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Halloween Homicide in the Town of Dark Cloud

The Shade Hallow Manor is a 17th-century mansion in Dark Cloud, which is an isolated town covered in dense fog. Built in 1670 by a legendary author named Shade Hallow, the estate is now an unkempt eyesore. In his day, Mr. Hallow was beloved and treated like royalty, as all loved his literary works.
Shade Hallow Manor has elegant architectural features, albeit they have been weathered throughout the years. Weeds have replaced the flowering shrubs and ornamental trees that once adorned the property. The final members of the Hallow lineage passed away in the early 1700's, leaving Shade's estate in the hands of the townspeople. Unfortunately, the people have neglected the place, primarily due to the legend that Shade Hallow's ghost roams the corridors at night.
Most of the townspeople have banded together and hope to remodel and reinstate the property as a historic bed and breakfast. They believe the old estate can generate tourism and income for Dark Cloud. Most people stand behind the idea, although a few are adamantly against the pursuit – claiming the manor's haunted and should be left alone.
Most of the dusty cobwebs have been swept away, and the Halloween bash is underway. You live in Dark Cloud and are on the fence about whether or not you support the idea of hosting an event there. However, you have been invited to attend, and this is where your story begins.

Need a costume?

Invited Guests




Mica is the coroner of Dark Cloud.  Some people are afraid of this medical examiner, as Mica mysteriously appears in a room without warning.  Some think Mica may have magical powers, whereas others believe Mica’s mastered the art of being stealth.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with Dark Cloud Morgue on the pocket (dark circles under your eyes with makeup), or wear any Halloween costume.


Forensic Entomologist

Ento Bugsman is a hardworking forensic entomologist.  Aside from having a creepy-crawly day job, Ento runs the only pest control business in Dark Cloud.  Ento controls the town’s infestations, but some say this bug sprayer may have caused them in the first place.  Ento lives with Jeck Needles, and the siblings spend most of their free time working on a top-secret research project.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with toy insects in the pockets, or wear any Halloween costume.




Tarant U. Lawe is the antisocial arachnologist at the Dark Cloud Exotic Animal Rescue.  Tarant suffers from anger management problems and is often judgmental of others.  For these reasons, Tarant only has a handful of friends.  Tarant’s also a germaphobe, so getting too close to this spider wrangler is out of the question!

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with toy spiders in the pockets, or wear any Halloween costume.



Cryonics Technician 

Dr. Freeze is the head cryonics tech at Dark Cloud Cryonics and the most annoying one-upper in town.  If you’ve done anything amazing lately, get ready to hear a long winded story about how Dr. Freeze has done it better. This doc’s new to Dark Cloud and not many people truly know the real Dr. Freeze.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with Dark Cloud Cryonics on the pocket, or wear any Halloween costume.



CTS Decon Technician

Deco Tamnation is the peculiar Crime/Trauma Scene (CTS) Decontamination Technician.  A constant whistler, Deco gives uncomfortable stares which lead to periods of awkward silence during a conversation.  This decon tech also bakes cakes on the side and is garnering attention in Dark Cloud as an upcoming pastry chef.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat or hazmat suit with Dark Cloud Decon on the pocket, or wear any Halloween costume.



Cemetery Watchman

Dirté Graves is the late night cemetery watchman at the Dark Cloud Cemetery.  Dirté is a friendly person but often rants about government conspiracies.  Dirté is rumored to have insulated his/her home in aluminum foil, so the government’s listening devices are rendered useless.

Suggested attire: Overalls, unkempt hair (or wig) or wear any Halloween costume.  Aluminum foil as an optional prop.



Pharmaceutical Trial Subject 

Jeck Needles is a committed pharmaceutical trial subject.  Rumor has it that Jeck has been participating in multiple pharmaceutical trials without notifying the researchers he’s on several experimental drugs. Jeck’s health may be at risk.  Jeck is the sibling of Ento Bugman and spends countless hours in a home laboratory researching a top secret project. 

Suggested attire: Casual attire.  Draw marks on your arm with a red pen where you’ve been injected with things.  Alternatively, wear any Halloween costume. 



Pig Butcher  

Hankie Swine is the arrogant pig butcher at the Dark Cloud Pig Market.  Hankie Swine owns the only pig farm in town and charges far above market prices for meat.  Nobody’s seen the inside of the Swine Mansion on the hill, and the curious townspeople often wonder what Hankie is hiding.

Suggested attire: White apron with blood splattered on it.  A toy butcher knife as a prop.  As an alternative, wear any Halloween costume. 




Wylie Diggs is the bossy gravedigger at Dark Cloud Cemetery.  Since high school, Wylie has lived up to the title of Town Bully, as this gravedigger lives to intimidate the weak. Wylie is always looking for new ways to terrorize the people of Dark Cloud.

Suggested attire: Very dirty overalls.  A toy shovel as an optional prop.  As an alternative, wear any Halloween costume. 




Alex M. Palmer is the intellectual embalmer at the Dark Cloud Morgue.  A dependable hard worker, Alex is a genuine friend to many people in town.  Alex has many personality quirks and is very superstitious. Rumor has it that Alex has been questioned by the director of the morgue as to why it takes Alex longer than normal to embalm bodies. Alex refuses to comment when asked about this issue.  

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with Dark Cloud Morgue on the pocket, or wear any Halloween costume.



Police Officer

Officer Nelson is one of the most highly decorated officers at the Dark Cloud Police Station.  This cop lives to protect the streets of Dark Cloud, and hardly ever stops working. Dark Cloud is a grim town full of hardened criminals, so this officer has more than a full-time job. The Dark Cloud police officers are a tight knit group who always has each others’ backs. 

Suggested attire: Police uniform.  Optional to have fake guns, handcuffs, as props.



Reporter, CBC News

Pat Couric is always on top of the latest story - sometimes before the story happens!  Pat’s an ambitious investigative reporter for CBC-TV and will stop at nothing to be first to get the scoop.  Pat is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from CBC News.


Suggested attire: Casual business attire (i.e. oxford shirt, pants).  An optional microphone and notepad as props.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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