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Superhero - Villain Summit

With the disastrous news of the infamous Moon King's prison break, heroes around the globe are joining forces with notorious villains to capture the archenemy of planet Earth.  The Freedom League
will host a meeting between heroes and villains in a sanctuary hidden deep in the crime capital of the world - Shadow Falls.  The group will put their heads together to plan strategic moves
to catch the Moon King before he is able to get back to his secret lair and destroy the planet.  This will be the first time the heroes and villains work together or even be in the same place simultaneously.  But what is more dangerous? Getting this group together or allowing the Moon King to be free?  This is where your story begins.

The costume suggestions below are only there to give you an idea. You can choose any ensemble you wish—make the character your own. 

Guest List:




Cobaltia started her journey as a teen vigilante seeking justice on the streets of Shadow Falls. Her relentless determination and remarkable combat skills caught the attention of the Shadow Falls Police Department, eventually leading to an unofficial partnership with them. Cobaltia dedicated herself to protecting the innocent and combating the rising crime in the city.

Having studied under various martial arts masters,  Cobaltia honed her skills in Jun Fan Gung Fu, a style known for its efficiency and adaptability. Her mastery of martial arts, natural agility, and precision made her a formidable force in hand-to-hand combat. Cobaltia's fighting style emphasized speed, evasion, and striking with lethal precision. Her hands were recognized as deadly weapons due to her extraordinary proficiency.

Driven by her unwavering sense of justice and a desire to make a positive impact, Cobaltia tirelessly patrolled the streets of Shadow Falls, confronting criminals and protecting the vulnerable. Despite her risks and challenges, she remained steadfast and symbolized hope in a city overshadowed by darkness.

Suggested attire: Cobaltia wears a sleek cobalt-blue bodysuit with intricate energy patterns and a mask that conceals her identity.  


Borealis, known as Aria Lumis on her home planet Aurorason, embarked on a cosmic journey that brought her to Earth. Alongside a group of explorers, she found herself in Shadow Falls, a city plagued by perpetual crime. Borealis possessed a unique power: the ability to emit charged particles and manipulate electrons and protons, which granted her control over energy and light.

Her powers were at their peak during the dawn, harnessing the energy of the rising sun to amplify her abilities. Borealis used her charged particle manipulation to create dazzling light displays, disorient opponents, and channel energy into powerful attacks. She became a beacon of hope, using her abilities to fight crime and protect the innocent.

As the first rays of sunlight broke through the darkness, Borealis took to the streets of Shadow Falls, utilizing her powers to bring light to the city's darkest corners. With her unwavering determination and radiant spirit, she became a symbol of hope, reminding the citizens that even in the darkest times, there was always a glimmer of light.

Suggested attire: Borealis wears a costume adorned with iridescent fabric, reflecting the shifting colors of the aurora borealis and symbolizing her celestial connection.


Hailing from the desolate planet Ellendale, Gandore was the sole survivor of a scattered civilization forced to seek refuge in the galaxy's vastness. Fate led Gandore to Earth, specifically Shadow Falls, where the city's perpetually high crime rate called for a guardian. With many superpowers and apparent immunity to the passage of time, Gandore became the protector of the city streets.

Gandore's powers were varied and awe-inspiring. Enhanced strength and durability granted Gandore the ability to face off against formidable opponents and withstand immense physical challenges. Additionally, Gandore possessed an advanced healing factor, ensuring that injuries were swiftly overcome. Alongside these abilities, Gandore exhibited mastery over energy manipulation, capable of harnessing and projecting various forms of energy to devastating effect.

As the seemingly immortal guardian of Shadow Falls, Gandore stood as a formidable force against those who sought to sow chaos and fear. With an unyielding sense of duty and a commitment to justice, Gandore patrolled the city's streets, using their powers to protect the innocent and maintain peace. The mere mention of Gandore's name struck fear into the hearts of villains, earning Gandore a reputation as a nightmare for those who dared to threaten the city.

Suggested attire: Gandore's costume combines reinforced armor with a flowing cape, exuding an air of invincibility and emphasizing their status as a guardian of justice.



Krom, a self-proclaimed guardian of the streets of New York City, emerged as a vigilante determined to eradicate crime in the city. While the police department may view Krom as unconventional, they acknowledge the drastic decline in crime rates since Krom's arrival. Krom's unwavering dedication and relentless pursuit of justice led to an invitation to join the prestigious Freedom League of Heroes.

Operating under a shroud of mystery, Krom's true identity remained unknown, adding an air of intrigue to their vigilantism. Krom's combat skills and strategic prowess made them a formidable opponent for criminals. Gifted with enhanced strength, agility, and endurance, Krom possessed the physical prowess to overpower adversaries and protect the innocent.

Krom actively sought alliances with fellow superheroes, recognizing the importance of unity and cooperation in the fight against crime. Their ultimate goal was to make the streets safe, fostering a sense of security among its citizens. With a place among the Freedom League of Heroes ranks, Krom became a symbol of vigilance and strength, inspiring others to stand up against injustice.

Suggested attire: Krom wears a mysterious and intimidating black suit, accompanied by a mask and armor accents, concealing their true identity and striking fear into the hearts of criminals.


Dart unwittingly stumbled upon a puddle of radioactive waste many years ago. Fascinated by its luminescent glow, she collected some in a jar and brought it home. Little did she know that the hazardous waste would permeate her body, granting her extraordinary abilities. Dart's exposure to the radioactive waste enhanced her strength, intelligence, and speed to superhuman levels.

Over time, Dart discovered that her newfound powers extended beyond physical enhancements. She developed the ability to fly, defying gravity and soaring through the skies with ease. Dart's exceptional speed allowed her to move with lightning-fast agility, enabling her to react swiftly in combat situations and evade danger effortlessly.

Recognized as one of the most valuable members of the esteemed Freedom League of Heroes, Dart utilized her powers to protect the innocent and uphold justice. Her superhuman attributes, intellect, and newly acquired flight capability made her an invaluable asset in combating crime. Dart's journey from an ordinary individual to a beacon of hope demonstrated that even accidental encounters could result in extraordinary destinies.

Suggested attire: Dart's costume features a sleek and aerodynamic design in vibrant colors, accentuating their superhuman speed and ability to soar through the skies.


Born and raised as an orphan in the shadowed streets of Shadow Falls, Felicity had an intimate understanding of the city's underbelly. With firsthand experience of its hardships and challenges, Felicity joined the Freedom League of Heroes, formalizing her alliance with the forces of good. Her intimate knowledge of Shadow Falls and its criminal networks made her an invaluable resource to the league and the local police.

Having navigated the streets and observed the city's dynamics, Felicity possessed an uncanny ability to anticipate criminal activities and identify potential threats. Her street smarts and sharp instincts allowed her to gather crucial information, assisting the league in its efforts to combat crime effectively.

Felicity's journey from a disadvantaged upbringing to a respected Freedom League of Heroes member inspired others who faced similar circumstances. She symbolized resilience and hope, proving that one's background did not dictate one's potential for greatness. Felicity's presence aided the league's fight against crime and reminded us that heroes could emerge from even the darkest shadows.

Suggested attire: Felicity's costume reflects her shadowed origins. It consists of a sleek black outfit adorned with subtle yet intricate patterns, embodying her resilience and determination.



Flame, whose true identity remains unknown, is a formidable villain from the Netherlands. With a reputation for terrorizing the streets, Flame strikes fear into the hearts of both citizens and law enforcement. Utilizing pyrotechnics as her primary arsenal, Flame wields the power of fire to intimidate and overpower her foes.

Flame's expertise in crime scene investigation techniques adds an element of cunning to her criminal activities. This knowledge allows her to cover her tracks effectively, making it difficult for authorities to apprehend her. Despite her nefarious deeds, Flame manages to elude capture time and again, ensuring her freedom to wreak havoc on the streets of Shadow Falls.

The notorious crime boss Pandora is Flame's only faithful ally, forging a formidable partnership worldwide. Their shared ambition for power and dominance binds them together, solidifying their influence over the criminal underworld. Flame's pyrotechnic skills, coupled with Pandora's strategic mind, create a lethal combination that poses a significant threat to the heroes and Shadow Falls' safety.

Suggested attire: Flame wears a fiery red suit adorned with flame motifs, exuding an aura of danger and power.


Pandora, the enigmatic and notorious crime boss of Shadow Falls, operates as a shadowy figure commanding the underground with an iron fist. Feared by criminals and law enforcement, Pandora rules ruthlessly, ensuring that anyone daring to cross her path pays a steep price. Her empire stretches far and wide, with numerous allies strategically positioned globally.

Pandora's rise to power is shrouded in mystery, and few are privy to her origins. She possesses an uncanny ability to manipulate and exploit the weaknesses of others, often using psychological warfare to maintain her dominance. Pandora's calculating nature is matched by her exceptional martial arts prowess, honed through years of relentless training and discipline.

When angered, Pandora's fists transform into iron, imbued with a touch of magic that amplifies her already formidable combat skills. This enchanted ability adds an element of fear and awe to her opponents, as her strikes become devastating blows capable of shattering bones and crumbling defenses. Her martial arts mastery and enchanted fists make her a formidable adversary in close-quarters combat.

Among her closest allies is Flame, a pyrotechnics terrorist whose fiery abilities align perfectly with Pandora's schemes. Together, they form a deadly duo, wreaking havoc and executing complex criminal operations that impact Shadow Falls. Pandora's insatiable thirst for power knows no bounds, and she stops at nothing to solidify her position as the city's most formidable force.

Facing Pandora in battle is a test of physical prowess and a mental and strategic challenge. Her cunning mind and martial arts mastery make her a formidable foe, requiring the combined efforts of the heroes to bring her reign of terror to an end. The battle against Pandora represents a pivotal clash between good and evil, where the heroes must overcome her lethal combat skills and magical iron fists to restore peace and justice to Shadow Falls.

Suggested attire:  Pandora dons a sleek black outfit with intricate silver accents, embodying her enigmatic and formidable presence.



The Torch, a villain with an intimidating reputation, is feared across the planet. This enigmatic figure possesses a unique ability to set fire to anything in their path, wielding an infamous arsenal of blowtorches to devastating effect. The Torch's origins are marked by a tragic accident in their father's science lab, which resulted in an otherworldly appearance and granted them superhuman strength and the ability to shoot fire from their fingertips.

The Torch's alien appearance constantly reminds them of their tragic past, fueling their anger and desire for revenge. Their mastery over fire allows them to engulf their enemies in a blazing inferno, leaving destruction in their wake. With their formidable strength and fire-manipulating powers, The Torch strikes fear into the hearts of heroes and citizens alike.

Haunted by their past, The Torch uses their powers to sow chaos and destruction wherever they go. Their motives remain enigmatic, often as an unpredictable force driven by deep-rooted anger. The heroes of the Freedom League keep a watchful eye on The Torch, recognizing the immense threat they pose to global stability and the safety of innocent lives.

Suggested attire: The Torch's costume consists of a black bodysuit with glowing orange lines reminiscent of flickering flames, symbolizing their fiery abilities.



The General, a callous and power-hungry villain originating from Bunden, Germany, poses a significant threat to global peace. Driven by a singular ambition for world domination, The General has assembled an army of supervillains united under their command. This formidable force poses a grave challenge to the heroes of the Freedom League, who closely monitor The General's actions and activities.

Devoid of empathy and human compassion, The General operates ruthlessly, employing any means necessary to achieve their objectives. Their strategic brilliance and penchant for manipulation make them a dangerous adversary. The General's army of supervillains carries out acts of terror and destruction, with each member contributing to the ultimate goal of global supremacy.

The heroes of the Freedom League stand as the last line of defense against The General's tyrannical aspirations. Their tireless efforts to thwart The General's plans and dismantle their army are crucial in preserving peace and safeguarding innocent lives. The battle against The General represents a monumental struggle between good and evil, with the world's fate hanging in the balance.

Suggested attire: The General wears a military-inspired uniform with a commanding presence, adorned with insignias representing their leadership and ambition for world domination.



A nomadic and elusive villain, Rubicund traverses the globe for valuable treasures and ancient artifacts. This professional thief has honed their skills over the years, leaving detectives and law enforcement agencies powerless to stop their thieving exploits. Rubicund's ability to evade capture and disappear without a trace has earned them a reputation as one of the most elusive criminals in the world.

Driven by insatiable greed and hunger for wealth, Rubicund targets priceless artifacts, stealing them from under the noses of those tasked with their protection. This villain's expertise in planning intricate heists and unrivaled agility and stealth make them a formidable opponent. The world's finest detectives find themselves constantly outmaneuvered, as Rubicund's uncanny ability to anticipate their moves keeps them one step ahead.

The stolen treasures amassed by Rubicund symbolize criminal prowess and a testament to the insatiable desire for wealth and power. Their actions threaten the preservation of cultural heritage and historical artifacts, leaving a void that may never be filled in the world's history. Bringing Rubicund to justice becomes a top priority for law enforcement and the heroes striving to protect the world's treasures.

Suggested attire: Rubicund's costume blends a sleek black suit with subtle thief-inspired accents, reflecting their agility and stealth in their criminal pursuits.



Gunge, a former competitive bodybuilder, succumbed to the allure of the dark side, transforming into a superhuman villain. Years of illegally consuming steroids granted Gunge superhuman strength and fueled uncontrollable aggression within them. The combination of heightened rage and immense power turned Gunge into a force to be reckoned with, wreaking havoc on the streets of Shadow Falls.

Driven by a thirst for power and dominance, Gunge uses their newfound abilities to intimidate and overpower opponents. Their towering physique and incredible strength allow them to go toe-to-toe with even the most formidable adversaries. Gunge's presence in Shadow Falls is a constant reminder of the danger lurking in the city's shadows.

As Gunge continues to unleash chaos, the heroes of the Freedom League stand as the last line of defense against this powerful villain. Their combined efforts strive to bring Gunge to justice, neutralizing their threat to the city and its inhabitants. The battle against Gunge exemplifies the ongoing struggle between good and evil as the heroes strive to restore peace and protect the innocent from darkness.

Suggested attire: Gunge's costume features menacing black armor with spikes and a dominating stature, amplifying their superhuman strength and aggression.



This is where your story begins.

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Now, it's time to embrace your character and enjoy a memorable experience with friends!

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