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The Greatest Murder on Earth

The Greatest Show on Earth is a company of traveling performers including clowns, acrobats, musicians, and dancers. The Big Top show is accompanied by a carnival of thrilling rides, games of chance, and sideshow acts such as a wax museum, walk-through exhibits, and awe-inspiring stunts. Max A. Million is hosting a debut party for the first funfair in the dismal town of Deadwood Valley but is having a difficult time bringing this eclectic group of misfits together. Nobody gets along and scandals are brewing behind every corner. Max has made it mandatory for all employees to attend this festive gathering under the Big Top, so you don’t have a choice but to dust off your best party attire.

This is where your story begins. 

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Guest List

Starr Dangerfield

Wax Museum Curator

Starr Dangerfield is the Greatest Show Wax Museum curator – a sideshow exhibit next to the Big Top. Starr creates and maintains lifelike figures of movie stars, politicians, and other celebrities. Starr offers VIP tours of the museum’s workshop to show the creation process of wax tributes. Starr lurks in the shadows of the fairgrounds to occasionally watch customers walk by. Some believe Starr is searching for the right person – but for what reason? 

Starr hand-picks customers for free VIP passes to the museum. Oddly, some of these VIPs are never heard from again. The ringmaster has installed hidden cameras in the museum and hopes to get to the bottom of what is happening. 

Suggested attire: Steampunk-inspired attire. Top hat, monocle,vintage-style topcoat. 

Flossy G. 


Flossy G. is an acrobat who doubles as a ride jock on the Vortex Gravitron roller coaster – a ride advertised as causing fewer than forty injuries to riders per year. Flossy G. has been known to fight with customers of the funfair and follow them into the parking lot.  Under the Big Top, Flossy G. radiates balance, agility, and strength on the trapeze, silks, and aerial hoops. An adrenaline junky, Flossy G. loves the combination of soaring heights and danger. 

Flossy G. only has a job at the funfair because of unbridled talent and leadership on the trapeze. Other than that - Flossy is a lawsuit waiting to happen, and Max has been warned multiple times by Flossy's colleagues.  However, Max is all about money and filling stands, so Max cannot afford to lose a good performer. 

Suggested attire: Trapeze costume or other dance-type or gymnastics costume


Max A. Million .


Max A. Million is a peculiar master of ceremonies who rescues people from dangerous circumstances and recruits them to join the big family of The Greatest Show on Earth, a traveling circus and funfair. A former lounge singer who was terminated from a cruise liner and turned failed variety show host, Max is a true performer—a show person who will do anything to fill the stands under the Big Top. 

Max created the funfair a few years ago after the Max A. Million Variety Show was canceled from the Style Network due to a serious lack of viewership. Max talks a good game to win people in authority over but never seems to deliver on promises.  The funfair is struggling financially, and it is only a matter of time before everything collapses, and Max will be forced to fold up the tents. 

Suggested attire: Ringmaster costume. Top hat and whip as optional accessories. 


Skywheel Danny


Skywheel Danny is a circus clown who performs as the human cannonball and manages the bounce house on the midway between show times at the Big Top. Danny often struggles behind the daily parade and glares at the onlookers to frighten them. Skywheel has been accused of terrorizing locals by throwing candies at their windows in the middle of the night until they peer out the window and see Skywheel smile at them. Skywheel Danny hasn’t harmed anyone or even been charged with trespassing - yet.. 

In every city The Greatest Show on Earth has traveled, Skywheel Danny has had the police called in the middle of the night. Danny likes to mess with locals but knows how to terrorize others without breaking the law. 

Suggested attire: Clown costume. You can make it creepy if you desire. 


Snake Solei


Snake Solei was hiding in a filthy gas station restroom when Max's funfair traveled through town. Max made a secret deal with Snake to perform under the Big Top in exchange for protection from the feds. Snake is a contortionist who is wanted for attempted murder in another state, having allegedly stabbed someone after a road rage incident. Because Max believes idle time affords trouble, Snake manages the funnel cake booth on the midway outside of the Big Top show times. Snake is somewhat easy to get along with but can be highly unpredictable.

Many Funfair employees recognize Snake's face on television but cannot determine which show Snake was on. It's only a matter of time before they realize a steep reward is offered for Snake's capture. 

Suggested attire: Unitard or leotard and tights. Anything form-fitting. 


Rockin Bobby


Rockin Bobby is the daredevil of the Big Top show and sideshows. Willing to accept risks for cheap thrills, Rockin Bobby exudes recklessness and a lack of good sense.  From a life of jumping out of planes and pushing the limits of free-falls to diving too deep without SCUBA gear, Rockin Bobby has found a relatively safe home at The Greatest Show on Earth. Bobby leads the daily parades and runs the balloon dart game on the midway. Bobby participates in the Big Top show with a high wire feat, a knife-throwing act, a motorbike car jump, and a hook suspension performance. 

Rockin Bobby kisses up to Max A. Million, but behind Max's back, Bobby is anything but complimentary. Bobby aspires to be a ringmaster and run the funfair one day, but Max won't allow anyone to have the title of second in charge. 

Suggested attire: Stuntperson costume – a jacket with sequins, a popped collar, and boots.


Gillie Snowbridge

Fortune Teller

Gillie Snowbridge is the mysterious fortune teller who works in the Hall of Mirrors, a sideshow attraction at the funfair. At the end of the mirror maze, Gillie is posted with a six-foot mirror called The Mirror of Behāwian and claims it will reveal the onlooker's innermost appearance and desires. A giver of nightmares, Gillie lacks a conscience when delivering dreadful fortunes. Don’t ask Gillie anything you don’t wish to know!

Most customers who enter the Hall of Mirrors will exit a different person after the experience—morose, sad, and stressed. That is why Max recently restricted the attraction to customers over the age of 18. 

Suggested attire: A flowing dress, a fortune teller costume, and costume jewelry—tons of bangles and a jeweled headband.


Valerio Griffon

Strong Man

Valerio Griffon is potentially the strongest man on Earth. Desperate for work, Valerio confessed to Max that he was on the run from the law due to his involvement in a series of unfortunate events, including the murder of a man who challenged his strength on the street. Valerio has a criminal history and has been in trouble since he was a child pickpocket. Some say Valerio’s strength and poor choices are not due to environment or genetics. There is a word on the street that Valerio may have been part of a human research trial that went wrong. 

Valerio was born into a wealthy family. His father was a biochemist who worked for the biggest pharmaceutical company, X-Gen Pharm, Inc. Rumor has it that his father might have been engaging in illegal research on Valerio upon birth. 

Suggested attire: Strong Man costume. Wrestling attire or go shirtless if you've got the muscles.  Or, wear a muscle suit/shirt.


Rain Tempest

Escape Artist

Rain Tempest is an escape artist who has been thrilling audiences for decades after getting an early start with card tricks as a child on the streets. Max A. Million was lucky to convince Rain to join the funfair. Rain is internationally famous due to a live television special in the ‘90s that featured Rain being shackled in a steel cage filled with ice water and escaping in record time. Rain is obsessed with perfecting new illusions and becomes enraged when anyone stands between Rain and work. This illusionist isn’t happy about skipping a rehearsal to attend Max’s party under the Big Top.

Handcuffs, jails, chains, and ropes are no match for Rain Tempest.  Rain has escaped water jugs, packing crates, and even the belly of a whale washed ashore.  Currently, Rain is performing a vanishing elephant illusion, which is always a huge hit, leaving the audience mystified.  Rain is also working on a top-secret illusion that will be performed for the first time in Deadwood Valley at the debut Big Top show.

Suggested attire: Magician’s costume. 


Madam Vivian Lore

Bearded Beauty

Madam Vivian Lore is touted as the most beautiful bearded lady in the world. However, rumor has it that her lustrous beard is a fake! Madam Lore was Max's first recruit to The Greatest Show on Earth and will not hear of anyone accusing her of not having real facial hair.  Madam Lore manages the games of chance and skill on the midway.

Many of Madam Lore's colleagues have reported finding bags of hair and spirit gum in Vivian's trailer. However, Max would rather be in denial than an accessory to fraud, so Max has added a strict policy for the staff not to tattle on colleagues unless it is life-threatening.

Suggested attire: Bearded lady costume.  Or any glamorous gown with a long, flowing beard. 

Bat Von Tats

Painted Person

Bat Von Tats manages the Hair Braids & Henna Tattoo stand at the fairground entrance. Tattooed from head to toe, Bat draws curious gazes from the customers. Bat's first tattoo was at age eighteen, and ever since, Bat has spent over 1,000 hours in the tattoo chair, having every visible inch of skin tattooed, including eyelids, between the toes, gums, and even the white of an eyeball. Bat is super friendly, but the ink on Bat's skin is the only focus onlookers seem to have.

Bat has many good friends at the funfair, but a few people have been able to reveal Bat's dark side. 

Suggested attire: If you’re not tattooed – get some temporary ones! They make fabric sleeves that look like tattoos. Use makeup to draw on face tattoos.

Lolo Panor

Flea Circus Manager

The Flea Circus is a sideshow attraction in which fleas perform feats within tiny exhibits. Since The Greatest Show on Earth came together, Lolo has been attacked by various animal rights groups for using harnesses around fleas to make them appear to perform tricks for an audience. However, undercover investigators disguised as carnival workers have revealed that Lolo’s fleas are not real insects but only mechanical devices operated by electricity and magnets. Lolo firmly denies these allegations and contends that the fleas are real animals trained and not on harnesses. Lolo also claims the insects are taken care of well within federal animal housing standards. 

Lolo is a nanobotic engineer who fled from a foreign government and is hiding. Lolo will not allow photographs to be made and often wears disguises. 

Suggested attire: Think Willy Wonka meets the Ringmaster.  (But don’t outshine Max A. Million).

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