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Zantorian Rock

A kingdom without vegetation, Zantorian Rock is the weakest part of the Ethos Realm. Ruled by King Fendrel Zantorian, it is only a matter of time before another kingdom conquers the land. The land used to be the source of dragons, but now - dragons are only legends.



The balmy kingdom of Thorne is known for many poisonous inhabitants such as tree frogs, tarantulas, snakes and other nefarious biting insects. The land is ruled by King Ulric Thorne and his trusty advisor, Malin, who protects the people from poison with dark magic. Thorne is rising to be one of the most powerful kingdoms.



With winter as the sole season, the kingdom relies upon trade with others to survive. Ruled by the House of Tyrele, the castle has been attacked by the nomadic Wilder Tribe more than a dozen times. However, the pirates of the Ibian Sea have grown partial to the kingdom and have recently aided the castle's defense.



Ruled by King Gage Lantis, the land is rich with Lions and other dangerous wildlife. Lions are a protected species in this land - even though they are deadly.



Once considered the governing kingdom of Ethos, Westerfell has fallen to be an equal to the other five kingdoms ever since King Gareon was murdered a year ago. Westerfell is ruled by King Godfrey Langstone - otherwise known as 'The Evil King.'


Winter Gully

Covered in snow year round, the land, once a part of Westerell, is now ruled by the self-proclaimed Queen Cicily Slark. Winter Gully has become more powerful in the last year since Queen Slark crowned herself, but nobody knows how or why.

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