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Devyn Banks is a hardworking pharmaceutical chemist. This scientist works around the clock in search of a treatment for many rare diseases, such as cytopheria, a rare genetic disease that affects the skin and nervous system. Devyn puts in more hours than the CEO of ZEXO Pharmaceuticals and is determined to find a cure for many rare diseases.

EARLY LIFE: Devyn Banks hails from the isolated town of Godley Hollow. Devyn was always at the top of the class, and to nobody's surprise, was accepted into Princeton University, where Devyn earned many degrees, including a BS in Organic Chemistry, a BS in Quantum Physics, a BS in Biology, an MS in Microbiology, an MS in Analytical Chemistry, and a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.  Devyn was also accepted into Duke University's School of Medicine and earned an MD.


CAREER: After serving as a Graduate Teaching Assistant during Devyn's graduate degree programs, Devyn's first real job was as a clinical chemist for ZEXO Pharmaceuticals in Godley Hollow.  Devyn now directs the Clinical Research Department and serves as the Senior Chemist. Devyn also has an adjunct appointment as a chemistry professor at Godley Hollow University and works with Dr. Peyton Payne through a clinical trials program at the University.



  • Docs without Borders


PERSONAL LIFE: Devyn is single and without children.



  • AMA Scientific Achievement Award, 2016, 2017

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