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Case of the Missing Football Mascot

The big homecoming game at Polytechnic High School is finally here, and excitement is buzzing in the air! Coach Morningstar is revving up the team for the showdown against the Flagstone Fighting Farmers. As a key player, you’ve been asked to arrive early at the locker room. There’s going to be an hour filled with cool snacks, fun activities, and, of course, the all-important pre-game pep talk to get everyone pumped up.

It’s a longstanding tradition at Polytech for the team's beloved mascot, Paul the Polytech Parrot, to give a rousing speech before the game. Some say it’s just a fun superstition, but nobody wants to risk breaking the winning streak by skipping Paul's pep talk. After all, every time Paul speaks before a game, the team becomes stronger and more united.

Today, Paul is extra cheerful, which everyone is taking as a good omen for the game ahead. Despite what the skeptics say, the team is all in on this feathery superstition – it's part of what makes homecoming special. You're starting to feel the adrenaline as the hour approaches, ready to tackle the challenges and embrace the traditions. Your high school football adventure starts now, under the watchful eyes and spirited squawks of Paul the Parrot!

Football Roster


 Suggested attire: football uniform or any athletic attire.

Dak Acheman


Dak Acheman is the ultimate role model at Polytech High School. He is the president of the Student Council, an advocate for the D.A.R.E. program, and the president of the Ecology Club. He is also the quarterback and M.V.P. of the varsity Polytech Football team. In addition to being purely spectacular, Dak is one of the most dedicated friends, as there is nothing that he wouldn’t do for a fellow teammate—or to win a football game. 



Running Back

T.L. is the brains of the football team. He is the president of the math club and a member of the chess club. He is a senior this year with a 4.0 grade point average and is in the running to be this year’s valedictorian! In addition to his super intelligence, T.L. is Polytech High School's biggest heartbreaker. Most girls will admit they have a puppy-love crush on this handsome running back. 


Larry Haylor

Right Outside Linebacker

Larry Haylor is a musician and a prankster. He’s also one of the toughest linebackers in town!  Larry’s teachers often complain about having to watch this linebacker during class, as he will pull a prank when presented with the opportunity!  If anything goes awry, Larry is always a prime suspect! 


Mike Louis

Strong Safety

The mysterious Mike Louis is one of the school's most devious and sneaky boys.  This safety is superstitious, as he’s never washed his football socks since he started playing football in sixth grade!  He also wears them every day – even off the football field! His team has grown used to this unpleasant stench and is starting to believe their winning streak might be due to these stinky socks. However, his classmates are suffering! 


Mickey Irving

Wide Receiver

Mickey Irving is the most outgoing and friendly boy on the football team. Everyone in school loves Mickey and constantly begs him to perform rap songs! Mickey’s a talented rap artist. One day, he hopes to get a recording contract and become famous—that is, if he doesn’t accept a starting position as an NFL player! 


Victor Bailey


Victor Bailey is the funniest boy in school.  People love to hang around him as he performs stand-up comedy routines! The only ones who don’t appreciate his humor are his teachers. Victor is the ultimate class clown!  Victor is also the founder and president of the Forensic Science Club.  The principal often calls upon this super sleuth to help investigate mysteries in the school. 


Reggie Black

Defensive Tackle

Reggie Black is a huge animal lover and is part of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) organization. This defensive tackle is known for his honesty and loyalty.  Reggie is the one you can count on for help in any situation - especially if it involves animals! 


Mon Jackey

Tight End

Mon Jackey is the no-nonsense tight end on the Polytech football team. He’s the archenemy of the prankster and troublemaker Larry Haylor. Mon is an outstanding member of R.O.T.C. and plans to become an officer and pilot in the U.S.A.F. after graduating college. This teammate doesn’t find humor in pranks or jokes—he is all about business. 


Keyjohn Shawnson

Wide Receiver

The all-star athlete, Keyjohn Shawnson, is NFL-bound… NBA-bound…or MLB-bound! Already famous in town for his diverse athletic talents, Keyjohn is a valued member of every athletic team at Polytech High! Therefore, Keyjohn is the most competitive boy in school! 


Turner Michaels

Running Back

Originally hailing from London, England, Turner Michaels is the emotionless, one-upping running back on the Polytech football team.  No matter what you’ve done lately, Turner has done it more often and better than you have! 


Eddie Regal

Wide Receiver   

Watch your stuff around this wide receiver, as he is a known kleptomaniac!  But Eddie Regal keeps everyone around him laughing with constant songs about the situations around him. 


Harrison James

Left Outside Linebacker

Harrison James is the ill-mannered but funny linebacker new to Polytech High this year.  The other players think he’s a great guy, but they’re unsure if he’s ever played football before, as he isn’t much of a team player. 


Abraham Johnson

Defensive End

Known as Larry Haylor’s minion, Abraham Johnson is the obnoxious and egotistical defensive end on the Polytech High football team.  This prankster duo is notorious, as last year’s yearbook even had an entire page dedicated to the pranks that Larry and Abraham pulled during the school year. 


Whitney Whatley

Cheerleading Captain

Whitney Whatley is the cheerleading Captain of the Polytech High cheerleading squad.  She takes her job as captain seriously!  She runs a tight ship with her varsity squad, as they are the NCA National Champions for two years in a row!

Suggested attire: a cheerleading uniform

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