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Halloween Mystery Party

Holly O. Wene is famous for her exciting Halloween celebrations.  Year after year people flock to their mailboxes during the month of October in hopes of finding an invitation to her bash.  Halloween’s around the corner and the who’s who of Pumpkin Town will be soon be arriving to Holly’s mansion wearing the most creative Halloween attire, and ready to play fun Halloween party games, and dine on delicious spooky snacks.  The town’s pumpkin patch owner, Mrs. Polly Pumpkin, plans to make a special announcement this year at Holly’s bash. The town gossips are dying to find out what Mrs. Pumpkin has to say!

Polly Pumpkin’s Pumpkin Patch is the preeminent spot to pick out your Halloween pumpkin in the entire world.  Rumor has it that Mrs. Pumpkin plans to retire and is seeking an heir to carry on the family business.  Sources closest to Mrs. Pumpkin say there may be challenging mysteries to tackle and scavenger hunts to endure before she selects a grand prize winner. A lot is at stake and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! 

need a costume?

Invited Guests




Holly O. Wene is the girl that everyone wants to be! She’s beautiful, stylish and one of the most popular girls in town – and she’s a serious math genius!  Everyone begs to be invited to one of Holly’s Halloween bashes! Rumor has it that Holly even has a waiting list for people who want to be invited to one of her smashing parties!

Suggested Attire:  Semi formal evening gown.





Bella Balle is the town gossip and graceful ballerina!  She’s extremely smart and cares a little too much about her appearance.  She loves to dance and is often seen with a handheld mirror checking her face and hair! 

Suggested Attire: Ballet / Dance costume. Handheld mirror as an optional prop.



Beauty Queen

Muffy Mingels is one of the most stunning and talented beauty pageant queens in the country!  She was recently crowned Miss Teen USA!  However, this beauty queen isn’t the easiest person to get along with and is known to do anything to get attention.

Suggested Attire: Semi formal evening gown, tiara, beauty queen banner, and roses are optional props.



 Pop Star

Alexis Texas is an upcoming pop idol! She is perky and incredibly optimistic and always believes those around her are generally good-natured. This pop diva is one of the friendliest girls you will ever meet!

Suggested Attire: Pop Star costume.  A fake microphone as an optional prop.




Dr. Furen Feathers is the caring staff veterinarian of the Oceanside Zoo.  This doc loves to sing to the animals to help them feel better when they are sick.  Sometimes, Dr. Feathers forgets s/he’s speaking to humans and sings instead of speaks!

Suggested Attire: A doctor costume.  Latex gloves and cotton swabs, etc. are optional props. Any type of fake animal as a prop.



 Cheer Captain

Straight ‘A’ honor roll, student council president, community volunteer, among other accolades make this cheerleader the utterly perfect role model!  Also, Piper Pommes’ gymnastic skills are flawless and she has an undeniably sparkling smile!

Suggested Attire:  A cheerleading costume.



 Rodeo Queen

This cowgirl has a sugary sweet personality and can sing like an angel!  Everyone loves to be around Daisy May because she is the nicest girl in town.   She is also the reigning rodeo queen in her hometown and can rope a cow faster than you can say ‘Howdy!’

Suggested Attire: A western costume. 



Chief of Police

You would never guess that such a hilarious comedian could climb his way into such a high ranking position with the police force!  Chief C.R. Badges is a kind-hearted gentleman who has sworn to serve & protect!  Sometimes, this boy in bluefinds it better to control things with comedy instead of force! Hey…if it works!

Suggested Attire: A police officer costume.  A fake badge as an optional prop.



 High School Quarterback

Tony Momo is the ultimate role model at his High School.  He is the Quarterback of the football team and has never even lost a game! In addition to being a star athlete, Tony is one of the most dedicated friends as there is nothing that Tony wouldn’t do for a fellow teammate...or to win a football game.

Suggested Attire: Any kind of football jersey and a football as an optional prop. 



 Rock Guitarist


A former skateboarder from Canada, Jason Jonas moved to the United States and started a rock band with his 4 brothers! He is the lead guitarist of his band, Pennyback. A sneaky rebel, everyone knows this rockin’ songster would prefer to be a rap artist.

Suggested Attire: Rock star costume.  A fake guitar as an optional prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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