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Who Swiped the Tinkerville Fairy Dust? 

Fairy dust is the heart of what makes things magical in the fairy town of Tinkerville. Only a few fairies have enough power to make dust, and it takes a year to make a batch! Sparkles has created the annual batch of fairy dust for the town of Tinkerville, and it is currently drying the dust in the Tinkerville Courtyard. Hopefully, nothing will happen to the dust, as the fairies depend upon it to accomplish their fairy duties all year round!

Mayor Fiona Feathers has asked that all fairies of Tinkerville try to keep an eye on the batch of dust! This is where your story begins!

need help finding fairy wear?




 Fairy Detective

The beautiful Binkerbell is the best detective in all of Tinkerville! If your pet is lost or you’ve misplaced your fairy wand - dependable Binkerbell is who you should call!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and a fedora hat, magnifying glass, and notepads as optional props.



 Fairy Dust Maker

Sparkles is the magical fairy dust maker in Tinkerville. She is one of the most enchanting fairies. Sparkles is also known for her beautiful singing voice.

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and pixie sticks as optional props.



 Fairy Ballerina

Twinkletoes is a famous ballerina.  Fairies flock from other lands to see her elegant ballet recitals. Twinkletoes acts a bit spoiled at times, so be careful if you have to say no to her, as she’s not used to not getting her way!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) with ballet shoes and hair in a bun.



 Fairy Baker

Sugarwing is the sweetest fairy in all of Tinkerville. Her sweet treats are the greatest!  She is the most talented baker who can whip up any confectionary treat – without using magic!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and a bag of cookies as an optional prop.



 Fairy Flight Instructor

Hoverwell is the no-nonsense fairy flight instructor.  She doesn’t allow her students to act up in her flight class.  Rumor has it that the last fairy who behaved poorly in flight class has never flown again!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and a scarf and flight goggles as an optional prop.



 Fairy Makeup Artist

Glitterbell is a talented fairy makeup artist.  Fairies love to wear glittery makeup, and Glitterbell has designed her own line of cosmetics!  Some say she’s invented a glitter gel that makes humans fly without having to use fairy dust!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and a child’s makeup set with makeup brushes as optional props.



 Fairy Wing Repair Shop Owner

Fairy wings are fragile! Every fairy in Tinkerville will eventually have to come to Shimmer’s wing repair shop for a mend.  She is a skilled wing repair artist, but she’s also a huge neighborhood gossip. Keep your mouth shut while she’s stitching your wing, or everyone in Tinkerville will know your secrets!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and a wand as an optional prop.



 Fairy Gold Maker

Gold is not just a mineral to be mined, as fairies can make it, too!  Goldenmist is an expert gold maker.   She magically creates the gold used to make beautiful structures in Tinkerville. She also creates beautiful jewelry for fairies to wear!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and a bag of chocolate gold coins as optional props.


 Fairy Florist

No fairy village can be complete without a dazzling array of flowers!  Blossom is the gifted florist who can grow any flower a fairy can dream up!  Blossom is also known for her hilarious comedy routines. This fairy has jokes!

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and an arrangement of real or silk flowers as optional props.


 Fairy Tap Dancer

Dazzleflash is the most awesome fairy tap dancer in all of Fairyland!  
Some fairies say that she tap dances so fast, they’ve seen sparks fly from her shoes.

Fairy costume (dance costume / uniform with wings) and tap shoes. (Can wear regular shoes if the flooring at the party location can be scratched.)

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