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Who Kidnapped Santa?

The North Pole has entered a state of chaos and turmoil. It's two days before Christmas and Santa Claus has been kidnapped! The Chief Operations Officer of Santa's Workshop has called an urgent meeting at Santa's Cottage to investigate what happened and to put a search party together to find Santa Claus.

Since he disappeared earlier this afternoon, the Christmas spirit has drastically diminished around the world. Hosts are canceling holiday parties, cities are denying permits for parades, prices in retail stores are skyrocketing, Christmas trees are browning without explanation, and children are flipping over to the Naughty List at record-breaking rates.  If this continues, nobody will even care about Christmas by the time it gets here! 

You are a resident of the North Pole and might have information on Santa’s disappearance.  You will attend this meeting with bells on. This is where your story begins.

Need some Christmas Threads?

Attendees of the Meeting:


Owner, Sugarplum Bakery

Sam Sugarplum is the neurotic pastry chef of the North Pole. Sam is always frazzled during the holiday season while waiting for Santa’s massive order of candy and delicious treats. Even though there are strict deadlines for completion, Sam spends countless hours perfecting the yummy creations for Christmas Eve's big delivery. The staff of the Stocking Stuffing Department of Santa’s Workshop has grown tired of waiting on Sam every year. The phrase ‘slow as Christmas’ originates from Sam’s work habits.


Toymaker, Santa’s Workshop

Evergreen Rudolph is one of the lead toymakers in the shop. With the second-highest toys-per-hour rating, Evergreen can almost say they are the hardest worker in the North Pole. Evergreen frequently says the catchphrase, ‘Keep calm and wait for Santa’ when things are not going well. Evergreen speaks with a high-pitched voice and is quick to give a compliment.


Owner, Jingles Jewelers

Jude Jingles is the jolly jeweler of the North Pole. Jude is obsessed with Christmas lights and always has the best lit cottage. Jude is super competitive and wins the Holiday Champion award each year for having the most Christmas spirit. Jude always has a smile on their face, is continually singing Christmas carols, and giggles at even the slightest things. However, many of Jude’s closest friends say this is all an act to win the award each year.


Owner, Frosty Paws Pup Treats

Jackie Frost is the legendary figure of winter who made a truce with Santa Claus over a hundred years ago not to ruin Christmas. In exchange, Santa had to allow Jackie to start a business at the North Pole. Jackie always had a love for dogs, so Frosty Paw Pup Treats was born! Jackie caters to all animals and supplies treats for Santa’s reindeer during the holiday season. When Jackie enters a room, the temperature drops to near freezing, so many people can’t stand to be around Jackie for extended periods without wearing a heavy-duty winter coat. 


Toymaker, Santa’s Workshop

Bing Balthazar is a lackadaisical toymaking elf who works in Santa’s Workshop. Bing believes they are the funniest elf in the North Pole and will stop working on the factory line to tell colleagues a joke. Bing continually twiddles their fingers and can’t keep their hands off their face.


Manager, Elf on a Shelf Headquarters

Elfie Snowflake grew up in a bustling home of fifteen kids with hardworking parents who were both dentists. Maybe it is because Elfie didn’t get much attention as a young elf, but this Elf on a Shelf manager sulks around town with a sourpuss frown. It’s almost impossible to cheer up this grumpy elf, but Elfie does know how to manage scout elves, that’s for sure.  The Elf on a Shelf Headquarters is operated meticulously with perfection.


Director of Toy Production, Santa's Workshop

Max A. Million is the micro-managing director of toy production at Santa’s Workshop. Unless you want to suffer a steep penalty, you shouldn’t double-cross this supervisor, as Max is intolerant to nonsensical behavior. Max can be challenging to work for, and there are many rumors that some of the toyshop elves are seeking employment elsewhere due to dreadful working conditions – even outside of the North Pole.​


Dental School Admissions Manager

Tinsel Twinkletoes is the North Pole Dental School admissions manager. Tinsel is a former employee of Santa’s Workshop but sought employment elsewhere due to Max A. Million’s management style. Nonetheless, Tinsel isn’t one to follow reasonable rules and regulations. Tinsel often says the wrong thing and speaks without care of other’s feelings. Tinsel is a nightmare for the human resources department, as there are many complaints filed against Tinsel’s shenanigans daily.


Toymaker, Santa’s Workshop

Winky Garland is a bit of a troublemaker at Santa’s Workshop. Winky thinks they are a prankster, but most of the pranks pulled by Winky are devious and not all that funny. For example, Winky made a batch of candied apples and passed them out to colleagues at the toyshop. The toymakers were all gagging in no time, as they weren’t apples at all – they were candied onions! Winkey winks a lot and overuses hands while talking.


Toymaker, Santa’s Workshop

 Balsam Bell is the timekeeper at Santa’s Toyshop. Balsam ensures everyone starts the factory line on time each morning, and breaks are timed to the second. Nobody is to leave the factory before the clock strikes 5 PM. If anyone is late for anything, Balsam’s face turns the shade of a strawberry. Balsam is continually stressing about the time and always has eyes on their watch. 


Toymaker, Santa's Workshop


Jolly Sparkles is one of the shyest and most reserved elves in Santa’s Workshop of the North Pole.  Jolly abides by the rules, doesn’t ask for anything, and has never complained about the declining working conditions. Still, everyone knows that most of the toy factory elves are not happy – mostly because of Max A. Million’s daily additions to the Workshop Rules & Regulations.


Owner, Kringle’s Christmas Trees

Happy Kringle is the bold and sassy owner of Kringle’s Christmas Trees. Not one to live up to the expectations of their name, Happy is continually annoyed and grumpy. With tirades in a surplus, Happy is constantly plaguing the town with negativity and lodging formal online complaints about local businesses. If a business at the North Pole gets a negative online review, the poster was likely to be Happy Kringle.  Happy has a saying, ‘My fuse is short, are you sure you wanna light it?’


Toymaker, Santa’s Workshop

Minty Lux is a precise toymaker and handles the toys that have electronic components.  However, Minty is the slowest toymaker in the factory. Minty is continually yawning and taking cat naps. If anyone says a word about Minty’s toys-per-hour, Minty mutter to themselves and gives a pouty grimace.


Toymaker, Santa’s Workshop

Samwise is the shy and reserved toymaker of Santa’s Workshop. Sam likes to hide in the shadows and prefers to work at the end of the factory line to avoid interactions with the other elves. Sam prefers to be alone and plays video games when not at the toyshop. Sam speaks very slowly and changes their accent frequently.


Owner, Peppermint Clothing Store

Pat Peppermint is the miserly cousin of Mrs. Santa Claus. Pat owns a clothing store that offers fashionable items, but Pat refuses to sell any size above a medium. The more highly sought-after pieces are only offered in XXXS, which is the average elf size. Is Pat punishing Mrs. Santa Claus? Most likely! Pat believes that the Clauses are wasting money and efforts on delivering toys to the good children each year. If you are searching for the elf with the least Christmas Spirit at the North Pole – it's Pat! This miser's favorite comeback to anything is bah, humbug.


Owner, The Eggnoggery

  A bit overanxious and scattered, this eggnog cafe owner runs a tight show - especially during the holiday season, January 15th to December 31st. Pinky is a hardworking elf with a staff of twenty dedicated elves who work in harmony to distribute delicious eggnog, cocoa, and other sugary beverages to Santa's Workshop. They do everything they can to serve the community, but even more importantly - keep the toy-making elves happy at all costs.  Some claim that Max A Million is diminishing the toy shop's working conditions, but delicious treats are not negotiable for the toymakers.

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