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Case of the Missing Spirit Stick

Every year, cheer squads from all over the country come together for an exciting week at the ACA summer cheer camp. It's a big deal! One of the coolest parts of camp is the spirit stick – it's like a magical wand that gets given to the team showing the most energy and team spirit at the end of each day. This year, you really want your squad to win that spirit stick! Your adventure starts here, at cheer camp, where friendship, flips, and fun come together. Let the cheering begin!




All players can wear any cheer uniform.


 Longhorns Cheer Squad Captain 

Ashe is the head cheerleader for the Longhorns squad. She can top any pyramid and is a fearless flyer. All of her cheer mates adore her as she is not only the most talented but she is also the friendliest cheerleader on her squad. When she is not cheering, she is volunteering at the local community hospital. Ashe is a great leader and commands everyone's attention when she speaks. But she can lose her patience if you cross her, so beware! 


 Saints Cheer Squad Captain  

Jenn recently moved to the United States from Australia last year. On the Saints cheer squad, she is a base but secretly desires to become a flyer. Jenn eats, breathes and sleeps cheerleading. In her spare time, she is on a competitive cheer squad at a private gym. Jenn is the girl that everyone at her school aspires to be like and is very generous and caring. But some of her cheer mates have seen her bossy and ultra-competitive side... and they don't like it! 


 Tigers Cheer Squad Captain

Brit Cruise is a strong and cautious front spot for the Tigers Squad. Her cheer sisters all depend on her to keep them safe during stunts. In her free time, she works at a candy store in the mall. Brit is a sweet and quiet young lady and is a perfect role model at her school. But, she is known to be loud and obnoxious once she has some sugar in her system. Her cheer mates have an agreement to hide all sweets from her. When Brit gets a hold of candy and sodas, who can stand to be around her? 


 Jaguars Cheer Squad Captain 

Jess is the best gymnast at cheer camp this year. She is very quiet and reserved. She tends to let her talent speak for her. She often lip syncs the cheers when her squad performs because she says it strains her voice. She will not speak to anyone unless she is spoken to first. Because she is so timid, nobody truly knows the real Jess Hartnett. 



 Eagles Cheer Squad Captain

Sara McCartney is the center of attention in any room. She is the main flyer for the Eagles Squad. She is a boisterous young lady full of energy. When she was a baby, she did a series of commercials for a diaper rash ointment. People still talk about that today! When she is not cheering, Sara helps out teaching cheerleading at the YMCA. Sara is constantly doing a cheer or a dance, especially if anyone is watching her. She constantly craves attention and will do anything - good or bad - to get it.


 Aces Cheer Squad Captain  

Henna Efron takes cheerleading and her position as back-spot very seriously. She is an honor student and is in every club, council, and organization at her school. She doesn't have much of a sense of humor or time for idle chatting. She'd much rather read a book or study physics than sit around and talk about boys. Everything in her life is perfect, even her cheer squad... or so she thinks.  


 Iron Giants Cheer Squad Captain  

Nikki's cheer mates all say that Nikki's light as a feather! She is a flyer for the Iron Giants cheer squad and this is her first year as Captain. Nikki is extremely mischievous and is known for pulling pranks on her squad. Last year, she caused a big uproar when she hid everyone’s shoes!


 Sharks Cheer Squad Captain 

Lora, a flyer on the Sharks squad, is known for her outrageous behavior during competitions. She is a sweet girl unless it is during a competition... then her talons come out. She loves to make ugly faces at the other cheer squads before they go to the mats to perform. She says making the other team upset is the cheerleading version of a defense.


Hawks Cheer Squad Captain 

Meg Walker is a front spot for the Hawks Squad. She is an awesome dancer and is always made the example when they learn a dance at camp. Girls from other squads tend to get jealous, but Meg has a contagious personality and can win them over once they get to know her, that is, unless she is on one of her bragging tirades.   


 Hornets Cheer Squad Captain 

Justine Timberlake is only the head cheerleader of the Hornets squad because her mother is the cheer coach and needs to keep an eye on her. She is the true 'bad girl' of the bunch and never wanted to be a cheerleader. Justine thinks it is a hassle to have to attend summer camp and would rather be playing basketball or fishing but trouble is Justine's middle name! Just last week, she got into trouble for instigating a French-fry food fight in the cafeteria.


 Farmers Cheer Squad Captain 

Cat Radcliffe is a base for the Farmers squad. She is a tom-boy and in her free time, she works with her dad on cars in the garage. Her asset to the squad is her brute strength. When she is involved in a basket toss, you better make sure the ceiling is high enough! 


 Spartans Cheer Squad Captain 

Whit Jonas is an adorable young cheerleader on the Spartans Squad. She is very organized and meticulous about how she keeps things around her. In her free time, she helps out at her dad's car spa. Her cheer mates go crazy with her constant cleaning and nagging about how messy they are! 


 ACA Cheer Camp Head Coach

Coach Blossom is one of head coaches for ACA cheer camp. She is very organized and keeps all of the cheerleaders in order. She doesn't lose things easily and typically keeps a watchful eye on the spirit stick.   

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