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Every Easter, the Wabbit family gathers at Brare and Peter Wabbit’s home in the beautiful town of Springville.  They plan to kick off the festivities with delectable appetizers and fun party games.  Some family members are eccentric, so Brare Wabbit must do everything possible to keep things on track!  By Wabbit tradition, a chocolate bunny will be the grand prize for the Official Wabbit Family Egg Hunt.   Let’s hope the contenders can keep their hands off the prize, so the hunt can go off without a hitch! You’re part of the family and plan to attend the gathering. This is where your story begins. 

Guest List



Wife of Peter and Flower Gardener

Brare Wabbit is a prim and proper lady. She is a flower gardener and mother of two beautiful children. She’s a gracious and welcoming hostess with a mysterious flair about her.

Suggested costume: Casual attire in Easter colors, or wear a gardener costume.  Optional fresh-cut flowers as optional props.


Husband of Brare and Football Coach

Peter Wabbit is a charismatic gentleman and high school football coach.  He doesn’t sleep much at night but loves to nap throughout the day. He’s even fallen fast asleep during a football game he was coaching!

Suggested costume: warm-up suit and a whistle.


Sibling of Peter and Chocolatier

If you looked up perfectionist in the dictionary, Billie Bonka’s picture would be next to the description. Billie never thinks his/her delectable culinary confections are good enough, and continuously tries to perfect the tasty delights.

Suggested costume: a long velvet trench coat, gloves, top hat and cane.  Chocolate candies as optional props.


Sibling of Brare and Award-Winning Carrot Farmer

Farmer Green is a famous carrot farmer from the countryside, and s/he is coming home for Easter. Egotistical and opinionated sum up this award-winning agriculturalist.

Suggested costume: overalls and tousled hair A bag of carrots as a prop.


Brare’s Father and Retired Chicken Farmer

The strong but not so silent backbone of the Green Troupe, this fun-loving grandpa will spin tales for hours about the good ole’ days.

Suggested costume: casual attire (or a chicken/farmer costume) that a grandfather would love. 


Brare’s Mother and Homemaker

Granny Green is a quiet homemaker. Sherlock Watson is her brother, and these two are no strangers to sibling rivalry.  The siblings only get together on Easter, and something outrageous always happens!

Suggested costume: Any outfit a granny would love.


Sister of Peter and Pediatric Dentist

Auntie Fox is a practical pediatric dentist. She doesn’t put up with nonsense from her patients, so don’t claim you floss regularly unless it’s true, as she’ll know! This doc’s a bit devious away from the dental chair, so watch your back!

Suggested costume: conservative attire with a lab coat.  Floss and toothbrushes in every pocket. 


Brother of Granny Green and Detective

Uncle Sherlock Watson is a rather famous detective.  He’s shy but can be annoying if he engages in his infamous impersonations of various types of monkeys. Sherlock loves to annoy his sister, Granny Green.

Suggested costume: Sherlock Holmes’ costume.


 Peter’s Mother and Retired Physician

Grandma Wabbit has led a stressful life as a cardiac surgeon.  Now retired, she still keeps a fast pace and is quickly incensed if she doesn’t get her way.  Grandma Wabbit is addicted to video games and is currently trying to make a competitive team for the End Watch online game.

Suggested costume: any outfit a granny would love.  Any video game props you can find.


Child of Brare & Peter Wabbit and Skateboarder

Cotton Wabbit is a loving child that any parent would be proud to claim! With one exception…Cotton gets what Cotton wants, or people pay a price.

Suggested costume: kid’s casual skateboarding attire.


Child of Brare & Peter Wabbit and All-Around Athlete

Chase Wabbit is the complete opposite of Cotton.  Chase is calm and relaxed, and only strikes up energy on an athletic field – or during an argument with Cotton.

Suggested costume: any kid’s athletic uniform.


Father of Peter and Retired Candy Shop Owner

Senility is Grandpa Wabbit’s middle name! Grandpa Wabbit’s a retired candy maker who loves to pull practical jokes!   Some say he’s not senile and uses the excuse to do whatever he wishes!

Suggested costume: grandpa attire.  As suggested props - any pranks you can find (i.e. a prank kit from a toy store).


Chocolate Scientist and Neighbor of the Wabbit Family

Dr. Einstein is an outstanding member of the high IQ society – Mensa International.  He is the leading researcher in the field of chocolate science. His life’s work is the creation of a small dehydrated food capsule that turns into an instant milk chocolate rabbit when only three drops of water are added.

Suggested costume: lab coat or mad scientist costume and an Albert Einstein wig.


Child of Auntie Fox and Chess Champion

Eggy Fox is the National Chess Champion. This pawn-hopper has a mischievous side, as Eggy’s quite the prankster.

Suggested costume: casual kid’s attire.  Any pranks that you can find (i.e., a prank kit from a toy store).


Veterinarian and Neighbor of the Wabbit Family

Dr. Malls is a friendly veterinarian and will gladly talk about how s/he is a vegan. Dr. Malls is a great neighbor until the rants begin about how you shouldn’t eat animals because they are your friends.

Suggested costume: scrubs and an optional stethoscope as a prop.



Neighborhood  Gossip

 Tele Evitang is always on top of the latest story… sometimes before they happen!  Tele’s an ambitious investigative reporter for RBC-TV and will stop at nothing to get the scoop. Tele is a gossipmonger, so watch what you say around this nosy neighbor!

Suggested costume: reporter costume with a pen 

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