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Halloween Homicide in the Town of Dark Cloud

Shade Hallow Manor, a 17th-century mansion nestled in the fog-enshrouded town of Dark Cloud, stands as a relic of a bygone era. Constructed in 1670 by the legendary author Shade Hallow, the once-grand estate has fallen into disrepair; its elegant architectural features have faded. The vibrant gardens that once surrounded the manor have given way to weeds, and since the last of the Hallow lineage died off in the early 1700s, the property has been left to the mercy of the townspeople. Despite Shade Hallow's celebrated status during his lifetime, his supposed nocturnal hauntings have led to the manor's neglect.

However, change is in the air. Most of Dark Cloud's residents are rallying to transform the dilapidated mansion into a historic bed and breakfast, aiming to rejuvenate the town through tourism and income. While the renovation has garnered widespread support, a minority remain staunchly opposed, fearing the alleged hauntings. Despite these divided opinions, renovations have begun, and the manor is hosting a Halloween bash, signaling a new chapter.

As a resident of Dark Cloud, you find yourself torn over the manor's future. Nonetheless, an invitation to the event has landed in your hands. Standing at the threshold of this new beginning, your adventure starts now.

Guest List




Mica is the coroner of Dark Cloud. Some people are afraid of this medical examiner because Mica mysteriously appears in a room without warning. Some think Mica may have magical powers, whereas others believe Mica has mastered the art of stealth.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with Dark Cloud Morgue on the pocket (dark circles under your eyes with makeup), or wear any Halloween costume.


Forensic Entomologist

Ento Bugsman is a hardworking forensic entomologist. In addition to the creepy-crawly day job, Ento runs the only pest control business in Dark Cloud. Ento controls the town’s infestations, but some say this bug sprayer may have caused them in the first place. Ento lives with Jeck Needles, and the siblings spend most of their free time working on a top-secret research project.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with toy insects in the pockets, or wear any Halloween costume.




Tarant U. Lawe is the antisocial arachnologist at the Dark Cloud Exotic Animal Rescue.  Tarant suffers from anger management problems and is often judgmental of others.  For these reasons, Tarant only has a handful of friends.  Tarant’s also a germaphobe, so getting too close to this spider wrangler is out of the question!

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with toy spiders in the pockets, or wear any Halloween costume.



Cryonics Technician 

Dr. Freeze is the head cryonics tech at Dark Cloud Cryonics and the most annoying one-upper in town. If you’ve done anything amazing lately, get ready to hear a long-winded story about how Dr. Freeze has done it better. This doctor is new to Dark Cloud, and not many people truly know the real Dr. Freeze.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with Dark Cloud Cryonics on the pocket, or wear any Halloween costume.



CTS Decon Technician

Deco Tamnation is the peculiar Crime/Trauma Scene (CTS) Decontamination Technician.  A constant whistler, Deco gives uncomfortable stares which lead to periods of awkward silence during a conversation.  This decon tech also bakes cakes on the side and is garnering attention in Dark Cloud as an upcoming pastry chef.

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat or hazmat suit with Dark Cloud Decon on the pocket, or wear any Halloween costume.



Cemetery Watchman

Dirté Graves is the late-night cemetery watchman at the Dark Cloud Cemetery. Dirté is friendly but often rants about government conspiracies. Dirté is rumored to have insulated his/her home in aluminum foil, rendering the government’s listening devices useless.

Suggested attire: Overalls, unkempt hair (or wig) with coveralls and toy shovel as a prop.   Aluminum foil as an optional prop.



Pharmaceutical Trial Subject 

Jeck Needles is a committed pharmaceutical trial subject.  Rumor has it that Jeck has been participating in multiple pharmaceutical trials without notifying the researchers he’s on several experimental drugs. Jeck’s health may be at risk.  Jeck is the sibling of Ento Bugman and spends countless hours in a home laboratory researching a top-secret project. 

Suggested attire: Casual attire. Patient costume if you want some laughs. Draw marks on your arm with a red pen where you’ve been injected with things.  Alternatively, wear any Halloween costume. 



Pig Butcher  

Hankie Swine is the arrogant pig butcher at the Dark Cloud Pig Market.  Hankie Swine owns the only pig farm in town and charges far above market prices for meat.  Nobody’s seen the inside of the Swine Mansion on the hill, and the curious townspeople often wonder what Hankie is hiding.

Suggested attire: White apron with blood splattered on it.  A toy butcher knife as a prop.  As an alternative, wear any Halloween costume. 




Wylie Diggs is the bossy gravedigger at Dark Cloud Cemetery.  Since high school, Wylie has lived up to the title of Town Bully, as this gravedigger lives to intimidate the weak. Wylie is always looking for new ways to terrorize the people of Dark Cloud.

Suggested attire: Very dirty overalls or coveralls A toy shovel as an optional prop.  As an alternative, wear any Halloween costume. 




Alex M. Palmer is the intellectual embalmer at the Dark Cloud Morgue.  A dependable, hard worker, Alex is a genuine friend to many people in town.  Alex has many personality quirks and is very superstitious. Rumor has it that the director of the morgue has questioned Alex as to why it takes Alex longer than normal to embalm bodies. Alex refuses to comment when asked about this issue.  

Suggested attire: Either dress in a lab coat with Dark Cloud Morgue on the pocket, or wear any Halloween costume.



Police Officer

Officer Nelson is one of the most highly decorated officers at the Dark Cloud Police Station.  This cop lives to protect the streets of Dark Cloud, and hardly ever stops working. Dark Cloud is a grim town full of hardened criminals, so this officer has more than a full-time job. The Dark Cloud police officers are a tight-knit group who always have each others’ backs. 

Suggested attire: Police uniform.  Optional to have fake guns, handcuffs, as props.



Reporter, CBC News

Pat Couric is always on top of the latest story—sometimes before the story happens! Pat’s an ambitious investigative reporter for CBC-TV who will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop. Pat's rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from CBC News.

Suggested attire: Reporter costume.  An optional microphone and notepad as props.



Sam Stuffins is a taxidermist who lives in Dark Cloud.  The townsfolk consider Sam creepy; therefore, most taxidermy business is done online. Every pet Sam has ever owned is preserved and posed in the Dark Cloud Taxidermy shop. Some say that Sam still cares for the stuffed pets.  

Suggested attire: Overalls with faux fur pelt scraps, needles and threads in the pockets as optional props.  Stuffed animal as an optional prop.Alternatively, any Halloween costume.



Haunted House Actor

Bracken Shockley is the shadowy haunted house actor known for dragging a foot while walking ominously. Bracken finds it difficult to break character after getting off work, and sometimes, people find this behavior quite terrifying.

Suggested attire: Any haunted house actor costume such as Dracula, Frankenstein, a Mummy, etc.

Alternatively, any Halloween costume.



Knife Salesman

Cutty Boards is the candid knife peddler.  This blade dealer will tell the truth – even to Cutty’s detriment.  Having Cutty as a friend is great if you always like hearing the truth. However, sometimes, you may not want to hear brutal honesty.  

Suggested attire:  Business suit with toy knives in every pocket. Male suits.   Female suits.  Alternatively, any Halloween costume.



Police Diver

Bryn Oceans is the daring police diver for the town of Dark Cloud.  Bryn accepts outrageous dares from colleagues and will make bets for even the smallest amount of cash.  A risk taker, Bryn is full of energy and difficult to be around for long periods.

Suggested attire: Scuba suit or any type of warm up suit with swimming goggles as an optional prop.  Alternatively, any Halloween costume.



Ghost HunterA know-it-all, Casey Casper is the ghost hunter who refuses to take advice from anybody.  Even when Casey is proven wrong, this apparition chaser will spin it the other way. 

Suggested attire: A ghostbuster costume, or coveralls with strange equipment (e.g., made out of aluminum foil and cardboard boxes) for ghost hunting, or any Halloween costume.



Crematorium Technician

Charlie Burns is the crematorium technician with a peculiar quirk of ending each sentence as a question.  You never know when Charlie makes a statement or asks for your input.  It can be annoying to chat with Charlie.

Suggested attire: Coveralls with matches in each pocket.  Alternatively, any Halloween costume.



Murder Mystery Writer

Drew Penblade is a gloomy murder mystery writer.  Drew will become enraged when somebody mispronounces a word such as saying pacific for specific.  Drew recently spent a night in jail for starting a fight at the grocery store over the word especially.  

Suggested attire: All black clothing with a black wig, black lipstick (guy or girl), black shadow under eyes, black nail polish.  Alternatively, any Halloween costume.



Bomb Squad Technician 

Frankie Kindle is the brazen bomb squad technician who excessively uses initials in lieu of words, but fails to explain the meaning.  Start studying chat acronyms, as Frankie’s certain to use them during conversations.

Suggested attire: Camouflage shirt and pants, combat boots.  Alternative to have wire cutters as an optional prop.  Alternatively, any Halloween costume

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