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Here are the seven types of magic studied at Charmstone Academy. All faculty members of Charmstone are Apex Mages, which means they have tested at a Level 100 domination for all seven types. The faculty are at the top 1% of all magicians in the universe.

MALUM: often called The Dark Craft. This is magic involving the supposed invocation of evil spirits for evil purposes. 

PROVISIO: this includes the powers of foresight, fortune-telling and divination. The art of discovering secret or future by supernatural means.

COROCOTTAS: this art encompasses all magic involving animals, including telepathically reading the minds of animals and communicating with them. This also includes mind control of animals and shapeshifting from human to animal forms. 

ALBULEPOS: this includes healing and charm magic - all things positive and can be cast without a trade-off. Albulepos enchantments can heal wounds, give glamour, give boosts of good luck, and a select few of beneficial love potions.

ELEMENTUM: this is the broadest category of spells and includes everything involving the four elements - earth, wind, fire, ice. 

ALCHIMIA: this art involves the combination and manipulation of tangible items to produce an effect on the target. Otherwise known as 'witches' brews.' 

ANIMO: this is the art of telepathy and mind control of similar species. Telekinesis, astral projections, and other out-of-body spells. 

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