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Britt Danson is a competitive eater who was born and raised in the gloomy town of Godley Hollow. Now, Britt leads an exciting life traveling the globe in search of the most challenging food competitions. Britt is a familiar face on the Foodie Network and a merciless food critic on social media food sites such as YumYum and NomNosh.

EARLY LIFE: Britt Danson grew up in Godley Hollow with average grades, in an average home, with a mother as a retail manager and a school teacher father.  Britt met Roland Kingsley during their junior year of high school. The two became fast friends, but once Roland became wealthy, the two fell out of touch.

BUSINESS CAREER: Britt has always been a healthy eater and in the early days, won local contests for hot dog and pretzel eating. Britt has achieved fame through winning multiple national titles - many of which made the Vegas betting boards.

PHILANTHROPY: Britt claims not to have time for charity, and has given $50 twice to friends' GoFundMe accounts when they were in need. 

PERSONAL LIFE: Britt is married with two children.


  • The world record for eating a 6 lb. Birthday Cake in 9 minutes. 2014

  • The world record for eating an 8 lb. burger in 4 minutes, 21 seconds, 2014

  • The world record for the fastest Micky D's Happy Meal eaten (small burger, small fries, small soda) in 14.23 seconds

  • The world record for eating the most slices of bacon - 185 slices in 5 minutes, 2016

  • The world record for eating the most waffles (117 in 7 minutes), 2016

  • American Eating Championship, 2016, 2017

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