optional props.

Vincent Chauvin
High School Football Coach and Royal Court Jester, Krewe of Pantheon
If you need something done fast then you go and see the modern day superhero - Vincent Chauvin! If you’ve got the time, he’ll tell you stories of his past where he has fought off lions, saved children from burning buildings and even lifted a car off of a lady!. Vincent is the one who can get things done and doesn’t hesitate to face difficulty in spite of fear. With that said…don’t let his arrogance or ego-centric attitude offend you!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Jester’s costume or semi formal party attire with a jester’s hat.

Toussaint Le Breton
New Orleans City Manager
Toussaint Le Breton is the ultra-conservative and slightly nerdy New Orleans City Manager. He is very straightforward and dedicated to his goals. This is one civil servant who is accountable for his actions and follows through with what he says! However, this City Manager suffers from severe anxiety which can cause him to appear rather impolite and rude at times.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire - very conservative and slightly nerdy.

Margot Rouquette
New Orleans Angels NFL Cheerleader & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Margot Rouquette is a persistent motivator of the Krewe. Constantly encouraging others and building the spirit of Mardi Gras within the group, she is very receptive and genuinely interested in hearing others’ opinions and ideas. People find it funny that Margot would rather sing or chant a cheer than talk! Everyone loves to escape the pressures of the group and hang around Margot for a quick spirit boost and entertainment!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire - Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold &/or green). A feather mask as an optional prop.

Theodore Fortier
French Quarter Jazz Musician & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Take a stroll down Bourbon Street and you’ll soon run into the smooth melodies of Theodore Fortier. This enthusiastic Jazz Musician is all about maintaining the New Orleans tradition! He has a very strong affinity towards people and is eager to please others… especially with his saxophone!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi formal party attire. A saxophone (real or fake) as an optional prop. An optional Mardi Gras mask as a prop.

Pierre Gautreaux
French Quarter Mime & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
If you’re ready for some quiet time and giggles, spend a few moments with the people-pleasing entertainer - Pierre Gautreaux. To those closest to him, he is the most loyal and devoted friend. To his enemies, he is one to be reckoned with as he can be quite malicious behind the scenes!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A derby hat, black and white striped shirt and black pants. Black suspenders and face painted like a mime (optional).

Simone Dubois
Show Girl -Barrah’s New Orleans Hotel & Casino & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Simone Dubois is the catty two-faced show girl from Barrah’s New Orleans Hotel & Casino. She is known to be quite ill-mannered and argumentative to those around her and most of the Krewe avoids interacting with her. Anything you say…she is certain to take the opposite stance and argue about it. So why is she a member of the Krewe? Her father is the largest financial contributor…so everyone is forced to put up with her attitude.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A show girl costume or semi formal party attire- Mardi Gras colors (purple, gold &/or green). A feather mask or feather headpiece as an optional prop.

Darren LaRue
Sugarcane Farmer & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Darren LaRue is the outspoken sugar cane farmer and Chairman of the National Committee of the American Sugar Cane League. He’s the top sugar cane farmer rights advocate and because of his leadership role with the farmers; this candid cultivator has learned to get his way with anything!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and a straw hat. Optional props are sugar canes and any type of garden tools.

Darianne Doucet
Manager, New Orleans Museum of Voodoo & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
In the French Quarter, a museum was erected in honor of the most famous Voodoo Queen - Marionette Laveaux. Within the walls of the museum are explorations of the ceremonies and practices of this historical religion filled with eerie artifacts and intriguing exhibits. Darianne Doucet is the gothic-attired manager of the museum and fits right in with her surroundings at work…literally!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic attire and a pretend Voodoo doll as an optional prop.

Edward Dijon
Musician & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Edward Dijon is the fun-spirited accordionist and member of the Grammy Award-nominated Cajun music band, The Huckleberry Fumblers. He is definitely the one to be around at a party as he gets the party going with his notorious ‘party fever.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire with an accordion as an optional prop.

Lucille Gubeaux
Concierge, Palace D’Leggs Hotel & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Lucille Gubeaux is the uppity Concierge at the Palace D’Leggs Hotel in the French Quarter. She is ‘wired in’ to the ‘who’s who’ of New Orleans’s high society and knows how to get her hotel guests slipped onto any VIP list in town. If you need connections…Lucille’s your girl.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.

Andy Petit
American Major League Baseball Pitcher & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Andy Petit is the mysterious American Major League Baseball player. He is ranked 10th among his peers in win-loss percentage, has earned over 200 wins and nearly 2000 strike outs. Recently, the media closely covered a scandal regarding his alleged use of athletic performance enhancing drugs - but he contends he only used them for an injury. The outcome was inconclusive.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Baseball attire. An optional glove and ball as props.

Lisa Laundry
American Standup Comedienne & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Lisa Laundry is a big time Hollywood comedienne with solid roots in Houma, Louisiana. Often referred to by her adoring fans as the Southern Belle of Comedy, this female laugh factory can bring tears of laughter to your eyes in milliseconds.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire with a colorful (i.e. purple/pink) wig. A rubber chicken as an optional prop.

Pauly Prodhommer
American Celebrity Chef & Member of the Krewe of Pantheon
Pauly Prodhommer is the youngest of fifteen children - of which fourteen became chefs! He is the only one who rose to fame as the top American Cajun Cuisine Chef. His rise to fame occurred when he opened K-Pauly’s Louisiana Kitchen in the French Quarter and the natives noticed his ‘to die for’ blackened redfish. This led to a cooking television show Chef Pauly’s Always Cookin’ and his staple-in-the-kitchen cookbook - Pauly’s Fiery Cajun Cuisine. Pauly is one feisty and fiery chef!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s uniform. An optional fake/toy butcher knife as a prop.

Bayou Bobbie Boucher & Family
Bayou Folk and Members of the Krewe of Pantheon
The Boucher family is the typical Cajun family living off the land…uh hum…swamps of the bayou. With Cajun accents as thick as a roux and hearts as kind as angels…being around this family is an ultimate cultural experience!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls, flannel shirts. Fake alligators as optional props.

Life is one party at a time.

Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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