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Bloodstone Sanitarium

The Bloodstone Sanitarium's maximum security unit, designated for those acquitted of murder on the grounds of insanity, becomes their new abode post-trial. Here, due to threats of violence, patients often find themselves in prolonged isolation.

In a bold move to dispel ongoing concerns highlighted by recent incidents of disappearances, staff injuries, and a patient's destructive escape in Gothenburg, the sanitarium's administrator has planned a Halloween party for this unit. This event aims to showcase the facility's stability and safety to city officials.

While the news of the party excites the inmates of the maximum security wing, the sanitarium's staff views the upcoming event with apprehension. Despite their reservations, attendance is mandatory for those wishing to maintain their positions. This is where your story begins.

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Guest List


Maximum Security Unit Resident 

Jordan Berkowitz is a new patient at the Bloodstone Sanitarium and is the most feared by the staff.  Jordan has many imaginary enemies and assumes most food contains poison. While in college, Jordan believed the professors were aliens on a mission to destroy humans.  Jordan eventually crossed the line by engaging in a maniacal rampage through an apartment complex that ended with a tense hostage situation. 

Costume suggestions: Hospital gown, tattered medical scrubs, or (untied) straitjacket. Gothic hair (wig, if possible) in disarray and black lipstick if female.



Maximum Security Unit Resident 

Lane Lector is a longtime resident of the Bloodstone Sanitarium but was recently transferred to maximum security for murdering another patient and injuring a security guard.  Lane has delusions of grandeur and believes s/he’s a pop star being held against his/her will in the facility by an archenemy pop star’s entourage.  Lane has unpredictable incidences of rage and is a frequent resident of the padded isolation room. 

Costume suggestions: Hospital gown. Trendy hairstyle in disarray with slight dark circles under your eyes (use blue/burgundy/black eye shadow).  If you can make your hospital attire look like you are a pop star by adding any accessories – do it.


Forensic Psychiatrist

Dr. Jesse Crow is a famous forensic psychiatrist.  Jesse is the interface between the justice system and the asylum and provides professional opinions on the competency of defendants to stand trial in a court of law.  Dr. Crow is an expert witness whose testimony leads to verdicts of not guilty by reason of insanity, thereby handing one-way tickets to the sanitarium.   Dr. Crow doesn’t tolerate disrespect and is quick to order patients to stay in isolation for lengthy periods.

Costume suggestions: Medical lab coat, and optional to have a stethoscope as a prop. Fake pills (jellybeans) are optional.


Unit Security Guard

Avery Danis is a reserved maximum security guard at Bloodstone Sanitarium.  Avery has recently been promoted to the position of head guard, but rumor has it that Avery’s seeking employment elsewhere.  The asylum's executive director has had a difficult time retaining guards because this unit houses the most terrifying people known to humankind.

Costume suggestions: Security guard costume.  Badge, baton, and CB radio are optional props.


Maximum Security Unit Resident 

Harley Bianchi is the resident sociopath. Harley can be quite charming and proper on the surface, but what lurks underneath Harley’s cool exterior is a fiery pit of malice, and this resident refuses to concede. Harley was a fast-food chain manager for over a decade and was locked up in the sanitarium soon after a national news story broke about Harley sneaking rat organs into the food served to customers.

Costume suggestions: Hospital gown, tattered medical scrubs, or (untied) straitjacket. Long hair in disarray.  Pet (toy) rat as an optional prop.


Clinical Psychologist

Ashley Frank is the overbearing clinical psychologist at the Bloodstone Sanitarium.  Ashley speaks loudly and frequently sneaks behind others to spook them.  Ashley’s rude behavior sparks episodes of rage in unstable patients, making more work for the psychiatric techs and guards.  Ashley admits to causing chaos out of boredom. This is one unprofessional psychologist, but connections mean everything, as s/he’s the cousin of the executive director.

Costume suggestions: Medical lab coat, and it's optional to have a stethoscope and toy syringe as props.


Maximum Security Unit Resident 

Marley Manson is a former fashion model.  Marley went crazy following a painful dental visit and was later diagnosed as having post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  This patient is unpredictable, randomly screaming and hurling objects across the room.  Marley accidentally murdered her/his significant other during a petty argument and earned a spot as a permanent resident of Bloodstone Sanitarium. 

Costume suggestions: Hospital gown, tattered medical scrubs, or (untied) straitjacket. Blonde hair in disarray.  If played by a female – heavy makeup.



Maximum Security Unit Resident 

Logan Dahmer has been a resident of Bloodstone Sanitarium since the tender age of eighteen after transferring from a juvenile facility.  Logan is a psychopath with homicidal tendencies and should not be trusted. Therefore, never turn your back to Logan.  It is wise to stay off this patient’s radar, as Logan makes voodoo dolls and chants hexes toward foes.

Costume suggestions: Hospital gown, tattered medical scrubs, or (untied) straitjacket. Hair in disarray (wig if possible).  Thick, gothic makeup (male or female).  A pretend voodoo doll is optional.


Maximum Security Unit Resident 

Kennedy Bundy has been a patient at Bloodstone Sanitarium a few times as an adult.  This resident is cunning and often fools the medical staff into an early release. However, they see they are wrong soon after Kennedy is released into society.  Kennedy murdered three childhood friends after being released last time and won’t be leaving Bloodstone Sanitarium anytime soon.

Costume suggestions: Hospital gown, tattered medical scrubs, or (untied) straitjacket. Hair is in disarray, and dirt smudges on your face (use dark eye shadow).


Psychiatric Nurse

Jaiden James is the fun-loving psychiatric nurse and friend to everybody at the hospital.  This nurse is the only one on the premises without an incident on record with patients.  Because of a peacemaking reputation, the guards call Jaiden to mediate critical problems with the patients.  However, Jaiden has a mysterious past, as nobody knows what this nurse did before the first day of work at the Bloodstone Sanitarium nine years ago. 

Costume suggestions: Medical lab coat, and it is optional to have a stethoscope as a prop.  Alternatively – wear a nurse’s or psych ward costume.  A toy syringe/fake pills (jelly beans) are optional.

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