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Bug City & the Case of the Missing Honey

The mischievous cockroaches from La Cookaroacha overpopulated their town once again and needed to expand their borders. Unfortunately, the roaches chose Bug City as their next location! The wicked roaches sneaked into Bug City and hid the bug's honey in a secret location. The cockroaches knew that the only thing protecting Bug City from being flattened by the bears of Big Bear Forest was the honey in the honey combs surrounding the city as this feeds the hungry bears! Without the Bug City honey, the bears would trample over Bug City while searching for something else to eat! 
Luckily, the cockroaches wanted to keep things a little fair for the bugs and gave the bugs a fighting chance to save their city. They created five mysteries that when solved, would lead to the secret location of the missing honey. However, time was not on the bugs' side! The hungry bears were starting to wake up from hibernation and the bugs had to hurry up and solve the mysteries to find the missing honey and save Bug City!

Need help finding fun buggy attire?

Invited Guests




Andie the Ant is the very skilled architect and resident of Bug City.  Andie has built most of the structures in Bug City along with Andie’s team of carpenter and worker ants.  Andie is very responsible and a dedicated hard worker.

Suggested attire: red shirt and pants/shorts. Face painted red.  Headband with antennae.




Geri the Grasshopper, originally from France, is the head Chef in Bug City.  Known for aromatic and elegant dishes served in the Bug City Bistro, Geri is very fun-loving and a treat to be around.

Suggested attire: green shirt and pants.  Green gloves. Face painted green. Small wings on back and headband with small green antennae.



City Manager

Catu the Caterpillar works very closely with Mayor Bee to organize, plan and manage Bug City’s essential operations.  Catu is the happiest bug in the city and is constantly singing joyful songs.   

Suggested attire: green shirt and pans.  A headband with small antennae. Multiple, paired stuffed legs attached to shirt.  



Standup Comic

Fozzi the Fly is the coolest bug in Bug City.  Fozzi performs an awesome standup comedy routine nightly at the Stinger Comedy Club.

Suggested attire: black and /or gray shirt and pants.  Face painted black. Headband with black antennae.  Large wings. 



Professional Athlete

Harley the Hornet is the strong and fearless professional athlete.  Wing Ball is the number one sport in Bug City and Harley is famous for his one-touch wing snaps – scores a goal every time! 

Suggested attire: yellow and black shirt and pants.  Large wings and a stuffed stinger hanging from the back of the waist.



Medical Doctor

Sam the Spider is one of the most loyal friends that you will ever have.  A very caring physician for Bug City, Sam can repair a broken wing like no other! 

Suggested attire: black shirt and pants.  Face painted black. Additional 4 black legs attached to shirt. Black gloves.  



Movie Star

Laney the Lady Bug is the spoiled movie star of Bug City.  One of the biggest celebrities in town, everyone knows everything about Laney!

Suggested attire: black shirt and pants.  Headband with black antennae.  Red and black polka dotted vest. Black gloves.



Hover Bus Driver

Mo the Mosquito is the carefree hover bus driver in Bug City.  The mosquitoes are the only ones responsible for the transportation system in Bug City so they tend to be quite stressed out.  Mo can be unpredictable because Mo doesn’t get a lot of rest!

Suggested attire: black shirt and pants. Extra large wings. Optional nosepiece (long tube).  Black gloves. 



Police Chief

Dog the Dragon Fly is the stern law enforcer of Bug City.  If anyone gets out of line, Dog is certainly going to be there to correct them. Dog is usually seen with his fellow officers.

Suggested attire: blue and / or green shirt and pants.  Extra large wings.  Optional nosepiece (long tube).  Colorful gloves.



Rap Star

Lil’ Wane the Wasp is a budding rap star of Bug City.  Constant rhymes spout from this creature like a flowing melody.

Suggested attire: orange and black striped shirt and black pants.  Wings and optional to make a stinger to hang from the back of the waist. 



Fire Chief

Sting the Scorpion is the brave and courageous Fire Chief of Bug City.  Once when the giants were plaguing the city with magnifying glasses, the firehouse was a busy place.  There hasn’t been a fire truck siren go off in months, however.

Suggested attire: brown shirt and pants.  Make a scorpion tail out of stuffed leggings with a stinger on the end.  Insert bendable wire inside the stuffing to make it curl upwards. Additional four stuffed legs attached to shirt.




Pauly the Praying Mantis is the quiet and conventional librarian.  Pauly is quite reserved so there won’t be much stimulating conversation going on if you try to talk to Pauly. However, Pauly is a brilliant insect and a great source of information.

Suggested attire: green shirt and pants. Two long stuffed green legs attached to shirt.  Headband with green antennae.



Donut Maker

Bip the Butterfly is the hyperactive donut maker in Bug City.  Bip is addicted to sugar in any form and will be the first one on the scene if there are sugary treats available.

Suggested attire: black shirt, pants and headband with black antennae.  Large, colorful wings.



Clothing Designer

Subo the Moth is the eccentric clothing designer of Bug City.  Wearing clothes is a new trend in Bug City and it is catching on fast! 

Suggested attire: white pants and shirt.  Large white wings and a headband with white antennae.



School Principal

Charlie Cricket is the ultra-strict Bug City School Principal.  Charlie is not known to put up with a shred of nonsense so the younger bugs in the city mind their ‘wings and stingers’ around Charlie.

Suggested attire: black shirt and pants.  Face painted black. Headband with small black antennae.  Small wings.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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