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The Guild of Enorim is made up of the most popular students at the Academy. They set the tone and lead their teams forward to victory and fame. Enoriums thrive in a team environment, as they are the most social, nurturing, and loyal friends. Always trying to please and make others happy, Enoriums are true altruists and would give a stranger the shirts off their backs. This group is concerned with fashion and their appearance - and social standings more than their grades. They lack ambition for academia but often rely upon their good looks and nature to get them ahead passively.  Slightly nosy, they do tend to gossip but will always try to mediate and see the good in everyone. They are the best listeners and problem solvers when it comes to human conflict.  The Enoriums tend to end up being the celebrities of the magical world. 




Garnet Peverell


Tamsin Xanadu

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