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Bumped Off on Bourbon Street

Every New Orleans native knows that Fat Tuesday’s Pub on Bourbon Street holds the premiere Mardi Gras celebration during Carnival Season. Fat Tuesday’s Pub is always the place to be—where the city’s finest flock to participate in their electrifying bashes! This year is no different, as you, among hundreds of other excited guests, purchased your VIP tickets at least six months ago! You're ready for the party! This is where your story begins.

Add some mardi gras flair to your costume:

Guest List



Marathon Runner
Heloise Aucoin is an ultra-energetic marathon runner from California. Chronically homesick for Cajun culture, she treks across the country to her hometown of New Orleans for Mardi Gras every year. Because of her aggressive mannerisms, most of her childhood friends and family can only take being around her in small doses.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Athletic attire. An optional number is taped to the back of the shirt/jacket.

Bourbon Street Chef, Balatoire’s Restaurant
Leon Naquin is the executive chef at the famous Bourbon Street restaurant Balatoire’s.  Leon is excessively tidy and has the cleanest kitchen in town!  Many people in town have issues with Leon, as he’s not the easiest person to get along with.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Chef costume. Optional spatula and napkin as props.

Bourbon Street Performer
Strolling down Bourbon Street, you’ll undoubtedly encounter the smooth sounds of Bernadette De La Fosse. Bernadette is a very outgoing lady and a long-time street performer on Bourbon Street. With dreams of becoming a famous comedian, she performs her standup comedy routine for anyone with an extra minute.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Soft, free-flowing gypsy-style attire. Optional guitar (real or fake) as a prop.

Leader of the ‘Pink Cajuns Motorcycle Club’
Zenobia LeBlanc is a rebellious heiress who decided to become a cross-country biker out of boredom.  Nevertheless, don’t let first impressions about Zenobia bother you, as this fearless leader of the Pink Cajuns Motorcycle Club is known for her perfect etiquette and literary proficiency.  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Biker attire (leather jacket/pants, biker gloves, fake tattoos (or real if you’ve got ‘em).

High School Football Referee
Jean-Baptiste Doucet is an infamous high school referee in good old New Orleans. He has made more than his share of enemies on the field and in the stands. It’s no secret that Jean-Baptiste is half-blind, deaf, and easily distracted. Why this man chose to be a referee—nobody will ever know!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS:  Wear a referee uniform. Use an optional whistle as a prop. Thick, ‘coke-bottle’ glasses and a hearing aid are fake optional accessories.

High School Cheerleading Coach
Acadia La Fleur is the spunky high school cheerleading coach.  With a voice that carries over two blocks away, she cannot sneak up on anybody!  Acadia is an ultra-feminine drama queen, so get some tissues ready for this emotional diva!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Warm up suit. Optional whistle as a prop.

S.W.A.T. Team, New Orleans Police Department
Jacques Bergeron was recently promoted to the New Orleans S.W.A.T. team and is taking his new position quite seriously.  He trusts nobody and believes chaos will ensue at any moment, and he is more than ready for it. Jacques needs to learn to relax!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police/SWAT uniform. Toy gun(s) are optional props.


Bourbon Street Jazz Musician
Clovis Chatelain is a friendly jazz musician. A lover of music and people, he hits Bourbon Street at 5 AM to entertain the early risers! The gossip mill has it that he’s hiding a sordid past and has fabricated a story about it. Either way, he’s a talented performer.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual but trendy attire. Optional jazz instrument (real or fake) as a prop.

Professional Bowler
Ophelia Bourque is a professional bowler who lives her life as though it’s the 1950s. From her conservative attire to the golden oldies slang she spews, she’s set in her ways. Ophelia is constantly celebrating and gets excited at the hint of good news. She also loves to dance if she hears music, so get ready to cut a rug with her if you’re within arms' reach!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: 1950s attire and a 1950s-style bowling outfit. Hair styled in a 1950s up-do.

Martial Artist, Bourbon Street Dojo
Tons of young people from around the city travel to the Bourbon Street Dojo to take martial arts lessons from the modern-day ninja Sensei Bertrand Bujeau. From a mixed Japanese and Cajun heritage, Bertrand is all about culture! He’s quiet in social gatherings and prefers to stand back in the shadows, as his extensive martial arts training makes him highly sensitive to his surroundings.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Martial artist costume.

Opera Singer, New Orleans Opera House
The egotistical Beauregard Fauche is the star opera singer at the New Orleans Opera House.  Beauregard loves to chat about how wonderful he is and never misses a view of his reflection on reflective surfaces.  If you look beyond Beauregard Fauche’s superficial layers, you will see that there’s actually a decent, caring person somewhere.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black and white tuxedo (or suit) or a traditional Opera stage costume.

Hostess, Café Beignet 
If you dine at Café Beignet during Magnolia Thibodeaux’s shift, you had better not be in a hurry! Magnolia’s in no rush to do anything while she’s at work. She dislikes her job because she prefers to be around animals over people. Even worse, if her co-workers confide in her, it will be only seconds before their secret’s out. Magnolia has no conscience. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual hostess/waitress attire.

Blackjack Dealer,
Harrold’s Casino
Alphonse Dugas is the lively blackjack dealer from Harrold’s Casino in New Orleans.  Only half of what comes out of his mouth is the truth; he even lies when the truth is better!  His closest friends also always grumble about how he cheats at board games. If he is that deceitful with his best pals…who knows what goes on at the gaming table?  Alphonse also has a gambling habit and has accrued a huge debt with bookies in town.  This might be why he is never seen without his buddies from the casino.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Shirt and tie with a dealer visor. Optional name tag as a prop.

Housewife and Nosy Neighbor
Belle Arcenaux is the catty housewife who meddles in everyone’s business in the French Quarter.  A rich source of gossip, Belle keeps the drama swirling among the neighborhood wives.  The saying ‘keep your enemies close’ explains why Belle always has a flock of her ‘friends’ with her.  They all realize that if they’re with Belle, they won’t be the subject of any malicious tittle-tattle! 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A house dress/robe, rollers in hair (optional but funny), and a notepad as an optional prop.

Coach of the St. Louis Lambs
Steve Spaniolo is the obnoxious NFL Coach of the St. Louis Lambs. Boorish and overly bossy, this football coach is one to steer clear of at any gathering - except for a professional football game. Steve has been known to spark a few skirmishes with the officials, so he clearly has no respect for authority. He often travels with a number of his most valuable team members because he likes to keep a close watch over them—far away from the media’s eye.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Coach’s uniform. Whistle and clipboard as optional props.

Hollywood Movie Star
This triple A-lister has become a major Hollywood icon in recent years with the release of the vampire movie series Dawn. With a somewhat blemished personal life behind the movie scene, Robbie’s had his share of scandals cross his path. He’s bluntly honest and quite tactless during normal conversation. Be careful when socializing with this gauche film star or his entourage!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wear trendy ‘Hollywood’-style attire. An optional prop is a Sharpie marker for signing autographs. The entourage can wear all-black suits.

Farma Celadie is a neurotic pharmacist who sings her words instead of speaking them normally. She’s a stressed-out workaholic who doesn’t leave the pharmacy much. The pharmacy assistants think the long hours are making her lose a few marbles! Worried about Farma’s isolation, her employees bought her ticket to the Fat Tuesday’s Pub Mardi Gras party and wouldn’t take no for an answer!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONSLab coat with a name tag of any pharmacy (optional).

As long as you don’t mind being judged over and over again, Mary A. Felo is the friend to have. Very opinionated and outspoken, this Bridezilla is one of the biggest socialites in town! Mary scheduled her wedding for the same day as the Fat Tuesday’s Pub Mardi Gras party so she could turn this Mardi Gras bash into her own personal wedding reception! Her friends have advised her it will never work…but Mary doesn’t listen to anyone.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: The bride should wear a bridal gown( or white clothing and a veil of any kind). The wedding party can wear any formal attire,  but it’s best if they color-coordinate.

Street Vendor
Sela Fude is a popular French Quarter Cotton Candy vendor known for her extremely high IQ. Sela always gets what she wants; when she sets her mind to something, she’s more than persistent until it is done. Sela is very creative and imaginable, with wide-ranging interests, but she is extremely resistant to change. The street vendors of the French Quarter are all great buddies and have formed a pretty tight-knit group!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any style of work uniform, e.g., waitress attire or fast food attire. Cotton candy can be an optional prop. The other vendors can also have optional props for the items they sell.

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