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Murder in Dreary Hollow

Leota Xavier was the most despised lady in the town of Dreary Hollow. With a sharp tongue and scowls galore, this spinster managed to make more enemies than friends during her miserable lifetime. A five-time widow with more money than good sense, she retired as the headmistress at Dark Harbor Preparatory School a few years ago. She lived alone in a mansion on the outer edge of town with nine cats and terrorized the townsfolk when her butler drove her into town.
To nobody’s surprise, Leota’s body was discovered on her front steps early this morning. The Dreary Hollow Police have summoned you. You either have the missing pieces of the puzzle needed to solve the case or are a prime suspect.
This is where your story begins.

Suspect List



       This herpetologist works in the Biology Department of Princetown University, researching poisonous snake toxins. Jo Reaper is very sarcastic but sensitive. Jo is reliable, organized, and a bit compulsive. Jo will follow the rules and regulations, which is practical. This snake researcher will pursue feelings and instincts – especially concerning research. Jo was removed from the university classroom for being too blunt and rude to students. Jo despised teaching, so the going theory is that Jo did it on purpose to free up time to devote to the lab to get more grant money. Jo is always sniffling and suffers from seasonal allergies. This serpent handler is often moody and quiet.



Real Estate Broker

Lyric Nightshade’s fingernails are bitten down to nubs. Lyric seems to chomp on fingernails while telling tall tales - or at least that's what this broker's friends all say.  Being a compulsive liar is quite concerning for a real estate broker, as brokers should be honest when their clients are making substantial investments in properties. Lyric is young but wise beyond the years and fun to be around. Gregarious, this broker lives for the here and now. A great problem solver, Lyric can juggle many tasks at once and is social and chatty.



Construction Manager

With a booming construction business, Rue Ricin is one of the wealthiest people in town. Rue is bored of managing construction projects and would give it all up for a chance at becoming a rock star. However, Rue has a vacant personality, lacking any hint of emotional flux. Orderly and structured, Rue is predictable, stubborn, and results-oriented. Known for an impeccable productivity record, Rue has great inner harmony and never exudes a rollercoaster of emotions. For that reason, Rue is a great mediator. A constant sweater, Rue is often seen wiping down with a towel and has a habit of picking at his/her teeth. A tad unsociable, Rue can be quite the pessimist and mumbles sometimes to avoid offending people.




Ellis Ashes took up with the family business of digging graves at Iron Gate Cemetery. A constant lip-biter, Ellis was a former petty criminal. You’d never know that by meeting Ellis, as s/he is one of the town's most intelligent and friendly people.  Ellis is open to change and lives in harmony with others. Gracious, thoughtful, and caring, Ellis lives to please others and is an accomplished host. When Ellis walks into a room, the mood is lightened with Ellis’s cheerful demeanor. However, this cemetery worker can get restless and impulsive, and this causes Ellis to make poor decisions.


Professor, Dark Harbor Prep School

            Francis Bones is an introverted history teacher from Dark Harbor Preparatory School in Dreary Hollow. Professor Bones only wears blue items, and there’s always bacon at the dinner table. This teacher has a suppressed wild side and will gravitate toward facts instead of intuition or hunches. Francis is an independent thinker who is skeptical and sees life as an ongoing chess match. Everything must go Francis’s way, or you’ll meet what the students refer to as Professor Hyde.




          If you enter the lobby of the Dark Side Funeral Home, you are likely to hear Marion Urn’s gloomy cello echoing throughout the building. Marion is deathly afraid of snakes and relies upon instinct, wanting decisions to be made quickly without debate. Marion is loyal, easy to work with, and will make sacrifices for those in need. Working long hours without requiring praise, Marion never sleeps. This mortician can be dishonest at times and is in love with cartoons.



Nurse Practitioner

          Shy and reserved, Dorian Dark is a warm, sensitive, and unassuming team player. Dorian is extremely curious, which can sometimes be perceived as nosy and meddlesome. Super ambitious, this healthcare worker seeks to answer burning questions that remain unsolved mysteries. Many believe Dorian wears unusual glasses with non-prescription lenses as fashion statements.



Pest Control Technician

The narcissistic pest control technician, Gabby Graves, has strong personal values and is resistant to change. This bug zapper seeks inner order and peace, is creative, and has random bouts of melancholy.  A bit overbearing and condescending at times, Gabby will use large words that nobody has heard of – albeit many claim Gabby is making them up to look smart.



Crime Scene Cleaner

          Chris Dust is a crime scene cleaner who boasts about being an expert lock picker and safecracker. Chris dislikes leaving the house and is 100% dependent upon facts without feelings. Colleagues consider Chris to be charismatic and idealistic. Chris will skip pleasantries but is generally compassionate, always looking for potential in others. When Chris does get out of the house, s/he is approachable, talkative, and easygoing, but refuses to eat in front of other people. Eating out with Chris is not a good idea unless you are ready for an awkward experience.   


Bomb Squad Technician

           Known for a face full of freckles, Skully Bloodman is the clumsy bomb squad technician for the state police.  Skully claims to understand and communicate better with animals and can be quite the emotional train wreck. Skully will sometimes argue both sides of a point, which is maddening. A lover of challenges, Skully is inventive and will test the limits of anything.  This bomb diffusing specialist lacks self-control and can be aggressive at times. A blatant germaphobe, Skully brags about being able to hack into personal networks.


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