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Cinco de Mayo Mayhem

Isadora Frankston is a distinguished socialite in Del Rio West – an upper class neighborhood in the bustling city of Palo Verde. Isadora is hosting an annual Mexican fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo. She's breaking out the chips and salsa, hiring the mariachi band, and prepping the dance floor for fun times with her friends & family.

In hopes to become the town’s premier party host, she has reached out to all of her new friends with invitations this year. Sadly, Isadora has no idea she has invited over a disaster in the making. Her friends have entangled themselves into a web of scandals, ill-will, and horrible misfortunes. Unfortunately for Isadora, she isn't as integrated into society as she might believe. You've received your invitation, have picked out your most festive attire, and are crossing your fingers that your enemies didn’t get an invite to this party. This is where your story begins.

Guest List




Isadora Frankston is a distinguished socialite in Del Rio West – an upper-class suburban neighborhood in the bustling city of Palo Verde.  Known for hosting the best parties, she can be a bit of a tattletale, so it is best to leave your secrets at home.

Suggested attire: wealthy socialite attire.  Mexican hand fan as an optional prop. Be extra festive and add fiesta-inspired props/accessories.


Camp Counselor

Jessie Dixson is a hardworking summer camp counselor. Jessie spends all year preparing for the long days of the La Quinta Summer Camp in the neighboring town of Santa Paola Valley.  Jessie is a loyal employee but tends to find trouble at the wrong times.

Suggested attire: casual camp attire – shorts, t-shirt, floppy hat.  A whistle as an optional prop.  Optional to make a name tag that says ‘La Quinta Summer Camp Counselor.’  Be extra festive and add fiesta-inspired props/accessories.



Standup Comic

Casey Rowan is a peculiar standup comedian and finger puppeteer.  Casey is known for roasting the town’s residents during performances during a finger puppet act.  Many locals are annoyed by it, so this comic usually tries to avoid social gatherings.

Suggested attire: quirky clothes, a silly costume, and a messy/trendy hairstyle. Drawing other characters on your fingers to use as puppets during the game is optional. Add a festive sombrero to your costume.



Piñata Designer

Harley Diamond is a boisterous piñata designer.  Harley loves to talk about one thing and one thing only – Harley Diamond.  Harley tests new piñata designs at the city park, so if you are a candy lover, it’s best to hang around the park on Saturday mornings.  Harley is a reformed nerd, but sometimes, a nerdy past shows through in Harley’s behavior.

Suggested attire:  casual, nerdy attire (i.e., high-waist shorts, t-shirt).  Optional to bring mini piñatas to ‘show and tell’ during the party.  Add a festive sombrero to your costume.



Banquet Server

Armani Cole is the bossy banquet server at the Palo Verde Country Club.  Armani has a shady past and should not be trusted. Those who double-cross Armani live with regret.

Suggested attire:  white oxford shirt, black pants (or skirt for a female), and a black vest.  Add a festive sombrero to your costume.



Social Media Consultant

Bianca Pokers is an intellectual social media consultant.  Bianca is a true friend but has a super quirky personality. Bianca’s weird antics drive some people crazy!

Suggested attire:  fashionable attire.  Add a festive sombrero to your costume.



Owner, Cliché Couture

Josefina Graves is an arrogant fashion designer and owner of the kooky clothing store – Cliché Couture.  Josefina designs, creates, and sells the city’s most horrendous, one-of-a-kind attire.  You can’t help but smile when you see someone wearing a piece from Josefina’s collection.

Suggested attire:  crazy, non-matching attire such as a body suit, tutu, sombrero, mask and parasol with patent leather go-go boots. 



Living Artist

Olivia Shady is a creative living artist.  This performer is meticulous, which is why her creative displays pop up all over town.  Olivia always has to be the star of her living art exhibits, so her plate remains full with very little time for anything else.

Suggested attire: art-inspired attire. Your hair should be in pin curls, with part of it (real/fake) in a bun and the other part down in curly locks. Put fresh flowers in your hair, wear wild, artistic makeup, and wear flowing clothes. Add a festive sombrero to your costume.



Malena Gonzalez is the rude cosmetologist at the Palo Verde Hair Tavern.  Malena Gonzalez is a notorious party crasher but has recently acquired an invite to Isadora’s fiesta - even though she lives in the neighboring Santa Paola Valley.

Suggested attire:  casual clothing with a smock/apron.  Outrageous hair and makeup.  Optional to have a makeup kit, brushes, and combs as optional props.  Add a festive sombrero to your costume.




Carolina Herrera is the antisocial guitarist for the band The Blonde Destroyers. She suffers from anger management problems and is openly judgmental of others. These nasty qualities anger her bandmates and anyone around her for more than a minute.   

Suggested attire:  glam rock hair, heavy rocker makeup, and optional to have a guitar (real or fake) as a prop.  Add a trendy sombrero to your costume. 



Ballroom Dance Instructor

Lola Linley is a feisty ballroom dance instructor at 5, 6, 7, 8 Dance Studio.   Lola is one of the most energetic people you will ever meet. At times, her high energy comes off like gamma rays.  Lola is a notorious gossip with over 500 students in her dance classes each week.  Because of this, she is well-integrated into Palo Verde society.

Suggested attire: Mexican folkloric dance dress or any style of Mexican dance dress Flower in your hair &/or a mini sombrero on a headband.



Interior Designer

Madison Thomas is a friendly interior designer who sings nightly at Julio’s Taco Lounge.  Madison hasn’t been lucky enough to find a big break with a singing career yet.  A serious negotiator, if there’s ever a need for a peacemaker, choose Madison.

Suggested attire:  Painter's attire.  Paint swatches &/or a toy microphone for your (optional) singing impromptu performances as optional props. Be extra festive and add fiesta-inspired props/accessories.



Mariachi Band Manager

Emerson Jade is the insufferable band manager for the Mariachi Los Toros Rojos.  Lacking control for volume and content, Emerson speaks without a care in the world.  Amicable to others most of the time, this guitarist has a short fuse. It’s best to keep verbal sparks far away from Emerson.

Suggested attire: Mariachi-style clothing of any kind. Having an instrument (i.e., guitar, maracas, etc.) is optional as you are sometimes a mariachi band member when you make your band members angry and they refuse to perform.



Antique Dealer

Quinn Ivy is the haughty, exaggerating antique dealer and adventurer.  Quinn can win you over with a little charm, but don’t be fooled – Quinn only cares about one thing in this world: money.

Suggested attire: a rugged explorer costume. To show other guests, bring along ‘pieces’ (e.g., old costume jewelry, interesting figurines, etc.) that look like rare antiques. Be extra festive and add fiesta-inspired props/accessories.



Professional Victim

Axi Dente is the creative professional victim.  An anxious woman, she earns her way in this world by causing accidents and winning lawsuits. Needless to say, she doesn't have many true friends. 

Suggested attire:  Fashionable attire with multiple bandages on your head, arms, legs, etc. Mexican fiesta accessories.



Reality Television Star

Whitney Whatley is the brazen and beautiful reality television star on the hit show Whitney’s World. She flaunts her ink and is intolerant of moronic behavior.  Don’t anger this tiny star unless you want to bathe in your beverage.

Suggested attire: Trendy, alternative attire. Long blonde wig and tattoos (temporary ones will do). Mexican fiesta accessories.



Late Night TV Host

This recently widowed diva is a mysterious hostess for a late-night horror program on television. However, if you look beyond her dark and somewhat monstrous appearance, she is one of the dearest friends you could ever have.

Suggested attire: Gothic attire such as a flowing, black robe (maybe hooded), black lipstick, black wig, and black fingernails. Add a fun mini sombrero headband with your costume. 



Tattoo Artist

Bat Von Tats is the morose tattoo artist at Palo Verde Tattoos. Every sentence that Bat spews is negative and somewhat alarming. Bat spends the daylight hours in a darkened house on the outskirts of town writing sinister poetry.

Suggested attire: Colored (any shocking color) hair in a Mohawk (i.e., wig), tattoos (temporary ones will do), and alternative clothing – fiesta-inspired, preferred.



Cafeteria Line Worker

Tator Salsbury is the nosy cafeteria line worker at Palo Verde Elementary School.  Tator knows everything about everyone in town by eavesdropping on the over-divulging kids during lunchtime.  Tator is no stranger to cuttin’ a rug, as s/he is constantly dancing!

Suggested attire: Hair net and a chef uniform with a spoon and spatula as optional props. Mexican fiesta accessories.



Professional Poker Player

Chip Pokey is one of the most hilarious people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Chip’s an amateur comic at night and a semi-famous poker player by day.  Chip’s best pals encourage the pursuit of a career as a professional comic, as they are constantly in tears caused by laughter. 

Suggested attire: trendy attire.  Mexican fiesta accessories.


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