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Mancy Crew: Diamond Heist

Mancy Crew, a skilled River Peak High School senior, has a knack for unraveling mysteries. She's the brainchild behind the school's Forensic Science Club, a group so adept at solving puzzles that they've even lent a hand to the local police. The latest challenge? The town's Hemsberg Diamonds Jewelry Store was the scene of a high-stakes heist, resulting in the disappearance of the Zamkiki Diamond, the world's fourth-largest gemstone, sparking an uproar in River Peak.

The plot thickens as evidence suggests the culprits might have ties to River Peak High. The Forensic Science Club is stepping up to assist the police with this enthralling case. They're scheduled to gather at the crime scene, where Mancy will provide an initial briefing. But it's not all serious business; Mancy knows that a calm investigator is a more effective one. She plans to intersperse the meeting with light-hearted, stress-relieving activities to keep everyone's minds sharp. With whispered talks of cryptic codes and perplexing riddles linked to the heist, the club members are on the brink of a thrilling investigation. Your adventure starts now - get ready to crack the case and find the elusive jewel thief.

need some help finding a costume? 

There are suggestions below for your costume - but feel free to wear whatever you want! It's time to have a blast while solving a fun case! 

Members of the River Peak Forensic Club



President and Founder of the River Peak Forensic Club

Mancy Crew founded the River Peak High Forensic Science Club in light of her exceptional sleuthing skills.  The organization has grown to become a serious investigative group that’s even aided the police on occasion!  Full of ambition and no stranger to hard work, Mancy is the respected leader of the club.      

Suggested Attire: Casual teen attire. A magnifying glass, notebook, and a pen are optional props. 



Vice President of the River Peak Forensic Club

Amanda Christie is Mancy Crew’s best friend.  She’s a talented athlete and a technology guru. From computers to smart devices, Amanda will get the job done. When she’s not building computers or solving riddles, she spends her free time planning hilarious pranks on her friends and family.

Suggested Attire: Wear any athletic attire. A smartphone, post-it notes and a pen are optional props. 



Secretary of the River Peak Forensic Club

Originally from the United Kingdom, Sherlea Holmes is the reigning champion of the National Mathematics League. Always seen in a Sherlock Holmes-style deerstalker cap, She is a genius when it comes to cracking codes.

Suggested Attire: Casual teen attire. Sherlock Holmes deerstalker cap as an optional accessory. 



Treasurer of the River Peak Forensic Club

Joni Watson goes by the name Doc since she’s an aspiring physician.  She volunteers at the urgent care clinic to get a jump on her medical training. Doc is Sherlea Holmes’ best friend. She is the most fun-loving club member who speaks loudly, loves to dance, and is a whiz at putting together puzzles. 

Suggested Attire: Casual teen attire.  A lab coat and examination gloves as optional props. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

The most popular girl at River Peak High is Ella Queen. An effective communicator and social networker, Ella knows everything about everyone in River Peak!  If you need to know someone’s secrets, Ella’s your spy, as she has the brains, ability, and popularity to pull it off!  To no surprise, she’s also the cheerleading captain for the school’s squad. 

Suggested Attire: Any cheerleading uniform or warm ups.  Megaphone and pom poms as optional props. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

The cheery Sammy Spade is a competitive skateboarder and aspiring rap artist. Academically, she’s a chemistry mastermind and the National Academic League science champion. She loves to make up songs about the periodic table to make people laugh. Sometimes, she even takes over and teaches the freshman chemistry class for her teacher.

Suggested Attire: Casual teen skateboarding-inspired attire.  Optional lab coat and fake microphone as an optional prop. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

Is there a drama queen in the house?  Yes, there is, and her name’s Adrian Monk!  She’s the spunky editor of the River Peak High Newspaper. Adrian is in love with drama!  Known as the school gossip, never tell her a secret unless you want everyone to know by dawn! She took an interest in handwriting analysis and created a database of handwriting samples from everyone at school.         

Suggested Attire: Casual teen attire. A notepad, pen, magnifying glass, and digital camera (smartphone is great) are optional props. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

Pet Colombo is an aspiring forensic psychological profiler. She’s getting so good at profiling that she can guess what you’re thinking! Wild and hyperactive, this energy-hoarder is the most mechanically inclined member of the club, as she’s been working on cars in her father’s garage since she was five.           

Suggested Attire:  trendy teen attire. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

Dolly Sayers is the most hard-working academic in the group. She is at the top of the senior class at River Peak High. When stressed, she sings instead of speaking normally. She is also an animal lover who works part-time as an animal groomer at River Peak Pet Depot.           

Suggested Attire: Wear casual teen attire. Have a stack of educational books as optional props. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

The newest student to River Peak High is Margo Ellingham. She recently moved to River Peak from South Africa. Soon after her arrival, she landed a part-time job at Shonac - a burger joint.  A great debater and world traveler, this club member has done everything bigger, better, and more times than you have.

Suggested Attire:  Casual teen attire.  It is optional to wear a fast food uniform. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

Originally from France, Missy Marpele is a budding fiber and tool mark specialist. She pays great attention to detail, especially when working on cases. Missy has one vice: an undying love for chocolate! She is known to be a tad snooty and meticulous but is probably the most dependable member of the club.

Suggested Attire: Wear casual teen attire. Magnifying glass and bag of chocolates as optional props. 



Member of the River Peak Forensic Club

This cliché-talking Physics Club diva can work out the dynamics of any crime scene in seconds!  She’ll effortlessly figure out who was where and who went where while discussing alien life forms and wormholes the entire time!

Suggested Attire: Wear casual teen attire or a fun, nerdy costume. Any physics book or printed article about the universe, wormholes, etc., are optional props.

What is Forensic Science? 

A teen girl wearing a white lab coat in a crime lab beside a microscope..jpg

Forensic science is like being a detective, but instead of looking for clues like footprints or fingerprints, scientists look at tiny things we can't always see with our eyes. Imagine someone makes a sandwich but leaves crumbs everywhere. Later, someone else can figure out what kind of sandwich was made just by looking at those crumbs. Forensic scientists do something similar; they look at tiny clues left at crime scenes, like strands of hair, drops of blood, or small pieces of glass, to help solve mysteries and find out what really happened.

These scientists are super important because they help find out the truth and keep people safe. They use cool tools and technology like microscopes to see really small things and computers to match fingerprints. They can even use special chemicals to discover what substance is left at a scene. It’s like putting together a huge puzzle, but instead of finding missing puzzle pieces, they're finding clues that tell the story of what occurred. They help ensure that the right people are held responsible for their actions and help innocent people prove they didn’t do anything wrong.

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