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The Guild of Grimm is known for wisdom and intelligence.  They have perceptive, inquiring minds, but aren't perpetual analysts like the Sodarins. They have superior judgment and reasoning abilities and are superb at abstract and critical thinking. Many of the Grimms are budding artists, musicians, and authors, as they are the most creative students. They speak with articulate words and an expanded vocabulary and have keen powers of observation. They are always head of the class, but won't always let you know what they scored on their last exam, as they are never boastful. They know you know they are smart.  However, their IQ also causes them to be the first to flee a scene. They are not altruists and will claim Natural Selection for the reasons why they didn't help a fellow student escape danger.  Many professors and alchemists come from the Grimm Guild.  Every now and then, a Grimm will land the coveted Grand Supreme Student title - but it usually is held by a Sodarin student.




Sidney Severus


Jadis Westrum, Grande

Supreme Student

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