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King Godfrey Langstone of the Kingdom of Westerfell

Otherwise known as the Evil King, Godfrey Langstone is the tyrannical ruler of Westerfell. Most consider Godfrey to be insane, whereas others believe his mother is the one making the decisions for the House of Langstone. Godfrey is betrothed to Margaret Tyrele of Nefaria.

Queen Cicily Slark of the Kingdom of Winter Gully

Cicely Slark is the self-proclaimed Queen of Winter Gully.  Fiercely loyal to her family, she will seek revenge on anybody who crosses one of her seven children. Cicely Slark has secretly raised Denysia Gareon and is aiding her quest to take back the throne of Westerfell. 

King Fendrel Zantorian of the Kingdom of Zantorian Rock

King Zantorian is a known tyrant to his people. It is rumored that his ancestors exterminated the dragons of the realm because they couldn't control them. King Zantorian most likely has plans to conquer other kingdoms - even though he relies upon them for trade. 

King Gage Lantis of the Kingdom of Lantis

Surrounded by protective lions, the Kingdom of Lantis has always had an outer defense of mashing teeth and razor sharp claws. Recently, Crestian Langstone has ordered ambushes on the Lantis lions, and King Gage is outraged. The king is married to Queen Millicent and has two daughters – one is a princess and the other chooses to serve as a warrior in the King’s Royal Guard. 


King Borin Tyrele of the Kingdom of Nefaria

King Tyrele has suffered repeated attacks from the nearby nomadic Wilder Tribe, but has recently made an unprecedented alliance with the pirates of the Ibian Sea. King Tyrele has a daughter, Margaret Tyrele, who is stunningly beautiful and betrothed to the Evil King of Westerfell. Rumor has it that the people of Winter Gully are surprised and dismayed at the pending alliance of the kingdoms of Neferia and Westerfell.


King Ulric Thorne of the Thorne Kingdom

King Thorne rules the kingdom of Thorne with a fair hand. He is advised by Malin – a dark magic sorceress who recently moved to the Thorne Kingdom from a faraway land.  King Thorne has a daughter who strongly believes his new advisor is up to no good. Nevertheless, King Ulric is content with his current situation. 

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