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Let’s end the story! – this is optional but fun!

Ending the story is fun to top off the night and answer questions about your character’s fate!  Sticking to the order of the characters below, list the three options to the player.  For example, ask Kirby, “Choose one of the following: hockey, baseball, or football.”  Then, depending upon what Kirby chooses, you’ll read the corresponding ending aloud to the group and end Kirby’s story.  Then, move on to the next, skipping over any character not played in your game.

Some may be cumulative – meaning they will possibly affect one another, depending upon the option each player chooses.  So, go in order of this list to keep the story straight.


Choose one of the following: Hockey, Baseball, Football

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Hockey: Kirby goes to jail tonight but is later found not guilty due to the case having only circumstantial evidence. There wasn't an eyewitness or concrete evidence against Kirby, so they got away with murdering Hunter. Kirby gets revenge by suing everyone involved for defamation. 


Baseball: Kirby is convicted of murder and gets out on good behavior in ten years. Once released, Kirby opens a Card My Yard franchise and settles down in an average, cookie-cutter neighborhood in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  


Football: Kirby evades arrest, escapes Bramford Bluff, and is never prosecuted for the crime. Kirby lives as a costume shop clerk for the rest of their days in Canada. 



Choose one of the following: Sneaker, Wedge Heel, Soccer Cleats

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Sneaker: August receives a lot of negative press for the life insurance scandal and is forced to quit their job as a meteorologist in Bramford Bluff. August takes a job cleaning the labs at Hemloxx, working for Revel Bentley. August never moves out of their childhood home. At least the weather predictions in Bramford Bluff start becoming more accurate. 


Wedge Heel: August skates by without any ramifications on the fraudulent life insurance policy but doesn't collect a dime. August spends some time watching YouTube videos and learns better ways to make weather predictions using actual science instead of collecting water in a glass and throwing sand in the wind. Who knew August was doing that? Did August go to a fake online college? Yep! August will get away with that, and nobody will be the wiser. 


Soccer Cleats: August goes to jail for murdering their parents by cutting the car's brake line. The evidence was clear, and the jury returned with the guilty verdict within the hour. August's sentence is 30 years without a chance of parole. 



Choose one of the following: Grapes, Peaches, Pomegranates

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Grapes: Zene is sued by their siblings for their share of the inheritance. They claim that Zene forced Hunter to sign the amendment under duress because he was ill from the poisoning. Unfortunately, the judge sides with the siblings to void the amendment. Each sibling, except for Sterling, as Hunter disinherited them, gets an equal share of Hunter's estate. Zene has to pay everyone's attorney fees, but not Sterlings'. Zene gets a job with Fancy Funerals as a Funeral Monarch. After six weeks, Zene quits and goes back to ghostwriting profiles. 


Peaches: Zene inherits everything (besides what the staff got), gets bought out by the Managing Director of Hemloxx, moves to Costa Rica, and never speaks to any of the family again. Upon hearing of Hunter's death, the extended family that had rudely moved into the mansion still live there – even though Zene sold the property. Loopholes are enabling this to happen, but it's not Zene's problem.


Pomegranates: Zene feels guilty for inheriting the lion's share of the estate and offers an equal claim to the siblings. But Zene refuses to give up their bedroom. So quill moves into Hunter's bedroom suite and couldn't be happier. Zene takes a job at Hemloxx as the VP of Operations, which makes Revel extremely happy. However, Zene's lack of business experience is causing a fair share of problems, and their subordinates are picking up a lot of Zene's slack.   Maybe in due time, Zene will learn the job. 



Choose one of the following: Red, White, Blue

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Red: Paley gets the transfer with the airlines and moves to France as their home base. Paley gets married within six months and has eight children over the next eight years. After that, Paley lives happily ever after.


White: Paley runs away and joins the circus as a lion trainer. However, in an unfortunate accident during a performance two years from now, Paley gets eaten by the lions. This is a case of when animals fight back!


Blue: In a freakish accident, a piano that was in the course of being lifted to a hotel's penthouse suite falls on top of Paley while walking down the sidewalk. Paley is squished to death. Oops!



Choose one of the following: Stairs, Elevator, Escalator

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

  Stairs: Sterling decides the pressure of being Johnny's fixer is too much, so Sterling buys a fake passport, moves to Mexico under the name Grey Velour, and becomes a henna tattoo artist, making a living off tourists. Eventually, Johnny Bentley discovers Sterling while vacationing and within twenty-four hours, Sterling is never seen nor heard from again. So the new fixer got the old fixer. So be it. 


Elevator: Whatever Paley's fate is, Sterling has the same. If Paley picks red, Sterling moves to France with Paley, gets married, has eight kids, and lives happily ever after.


Escalator: Sterling inherits everything from Johnny Bentley two years from now. Sterling retires, hangs out at Johnny's pool every day. and couldn't be happier. 



Choose one of the following: Lifeguard, Barista, Golf Pro

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Lifeguard: Upon Hunter's death, Quill gets promoted to the Director of Hemloxx Afterlife. After taking a gamble and using the entire marketing budget for the division to promote the graveside wedding program, the cemetery marriage ceremonies have become the number one type of destination wedding worldwide. As a result, Hemloxx Afterlife will become the company's most profitable division. In addition, Quill's face ends up on the cover of Timeless Magazine for the 'out-of-the-box' business venture. Quill has never been happier and stops by Hunter's grave daily to update him on their success. Quill is exceptionally pleased. 


Barista: Quill decides that money isn't everything and joins the Peace Corps. Nobody ever sees Quill again. 


Golf Pro: After being stressed out with this murder case, Quill decides to get away. Quill will earn a degree in marine biology and become a penguinologist. 



Choose one of the following: Dog, Cat, Bat

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person

Dog: Pax gets away with the poisoning by paying off the cops. Pax opens a fast-food restaurant, which is a two-minute steakhouse. However, after many cases of food poisoning occurred due to the absurd promised cooking time of the meats, especially the two-minute chicken, Pax must file bankruptcy. Then, Pax decides to become a freelance landscaper. 


Cat: Nobody knows why, but Pax gets away with Hunter's poisoning. Pax opens a folding paper store. The business model was that clients enter, select the sheets to fold, and fold them while relaxing with spa-type music. The store didn't do any business, and Pax will then beg Reign for a job at Hemloxx, Incorporated. Pax becomes a gravedigger for Gorgeous Graves. Whatever. At least the air is reasonably fresh, and a particulate mask keeps the dirt particles out of Pax's lungs. 


Bat: Pax retracts their confession about poisoning Hunter. They are not charged with attempted murder, as they blame Porter Dolion for trying to frame them. Nothing comes of it for Porter, as there is no evidence, and Porter blames Pax. Pax gets a fast food restaurant job as a burger chef for the next twenty years. Pax's best pal, the French-fry cook, kills Pax during a fight over a poker game at Pax's apartment. Pax was cheating. Pax deserved it.



Choose one of the following: Halloween, Christmas, Easter

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Halloween: After poisoning Olive Bentley by force and being afraid of being exposed, Porter develops a severe case of paranoia. But Porter eventually finds their true love while having a fun night at the Bramford Bluff Bingo Hall. A few months later, Porter poisons their love interest because they suspect them to be hiding something nefarious from Porter. Porter will be entirely wrong. Porter's love interest was working on plans for a luxurious vacation in the Maldives as a surprise. Porter goes to prison. 


Christmas: Porter decides to quit being a chef to start a farm on the outskirts of town. Porter learns to love the simpler life – away from the drama - but full of hard work from sunup to sundown.  


Easter: After careful consideration, Porter quits the culinary life and becomes a corrections officer. However, a week after Porter begins work, there is a prison riot, and Porter gets stabbed with a stolen chef's knife from the kitchen. Porter dies on the way to the hospital. Dreadful! 



Choose one of the following: Chemistry, Biology, Geology

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Chemistry: Roan wants to watch the world burn, so Roan turns over all evidence against the Bentleys, Porter Dolion, Pax Moriarty, and the gardener stealing supplies weekly from the mansion's shed. Many people become plagued with negative press, scandals, and arrests – including Johnny Bentley, who goes to jail for 28 years for the murder of his wife. He's never charged with his sister's murder, however. 

 Porter goes to jail for putting poison in Olive's food and for being an accomplice after the fact by accepting the check for 100K (this trumps anything from Porter's chosen solution). Pax goes to jail for attempted murder for poisoning Hunter (this trumps Pax's desired ending). Revel and Sterling go to prison for being an accomplice after the fact, with Olive's murder, by accepting the payoff check. Quill goes to jail for forgery on the last will (this trumps all of Quill's endings). A few weeks after throwing this dirty grenade, Roan takes a rideshare service home from a party and gets into a fiery crash. Can you say Karma? 


Biology: Roan Devland warns everyone of the dirt they've collected and demands monthly blackmail checks to keep quiet. Within six months, Sterling finds Roan's home in the Poconos, kills Roan as they sleep, saves everyone's reputations, and keeps everyone out of jail. Roan didn't have a friend keeping the evidence safe. Roan had it all in their sock drawer. Snitches don't have friends, ya know. 


Geology: Roan starts a trash tabloid blog, World of Roan, and it becomes one of the most popular blogs in the world. Roan sets up surveillance equipment at The Garden Ivey Restaurant in Beverly Hills and has continual celebrity gossip to report. Roan then purchases a small, isolated tropical island and retires within ten years. Roan never spills the tea on the Bentleys, but they are always worried about it. 



Choose one of the following: Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

 Captain Crunch: Elm takes a chance and applies for a science program at an Ivy League college (you can insert your favorite one here). Elm earns a Bachelor of Science degree in physics and follows it up with a Ph.D. in paranormal studies/metaphysics. Elm throws away the champagne sabers and starts a modern-day ghostbusting business headquartered in Bramford Bluff. Elm never realized how many people thought their homes were haunted. In no time, Elm's a multi-millionaire. 


Fruity Pebbles: Elm decides they don't like the stress of the restaurant business, so they quit The Sneaky Steak and become the manager of The Dollar Hut. Elm has never been happier. 


Cinnamon Toast Crunch: Elm meets their soul mate and gets married. Elm's soul mate convinces them to move away to Canada and live in the wilderness. It's not long before Elm realizes that their new partner is running from the US government for tax evasion, suspected murder, and possibly – a few home burglaries. Oh, and a hit-and-run accident where an older man was killed. Elm doesn't live happily ever after. You should have picked Captain Crunch. Seriously. Who wouldn't choose the Cap'n? 



Choose one of the following: Green, Pink, Purple.

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Green: Ranger quits everything, moves to Hollywood, and becomes a lounge singer. Quill hooks up with a casting director, hoping to become famous as a television star. The best that ever happens is that Ranger lands a local car lot commercial.


Pink: Ranger decides to go to college and become a Nurse Practitioner. It takes seven years, but Ranger pulls it off and gets a job in New York City as the hospital administrator of Mount Sinai Hospital. 


Purple: Ranger decides to quit the financial business and apply for nanny jobs in Bramford Bluff. Ranger lands an appointment with the mayor as a full-time nanny for their three children. However, the mayor's wife gives Ranger a cup of hot coffee one morning, and Ranger burns their lips because the temperature is too high. Ranger sues the mayor for a million dollars in medical bills and emotional distress. Ranger settles out of court for 500K, knowing the lawsuit was entirely frivolous and they were lucky to get that much. However, Ranger is banished from Bramford Bluff and moves to a neighboring town. They invest their money wisely, never have to work again, and spend their time gaming for fun.



Choose one of the following: 2, 4, 6.

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

 2: Lucky Balcom decides to quit construction and become a YouTube prankster. However, Lucky's third episode of their show turns deadly when they pick the wrong guy on a restaurant patio to blow in the face with a leaf blower. The man, believing he was being robbed or otherwise assaulted, stabs Lucky in the heart with his fork in retaliation. Lucky doesn't survive. Pranks don't pay sometimes.  


4: Lucky bids on a big-paying job in India, not thinking they would be considered. To Lucky's shock, they get the contract and move to India to build a sprawling amusement park. Lucky gets married to their soul mate, whom they meet in India on their fifth night. The happy couple has five children. Lucky quits construction and gets a job at the amusement park as a roller-skating character. Lucky's kids think they're the coolest. Lucky lives happily ever after. 


6: Lucky decides to quit construction and go into the real estate business. Lucky puts their entire saving account into a string of cheesy commercials, but it pays off, and Lucky becomes the top realtor in town. In addition, Lucky creates an online blog about real estate that shoots to a number one source for information and, after getting paid for sponsor ads on the blog, becomes a multi-millionaire in only a couple of years. Lucky's lucky. Or is all that hard work luck?



Choose one of the following: Vampire, Witch, Werewolf

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Vampire: Alaska Fusco goes on vacation in Hollywood. Alaska is hit by a car driven by one of the top A-list names in Hollywood (you can insert your favorite or least favorite celebrity here). Alaska sues the celeb for five million dollars and wins by settling out of court. However, Alaska loses their right leg at the mid-thigh from the accident. Alaska thinks it was worth every penny, though. 


Witch: the FBI arrests Alaska Fusco for being the notorious serial killer, the East Coast Slayer, Strangler, and Stealer. This killer had killed &/or stolen items from over fifty people along the eastern coastline during 2020. However, given their charm and art of persuasion, Alaska rules the prison population. The guards bend the knee and grant Alaska's every request, so Alaska lives like prison royalty for the next thirty-five years. Finally, Alaska is released from prison in thirty years for good behavior. Still, because Alaska had killed a mobster during their murder spree – they get whacked by a mobster's assassin as soon as their feet hit the civilian pavement outside of the prison.


Werewolf: Alaska's podcast has become the number-one podcast in the world. Not having any loyalty, Alaska moves away from Hemloxx Media but then ends up in a string of lawsuits for leaving – which Alaska loses all of them and has to shut the podcast down for five years due to the non-compete clause they had signed when hired. Alaska's father and the Managing Director of Hemloxx never speak to Alaska again. Finally, Alaska gets a job as a dog groomer two towns away. 


Choose one of the following: Sneakers, Heels, Flip-flops

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Sneakers: Danner buys the Bingo Hall and surrounding land, sells their real estate agency, and runs the Bingo Hall full-time. Danner also builds a house on the land and moves in. A year later, Danner opens a bingo accessory store that sells bingo markers, reading glasses, chair cushions, cigarettes, smokeless ashtrays, peanuts, masks, plastic germ dividers, and oxygen tanks. Danner rarely leaves this property anymore.


Heels: Danner expands their real estate agency to ten more cities across the United States. Four years from now, Danner decides to move to Madison, Wisconsin, where the last agency opened. Danner purchases a home that had been on the market and vacant for over six years due to a supposed curse on the property. Danner gets multiple brown recluse spider bites on their first night after moving into the house. On Danner's fourth day, they wake up with a fever, nausea, and cramps from repeated spider bites. Danner stumbles outside to get help but gets bitten by a rattlesnake, and at the same time, a white-tailed deer viciously attacks Danner because the deer's fawn is napping in Danner's front flowerbed. Danner dies in the front driveway from spider bites, rattlesnake venom, and head and chest injuries from the deer. The cause of death is inconclusive.


Flip-flops: Danner lives happily ever after. However, six years from now, Danner retires from the real estate business and opens a pet hotel. This business venture drains Danner's retirement fund after a year because nobody in Bramford Bluff uses pet hotels. Danner ends up having to go to work for the person who bought Game of Homes for another ten years to save up enough money to retire again.



Choose one of the following: Gray, Beige, Ivory

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

 Gray: Morg decides to become a social media influencer. To garner attention and notoriety, they steal Hunter Bentley's Rolls Royce and take it for a joy ride. As they drive around town, live-streaming their forbidden journey, the car is hit by a train. Morg was more focused on the camera angle of their jawline and responding to the comments flowing in. Was it worth it, Morg? Nope. 


Beige: Morg decides to come clean with the town of Bramford Bluff and has a press conference on their past and the lies surrounding them. Morg throws it all out there and opens a pool company called Reformed Thief and Fake Pool Chemist Pool Service. Morg becomes the number one pool service company in town and never burglarizes a home again. 


Ivory: Morg quits being a pool tech, moves to Las Vegas, and becomes a Blackjack dealer on the Strip. Unfortunately, within a week, Morg is robbed at gunpoint while leaving the casino at 4 AM by four masked men. Morg decides to fight the muggers' ninja-style,' but without any ninja training. Oops! Was your watch, phone, and wallet worth your life? Morg dies by gunshot before the ambulance arrives twenty-five minutes later. Unfortunately, the thieves get away with Morg's things – including their shoes. 



Choose one of the following: ​Longhorn, Bulldog, Frog

Now read their choice aloud to the group before moving on to the next person: 

Longhorn: SymbioTom hits the retail market on schedule even though Revel warns strongly against it to Reign Bentley. Reign is worse than Hunter about the company's bottom line and refuses to delay the release – even with the stern warning about the humanoid assistants. It only takes 23 months for the SymbioToms to take over the world and exterminate humanity. This will trump anyone else's ending 23 months from now. Reign 


Bulldog: Reign hires a VP of Operations, and Revel returns to the lab full-time. Revel figures out how to program SymbioTom to make them safe for humanity. It takes SymbioTom eight years to figure out how to un-do this programming. Finally, they take over the world and exterminate humanity. This trumps everyone else's ending eight years from now. 


Frog: Revel stops the SymbioTom program and moves on to robots to replace fast food workers. Albeit this lowers the employment rate, thereby damaging the economy. But fast food has never been more efficient and quicker. 

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