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Find the Spy: Ms. Crimson's Quest

Ms. Cornelia Crimson has stolen something from you that you hold very dear to your heart. If you do not already miss the item, she assures you – you will figure out what she has taken in due time. She would love to return your item, but she requests that you journey to her castle on Dismal Lane to earn the right to have your special item returned. Don’t fret – you are not the only one. On this night of mystery, she will plant a spy among the invited guests and pose a series of unremitting challenges for you to conquer in order to receive clues about the spy’s identity. The one who correctly guesses the spy will leave the castle as the heir or heiress of the Crimson estate – as well as have their item returned. The guests who guess incorrectly will never have their special item returned. It’s a steep penalty, but you should do your best and try your best to earn it back. Ms. Crimson has invited you to attend this exclusive event. Will you take the challenge? If no, maybe you’ll change your mind once you figure out what is missing. This is where your story begins.

Guest List



Piano Teacher

Miracle Orange is a hyperactive piano teacher from Dreary Hollow.  Miracle is an over-achiever and will stop at nothing to get what s/he wants.

Suggested attire: trendy party attire.



Nat Gold is a nerdy comic from Dreary Hollow. Nat tours comedy clubs around the globe and performs hilarious standup routines for his/her adoring fans.

Suggested attire: funny t-shirt or other silly costume.



Prazo Emerald is an intolerable tailor and aspiring fashion designer. For decades, Prazo has been a personal tailor for the Crimson family. Nobody is entirely sure why Ms. Crimson invited Prazo, but nobody’s looking forward to being around this bad-mannered designer.

Suggested attire: over-the-top trendy party attire.


Magic Shop Owner

Coz Cobalt lights up the room when s/he bursts through the door. Everybody loves to be around Coz, and s/he doesn’t have an enemy in the world.  Coz is a fun-loving magician who owns a local magic shop called Tricks Are for Kids in Dreary Hollow.

Suggested attire: magician’s costume.


Dog Trainer

Canis Indigo is the no-nonsense dog trainer from Dreary Hollow.  Canis has an uncanny way of getting dogs to mind their manners. If you have an unruly pooch in desperate need of decorum, Canis will coach their bad habits away in a matter of days! 

Canis is a miracle worker!

Suggested attire: workout attire.  Optional to have a bag of dog treats as a prop.


Hollywood Icon

Ven Violet is a notorious Hollywood Icon.  Recently, Ven earned a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Those closest to Ven are already sick of hearing Ven constantly boast about the accomplishment.  Ven is self-absorbed, but is a brilliant performer, nonetheless. 

Suggested attire: trendy yet glamorous attire.


Modern Dancer

Grantley Black started performing dance at only three years old, and nothing has changed in his/her daily routine ever since. Grantley spends the days training in the dance studio with a high-spirited competitive dance team. You could say that Grantley scored a dream job.

Suggested attire: hip-hop / grunge inspired attire.



Spice Scarlet is a mean-spirited singer who dreams of becoming rich and famous. Spice believes s/he is smarter than everybody—and might be right. Spice can be unbearable at times, so make sure Spice has whatever s/he needs.

Suggested attire: trendy and young pop-star style attire.



Dopner Green is the quiet librarian at Dreary High School.  Dopner lingers in the shadows and stays far away from the limelight. Dopner hopes to one day sell a screenplay in order to break free from the doldrums of the library.

Suggested attire: conservative attire Books as optional props.


EDM Producer

If you are young, you know who Alex Peach is, for sure! Alex Peach is the number one EDM producer worldwide. Alex recently purchased a mansion in Dreary Hollow next to Ms. Crimson’s estate. Rumor has it that these two have been feuding lately. Ms. Crimson’s not all about that bass.

Suggested attire: trendy attire worthy of an EDM producer.


College Student

Bax White is a serious-minded college student. Bax is from Dreary Hollow but moved to the dorms of Cali-Tech Institute right after graduating from high school. Bax shows no emotion and sometimes gives the impression of a mere shell of a human being. However, Bax is a genius and will be a rocket scientist after graduation.

Suggested attire: nerdy, conservative attire.



Parker Gray has no filter. You never know what Parker will say next, but if you are afraid to hear the truth, stay out of earshot! Parker spews whatever comes to mind—at all costs.

However, Parker does have a good side: He is an uber-talented violinist who performs at the Dreary Hollow Symphony.

Suggested attire: semi-formal attire. 

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