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Charmstone Terminology

Do you need to catch up on magical terms? This will help below: 

ACADEMY CHECKPOINT EXAMS:  a student must pass two levels of examinations for the seven types of magic. The first checkpoint is at the end of year six, and the second is at the end of the twelfth year.  The highest score is a level 100 domination, which only 1% of magical beings can achieve. 

ALBULEPOS: a type of magic that includes healing and charm magic - all things positive and can be cast without a trade-off. Albulepos enchantments can heal wounds, give glamour, boost good luck, and a few beneficial love potions.


ALCHIMIA: a type of magic that involves the combination and manipulation of tangible items to produce an effect on the target. Otherwise known as 'witches' brews.' 

AMALGAM: a magician born from a magician parent and ordin parent.

ANIMO: a type of magic that is the art of telepathy and mind control of similar species. Telekinesis, astral projections, and other out-of-body spells. 

APEX MAGE: only the top 1% of magicians of Magus Hollow qualify to become an Apex Mage - which means they have mastered the seven types of magic with a level 100 domination on their Academy Checkpoint Exams. To earn the official title, they must also pass the Guardian Honor Test. 

BUBINGA WAND: a rare, expensive wand that works best on the Dark Craft spells. 

COROCOTTAS: a type of magic that encompasses all magic involving animals, including telepathically reading the minds of animals and communicating with them. This also includes mind control of animals and shape-shifting from human to animal forms. 

ELEMENTUM: a type of magic that is the broadest category of spells and includes everything involving the four elements - earth, wind, fire, ice. 

EMPRESS APEX MAGE: the most powerful magician alive. There can only be one at a time, and they are typically headmistresses/headmasters of the Charmstone Academy. When the Empress Apex Mage dies, an Emperor Apex Mage will replace her, and after he dies, an Empress will take his place, and so on. A caveat is that the successor could not have had anything to do with the reigning ruler's death. 

ENORIM: one of the four guilds of Charmstone Academy known for popularity, leadership, and loyalty.

FRANKINCENSE OIL: an essential oil used by the magical community to strengthen or, in some cases, restore magical powers. 

GUARDIAN HONOR TEST: a type of lie detection/personality test to reveal where one's true intentions lie. This test will weed out the magicians who master the seven types of magic that have ill intent and prevent them from becoming members of the Charmstone Academy faculty and/or the Mystic Militum. 

GRAND SUPREME STUDENT: this is analogous to the student body president in ordin schools. This 12th-year student has tested the highest on their first checkpoint exams at year six and exudes leadership skills, responsibility, and moral character superior to others.

GREENHEART WAND: a powerful wand used by many 12th-year students and adult magicians.   

GRIMM: One of the four guilds of Charmstone Academy known for wisdom and intelligence. 

GUILD: there are four groups of students in Charmstone Academy. Upon a student's arrival to the school, they will be assigned to one of the following: Sodarin, Enorim, Grimm, and Velore. 

HEMLOCK WAND: a wand best for mid-level spells. 

INTERMAGICAL UNION: a board of seven magicians from the seven magical communities. They govern the magical beings of the planet.  They give awards for excellence in addition to punishments for forbidden activities.

IRONWOOD WAND: a training wand for first-year students. 

LASER BALL: a sport in the magical world where three opposing teams compete to burn the opposing teams' flags with laser magic.

MAGE: one who possesses the gift of magic. 

MAGUS HOLLOW: a magical city where Charmstone Academy is located. 


MAGUS HOLLOW WANDERY: a shop in Magus Hollow where witches and wizards purchase wands. 

MALUM: a type of magic often called The Dark Craft. This is magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes. 

MYSTIC MILITUM: a military-style organization formed to protect Magus Hollow from being discovered by Ordins, from alien invaders, and from the evil that might develop within the community. These witches and wizards are guardians who have reached the level of Apex Sages. 

ORDIN: non-magical humans. The ordins cannot see Magus Hollow and are entirely unaware of the magical world or that magic even exists. 

PEARL GAMMA SPELL: this is a tool used by the Mystic Militum to determine if a wand has cast a spell in the previous hour. 

PINK IVORY WAND: one of the most powerful wands - forbidden at the Academy. 

PHOTOSYNTH SPELL: an abulepos spell to cast on plants to remove any brown portions of their leaves. 


POISONWOOD WAND: a multi-purpose wand used by magicians beyond their 10th year. 

PROVISIO: a type of magic that includes the powers of foresight, fortune-telling, and divination. The art of discovering secrets or futures by supernatural means.

PURE BLOOD: one born from a bloodline of pure magicians. 

ROSEWOOD WAND: the most powerful wand known to the magical community. 

SODARIN: one of the four guilds of Charmstone Academy known for influence, ambition, and mischief. 

TACITURN SPELL: a charm spell of albulepos magic that removes the target's ability to make sound for about an hour. 

VELORE: one of the four guilds of Charmstone Academy known for bravery, courage, and intriguing conversations. 

WORMWOOD REFORMATORY: a magical prison that can hold witches and wizards indefinitely. It is guarded by goblins, which are the vilest and dangerous creatures of the supernatural world. 

ZENITH: a head student of one of the four guilds of Charmstone Academy. Typically this is a 12th-year student. 

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