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Murder at the Magnolia Avenue Block Party 

 Godley Grove was once a peaceful town. Recently, the town has been forced to deal with a rising crime wave. The police have been working diligently to keep peace in the streets, but the growing number of scandals among the citizens is proving to make it impossible to maintain law and order.

     Nevertheless, the town’s famous for its social scene. There’s a party lurking around every corner, and it’s time for the folks on Magnolia Avenue to host their yearly block party. Peyton Crownly, a local comic with many enemies, has decided to claim the honor as the host of this year’s block party. Peyton has planned a night of good food, fun games, and great spirits.   You get along with most of the guests on the invite list, but there are some you’d rather not be around.  Nevertheless, you’ve been invited to the party.  This is where your story begins. 

Guest List



Criminal Investigator

 Fiona Frost is a young criminal investigator who works closely with a team of investigators to sleuth crimes with the Godley Grove Police Department.  The townspeople of Godley Grove are a close-knit community and often host events throughout the neighborhoods to encourage kinship between neighbors – especially since the crime wave began last summer.  Fiona attends as many block parties as she can to stay tuned in to the town’s happenings and brewing scandals. Good investigators must have people to turn to when they are in need of information.  

Suggested costume: Detective or scientist costume. Or casual attire.




Ashton Harvey is a dedicated friend and hardworking magician. There is no doubt that Ashton is a top performer for events in the town of Godley Grove and has been for many years.  The townspeople book Ashton for birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, and more.  Ashton lives with Reese Harvey, and these siblings spend most of their free time testing Reese’s video game creations.

Suggested costume: Magician’s attire. A cape, top hat, and a wand are optional accessories. A stuffed bunny to pull out of your hat is optional. 



Standup Comedian

Peyton Crownly is a peculiar stand-up comedian. A constant whistler, Peyton Crownly delivers uncomfortable stares and periods of awkward silence during chats. Peyton roasts the town’s residents with comedy routines, which causes many townsfolk to consider this comic an archenemy. Peyton recently picked up a paintbrush and is trying to make a name as an artist.

Suggested costume: Find something funny to wear and a toy microphone as an optional prop.  Wear a funny T-shirt or an outrageous costume (i.e., mayonnaise jar, flamingo, etc.) to make others laugh.



Video Game Designer

Reese Harvey is the muscled video game designer.  Reese loves to talk about one thing and one thing only – Reese Harvey.  Reese spends an extraordinary amount of time testing video games with Ashton Harvey – Reese’s sibling and roommate.  Unfortunately, Reese was a notorious high school bully. Old habits are hard to break, and some people have witnessed this behavior manifest when Reese doesn’t get his/her way.

Suggested costume: Video game-inspired attire. Optional to bring any video game accessories to ‘show and tell’ during the party. 



Toy Factory Worker

Logan Anthony is the bossy toy factory worker at the Godley Grove Toy Factory.  A former tyrant who bullied other kids at school with Reese Harvey, Logan’s reputation hasn’t improved much, as Logan pitches mean-spirited toys to the company’s executives.

Suggested costume: Wear a factory uniform of any kind.  Make a name tag or pocket patch that says ‘Godley Grove Toy Company.’  Have optional toys as accessories so you can ‘show and tell’ during the party.



Social Media Consultant

Drew Adel is a highly intellectual social media consultant. A dependable hard worker, Drew is a loyal friend. Drew’s known as social media royalty because Drew can turn your business’s social media accounts to a million followers nearly overnight! Drew is relatively new to town and has acquired many new clients in a short time.

Suggested costume: Casual attire.  A smartphone with access to social media sites (i.e., Facebook. Twitter, etc.) as an optional prop. Click here for women's and click here for men's costumes.



Retired Angler, Owner of Silver Springs Marina

Riley Corals is the aggressive owner of the only marina in town, the Silver Springs Marina. Riley infuriates the townsfolk because the marina’s prices are unreasonable for leasing boats or renting boat slips. Riley owns a huge mansion on the hill, and the curious townspeople often wonder what Riley is hiding and how Riley came into the large sum of money to live there. 

Suggested costume: Casual attire with a fisherman’s vest (with pockets for lures, etc.)  Optional to wear a captain’s hat and have fishing lures (no hooks) as props. 




Omari Shady is a creative and eccentric artist.  At times, this paintbrush-toting sculptor can be meticulous and impatient.  However, Omari’s portraits and sculptures hang in most homes and businesses across Godley Grove and the surrounding cities.

Suggested costume: Trendy clothing with a paint-splattered apron.  Hair should be eclectic and messy.  Optional to have markers or charcoal pencils and a sketchpad as an optional prop. 




Blush Frenz is a rude cosmetologist at the Godley Grove Hair Tavern and a notorious party crasher. To the other guests’ dismay, Blush landed an invite to the Magnolia Avenue block party—even though Blush lives far away in the Southfork Hills. Most of the townspeople would prefer Blush to stay over there.

Suggested costume: Casual clothing with a smock/apron.  Outrageous hair and makeup (for a female character).  Optional to have a makeup kit, brushes and combs as optional props. 




Pizzy Tankus is the antisocial guitarist for the band Armpit Anguish.  Pizzy suffers from anger management issues and is judgmental of others.  These nasty qualities tend to anger Pizzy’s bandmates and everyone else. Armpit Anguish is a popular band even though their lyrics are nonsensical and their melodies sound like banshees shrieking.

Suggested costume: Glam Rock hair and makeup are optional, and a guitar (real or fake) as a prop is optional. A bottle of hand sanitizer is an additional optional prop. 




Wolfe Nero is a legendary criminal profiler and has worked closely with Fiona on criminal cases in the past.  He has been more interested in touring with his band, Godley Gray.  However, Fiona still calls upon Wolfe for help, as he is the best at determining the underlying cause of criminal behavior.  He seems to creep inside criminal minds!

Suggested costume: Casual, trendy rocker attire. Optional drumsticks as a prop.



Criminal Investigator

Madison Christie is Fiona Frost's longtime best friend. She is a talented soccer player and a technology guru.   Madison knows her way around technology, from computers to cell phones, like a spelunker in a cave. When she’s not assembling computers, building an application, or solving riddles and crimes, she spends her free time studying historical criminal cases.

Suggested costume: Athletic attire. A smartphone, post-it notes, and a pen as optional props.



Criminal Investigator

Originally hailing from the UK, Lauren Hope is the reigning champion of the National Mathematics League. Lauren can crack any numeric code!  She loves anything involving the paranormal and often tries to inject it into criminal investigations.  This is a sore subject with Fiona, who definitely doesn’t believe in ghosts.

Suggested costume: Detective or forensic scientist attire.  A calculator, ‘chewed’ straw and a military-inspired cap as optional props.  Lauren has very large, bushy hair – so wear a wig as an optional accessory.



Criminal Investigator

Willow Walker, otherwise known as Doc, has aspired to become a physician since age three.  She comes from a long line of family physicians and currently volunteers to shadow doctors at the local family clinic. Doc is Lauren Hope’s best friend and is known for her high-pitched, squeaky voice.  Willow is an old soul and has the dialect of a sixty-year-old.

Suggested costume: Business suit or non-casual teen attire.  Willow tends to dress as if she were already a physician. As an alternative, a lab coat and examination gloves as optional props.

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