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 Lucian Belladonna's father was best friends with Johnny Bentley, the founder of Hemloxx, Incorporated, and Hunter Bentley's father. Lucian grew up in the mansion adjacent to Johnny's and had fond childhood memories of visiting the Bentley home to play with Hunter, Revel, Tru, and Reign. As an adult, Lucian was still living at home eight years ago when Johnny and Lucian's father had a dreadful falling out. After unofficial accusations flew around town about Johnny murdering his wife, Pearl Wreidt-Bentley, the Belladonna family immediately distanced themselves from the Bentleys and built a home across town, moving away from Rumson Waterloo Estates. 
After the fallout, Lucian moved to Hollywood to pursue a film acting career but instead landed voice-acting jobs.

Eventually, Lucian voiced many well-known characters from shorts, series, and movies. 

Lucian is a talented actor who can perform many voices, from quirky alien cartoon characters to epic movie trailers. Lucian's father built a state-of-the-art sound studio in the family home to entice Lucian to return home to Bramford Bluff. Lucian moved back to Bramford Bluff, opened an account on Gig Me, and does freelance voiceover work for anything from commercials to video games. Unfortunately, Lucian is mean-spirited and painfully awkward during social gatherings.

Suggested attire: Casual yet trendy attire.

Click here for fashionable costumes



West Grimshaw is the head zookeeper at the Bramford Bluff Zoo. Contrary to the job description, West doesn't believe that animals should be held as prisoners behind concrete walls. There have been many instances in Bramford Bluff where gorillas to pythons have been found foraging around the city streets. West claims animal rights activists keep targeting the zoo. However, whistleblowers have reported that West is their leader and orchestrates these great escapes in hopes that the animals can break away and escape to the wilderness outside of town. West is a vegan who must announce it while entering a room. However, this sneaky carnivore eats meat in private. West has a problem with loving animals and the taste of a juicy steak.

Three weeks ago, while West was applying a topical skin ointment on a gorilla's chest for a skin infection, the gorilla became triggered by a car honking in the distance and attacked West. West has been walking with a severe limp since then but has refused to use a cane. West's insurance finally approved a new type of physical therapy, and after two treatments, West is starting to get back to total health.
There are rumors from the townsfolk that West has been working to shut down the zoo from within. The town of Bramford Bluff will fight against this, as the zoo is an excellent place for family outings and a perfect educational environment for school children up to veterinary medical students.  

Suggested attire: Safari gear – khaki pants and shirt, pith helmet, or sun hat.

Click here for zookeeper costumes



Rogan Wilkes is the cruel park ranger at Gravestone Park on the outskirts of Bramford Bluff. Rogan doesn't want visitors in the state park and will do anything to steer tourists away and prevent them from camping inside the park, even though it is legal to do so if they purchase a camping permit. Rogan claims there are dangerous bears and other wildlife that will endanger the lives of humans, but to date, there have been no instances of anyone being harmed in the park – even from the hiking trails. Rogan's hands are glued to each hip most of the time, and Rogan snaps their fingers at everything to emphasize a point with a high level of sass plaguing their facial expressions. This behavior often intimidates others.
Nevertheless, Rogan is known to be a good friend to those in the inner circle. Rogan hosts monthly themed parties with an exclusive and secretive guest list. So naturally, most people in the know would love an invite to Rogan's next event.

About six months ago, Rogan nearly lost their job as the head park ranger at the state park. After refusing a caravan of ten recreational vehicles - whom all had purchased camping permits, to enter the state park to camp for a night. The director of the state's parks and wildlife department had to get involved and make it right to avoid a lawsuit. The Parks and Wildlife Department had to refund the camping permits, pay for the leases on the RVs and add another 15K for emotional distress. Rogan was lucky to keep their job. 

Suggested attire: Khaki button-up short-sleeved shirt with an olive green tie and short khaki or olive pants,  Sheriff’s style hat, mirrored sunglasses, Walkie Talkie as optional props

Click here for park ranger costumes



Kendal Morte is a dedicated diver for the Bramford Bluff Police Department. Kendal has served for almost twenty years and has uncovered many nefarious things, including dead bodies, briefcases holding top secret documents, discarded crime scene evidence, and other items thrown into the bodies of water surrounding the town. Kendal has a peculiar habit of pointing to everything while speaking and has impeccable manners. Kendal is one of the most inventive people you’ll meet and can make anything you need out of everyday household items.

Kendal was friends with Hunter Bentley in high school, as they had many classes together and sat together at lunch with some mutual friends. However, Kendal and Hunter fell out of touch after graduation and haven't spoken until recently. Things didn't go as Kendal planned, however. Kendal regrets initiating contact with Hunter, that's for sure. 

Suggested attire: Wetsuit (unitard/ catsuit) with a badge and a snorkel as a prop. A police windbreaker or anything casual.

 Click here for water-related costumes,  and Click here for law enforcement costumes. 




Billie Willow has been trying everything possible in Hollywood to make it as a film star but has only landed small bit parts in mediocre films. Billie befriended Hunter Bentley in college during their first year, and the two have kept in touch, primarily via social media. Maybe Billie hasn't made it as a big star because they speak barely above a whisper and break off into staring sessions into outer space. That, coupled with a problem with narcolepsy, could be why Billie hasn't landed an audition for a leading role and gets lucky if the character they land has one or two lines in the script. Nevertheless, Billie has been asking everyone they know to get strings pulled with casting producers. Alas, Billie hasn't had their break yet. Billie is single but continually gushes about new crushes.

Billie has never lived outside of California, and being in films is the only career they ever imagined. However, since Billie hasn't made it yet, desperation is setting in, and Billie is actively seeking a better agent. Billie has been grasping at straws lately and would do anything to start landing better roles and making more money. 

Billie recently met Hunter Bentley's third cousins, Casper and Carrigan Hyde, at the Gravestone Amusement Park, a Wild West-themed experience by your home. The three became fast friends, and Billie has plans to visit them in Bramford Bluff and, possibly, go ghost hunting! 

Suggested attire: Semi-trendy attire. You try to be trendy but can’t pull it off, so you look a bit garish.

Click here for trendy fashion costumes



Due to Finn's face being a stable of American television for three decades, everyone from coast to coast knows Finn Drystan. From baby food commercials to long-running hit television sitcoms about aliens among humans on Earth, Finn's a Hollywood icon. The long-term fame has caused Finn to be highly skeptical of everything. Finn lacks a filter and is brutally honest – always saying the wrong thing at the wrong time without social awareness. Finn's a notorious one-upper but has probably done most things bigger and better than everyone. Maybe that’s all Finn can contribute to a conversation? Finn is talented, ultra-ambitious, and never turns down a lucrative project.

Finn dropped everything and cleared their hectic Hollywood schedule to travel to Bramford Bluff to see Hunter Bentley. Finn's entourage was adamantly against this venture, but nobody could get through Finn's hard head. 

Suggested attire: Flashy designer attire worthy of a celebrity.

Click here for celebrity costumes


Finn Drystan has one of the world's most famous faces, so managing public outings and busy work and personal schedules is a full-time job for a team of over thirty people. Many members of Finn’s staff travel with Finn and take care of their every need and keep the paparazzi at a safe distance. Finn refers to this group as The Entourage, but each person has an individual job title and performs a specific function. Finn couldn’t possibly manage to go anywhere without this hardworking group.

Finn's entourage is overworked and exhausted, as they never get a day off. Finn's schedule is completely booked out months in advance. Rumor has it that Finn wants to clear their schedule for a few days and take an impromptu trip to Bramford Bluff to see Hunter Bentley. The Entourage is trying to talk Finn out of it, to no avail. 

Suggested attire: Black attire - black suit or long-sleeve tee and pants/jeans.  Walkie Talkies, earpieces, sunglasses, or other props to show you are part of the 'crew' that takes care of Finn Drystan. You can choose to be a manager, assistant, bodyguard, publicist, etc. 

Click here for entourage costumes




Fabel Wolfe is a simple-minded hairstylist who owns the hair salon Fan-C Meeting You Hair. The who's-who of Bramford Bluff all have standing appointments at the salon with one of the three stylists, and it's nearly impossible for anyone else in town to get an appointment. However, Fabel always makes room for any celebrity in the city, staying at Ze Hotel Hemloxx. Fabel walks with a bounce and constantly scratches their head or moves a hand across their face when speaking. Fabel tries to tell jokes to clients to lighten the mood, but the jokes never land. They aren't funny. Not everyone is a comedian, but Fabel doesn't get that concept. If Fabel gets a laugh, it's not because the joke was clever or the timing of the punchline landed. It's because they are laughing at Fabel.

Recently, Fabel's clients have been canceling their long-standing appointments. Fabel believes they know who is ultimately behind this - Hunter Bentley. But, unfortunately, because of a mishap at the salon, anyone associated with Hunter Bentley is posting mean things to Fabel on social media about how they hate their haircuts, colors, and styles - even though they've been going to Fabel for years. 

Suggested attire: Trendy, designer attire. You dress to impress. Your hair should be ‘on point.’

Click here for fashionable costumes



Lynx Merula has lived in Bramford Bluff their whole life. A child of a fisherman and a cook, Lynx grew up at the Silver Point Marina and knows everything about the Silver Point Lake that surrounds the north side of Bramford Bluff. Lynx's aunt and uncle have run the marina for over fifty years. 

Lynx founded the Wiggly Worm Farm in the mid-eighties and has grown the venture into a semi-successful online business where Lynx ships worm bait across the USA and sells stock to local fishermen and tourists. 

Lynx is forgetful and blinks slower than most people, which is often confused for sarcasm. You have to be around this worm farmer long enough to know it's just what they do, and there's no thought or meaning behind it. But, on the other hand, Lynx thinks almost everything is funny and is constantly snort-laughing. 

Suggested attire: Nerdy attire. Button-up short sleeve shirt, plaid pants/skirt, and tube socks. Hair should be a’ la geeky.

Click here for nerd costumes



Kyler Amon is the Homeowner's Association manager for Rumson Waterloo Estates, where four of the Bentley family estates are located in Bramford Bluff. The neighborhood is the most affluent area in town, with powerful and influential people living within the iron gates. Kyler Amon manages with inflexibility and a lack of common sense. Many homeowners have problems with Kyler not living among them, but the board voted five months ago at the biannual meeting to hire Kyler. Alas, they can do nothing about Kyler's tyrannical reign until the next General Assembly. Kyler is obsessed with aliens and is extremely frugal. Some have accused Kyler of being a kleptomaniac, but to date – not one shred of evidence has proven these accusations, so the stigma remains hearsay.

The next board meeting is scheduled for three weeks from now. Kyler firmly believes that they will be fired on the first vote. The problem is that Rumson Waterloo Estates is where the most influential people in town live. Kyler doesn't think they will get a good reference letter!

Suggested attire: Business casual. You can dress as an alien or have alien-inspired props (optional).

Click here for women's suit costumes and click here for men's suit costumes. and click here for alien costumes



 Danner Sullivan owns Game of Homes, a premier boutique real estate agency in Bramford Bluff known for luxurious properties and exquisite service. This real estate agent will have you in stitches as the jokes flow from their mouth like water in a raging river. Danner's hilarious, but if you become a member of the exclusive inner circle of friends, you will also be signing up for nonstop nagging. Danner is nitpicky and obsesses over the most delicate details that never even change an outcome. 

Danner and Hunter have never been friends but know each other well. Danner has double-crossed Hunter before by intervening and blocking a property deal. Hunter has vowed to seek revenge. 

Suggested attire: Real estate agent look (business casual) - optional to have business cards.

Click here for women's suit costumes and click here for men's suit costumes.



Lucky Balcom is the joyful construction manager who hums during any bout of silence. Lucky owns Balcom Construction, the busiest construction operation in Bramford Bluff. Clients can hire Lucky for custom construction projects. Lucky turns dreams into reality - from planks of wood to throw pillows. Lucky is messy and a constant hair flipper but a pleasure to be around.

Lucky is not Hunter Bentley's favorite person.  Since Lucky entered a contract with Hunter to build his new dream estate on a perfect piece of land overlooking the lake, things have gone awry. 

Suggested attire: Construction Worker Costume

Click here for laborer costumes



 Dr. Briley Nero is a busy board-certified plastic surgeon in Bramford Bluff. You'll find Dr. Nero in pop culture magazines, lifestyle and health and fitness websites, social media posts, airline magazines, and hit cheeky reality shows. A self-professed body artist, this doc's gone to great lengths to keep a tight lid on their top-secret celebrity clients. First, a limo with blacked-out windows transports patients from a private jet to Ze Hotel Hemloxx. Then, they are transported to the famous Fountain of Beauty Clinic via underground tunnels to all appointments with the doc. A celeb sighting will trigger the town's gossips to guess what procedures they are doing with Dr. Nero. The doc is a mysterious genius who cannot tell a lie and seems to be hiding something. Hmm. What's up, Doc?

Dr. Nero has set an early retirement plan and is booking their schedule for the next six to eight months with high-dollar surgeries. Once this doc's bank account hits the magic number, they will put the scalpels away and retire in paradise. 

Suggested attire: Lab coat and doctor’s accessories if you wish (optional).

Click here for medical costumes



Dr. Nero likes to keep the surgical staff close in case of emergencies with one of the many patients at The Fountain of Beauty Clinic. Dr. Nero is one of the country's most famous and busiest plastic surgeons, so this doc never knows when an A-lister will fly in for a rhinoplasty or a high-ranking politician will demand liposuction. Dr. Nero is always on call and expects the clinic's nurses to do the same. For this reason, they are rarely seen apart.

The medical staff at the clinic are growing suspicious of Dr. Nero's intentions. They don't think this doc has their best interests in mind, so they cautiously proceed. They remain employed by the shady doc only because their salary is much higher than the nationwide average. Dr. Nero knows how to buy loyalty.

Suggested attire: Nursing/medical costume.

Click here for medical costumes




Jazz Blagden is a struggling author who has released over twenty books but never landed a book deal. Jazz is a romance novelist who authors books about a spy named Teddy Broom. Jazz hasn't found an audience of readers yet, but they hope someone will discover the series soon. Jazz has an extra loud laugh which can be off-putting, so Jazz's friends try not to say anything too funny. Jazz won't be getting any invitations to the local comedy club, that's for sure. Jazz has a habit of giving nicknames to everyone, which is sometimes annoying but can be hilarious – it depends on if you're the one getting the pet name.

Jazz naps often, as plot ideas for the next novel always pop up in their dreams.

Jazz attended the Hemloxx Fiction Book Fest last October wearing a teddy bear mascot headpiece - just like their fictional character Teddy Broom wears in Jazz's book series. Teddy Broom is the protagonist in all of Jazz's novels and is a secret double agent man who wears a teddy bear mask as a disguise. Unfortunately, most people cannot relate to the book series, so the books haven't ranked well in online bookstores. Nevertheless, Jazz attended the book fest and forced copies of their books into the attendee's hands, feigning to work for the festival. However, security sniffed this ruse out and escorted Jazz out of the venue, banishing them from returning. Jazz claims they ruined the one chance Jazz had to meet with Hemloxx Fiction editors, but the editors have all said they'd read a few of the sample chapters that Jazz has spammed their desk with, and it's the most terrible writing they've ever read. 

Click here for poet and author costumes



Win Agnar is a cheesy entertainer for Friend-Ship Cruise Line. Win performs magic shows, sings cover songs with a pianist in the lounge, and slips into a clown suit to juggle for the kiddy shows. Win has a wild personality and loves to have fun. But, on another note, Win's brain loves to self-sabotage and triggers hysterical coughing at the most dreadful times, such as in crowded elevators, long lines, movie theaters, or sold-out sporting events. Maybe it's the post-pandemic stigma of people becoming social outcasts if they exude signs of illness. Whatever it is, Win's subconscious has a sick sense of humor and causes Win to be the target of so many dirty looks and exaggerated sighs. But Win's excessive politeness is enough to win anyone's favor if given a chance. 

Suggested attire: Polyester leisure suit or tacky evening gown. You are trying hard, but just oh, so cheesy.

Click here for lounge entertainer costumes

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