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Murder at the Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball

The citizens of New Orleans are thrilled that the owners of the old Madison Avenue Mansion are hosting the annual Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball again this year.  However, everybody knows that when events are held at the mansion, something always goes wrong.  The estate is an infamous manor, built in the mid-1800s, and rumored to be haunted by malevolent ghosts.  Wedding ceremonies held there end in divorce, visiting travelers go missing, and even one time during a gala event, an uninvited ninja trying to rob the guests choked to death after stealing a bite of king cake!

Nonetheless, outside of a few mishaps, the Mardi Gras galas are the talk of the town. You’re a thrill seeker and wish to attend the event.  You had insider information that space was limited, so you were first in line to get your tickets.  You’ve picked out the perfect mask. This is where your story begins.

time t'shop!

Invited Guests



Biology Professor

The charismatic Alex Newton is the ultimate absent-minded professor.  Inquire about science, and you’ll be blown away by Alex’s intellect.  Ask about anything else, and you’ll hear nothing besides average chatter.

Suggested threads & props:  A business suit or a lab coat.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop. 




If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, Sam Chawpalot’s handsome mug would be plastered by the description.  Sam is the friendly, self-loving neighborhood butcher with a slight exaggeration problem.

 Suggested threads & props:  Apron and butcher’s hat.  Plastic butcher knife as an optional prop.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.




Dallas Ewing is on an expedition searching for new business opportunities.  Everyone is growing tired of the media exposing Dallas Ewing’s troubles - especially the good people of New Orleans!  Egotistical & spoiled are two words that sum up this mogul.

Suggested threads & props: Glamorous evening attire.  Money, gold and jewels spewing out of every pocket, etc.  A glamorous Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.




Max Crimson is the most captivating celebrity you will ever see on TV!  On camera, Max is ideal in every way – someone you’d love to have as a friend.  Off the lens, Max is nothing but a lazy couch potato with outrageous ill-mannered behavior.  If you are looking for a new best friend, avoid Max at all costs!

 Suggested threads & props:  Trendy evening attire with a non-toxic marker for autographs as an optional prop.  An elaborate Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Pastry Chef

Oh, the delicacies that this boisterous baker can create!  Andi Flour is the finest pastry chef in all of New Orleans!  When Andi bakes, the sweet aroma travels to the edges of town, and the townspeople flock to the Flour Bakery to get a bite of Andi’s creations.

 Suggested threads & props:  Chef’s hat and chef’s jacket with rolling pin as an optional prop.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Mayor of New Orleans

There are two sides to Mayor Pauly Tishon, and only one of them should you care to meet!  If you have something to offer Pauly, the mayor will be super accommodating and kind. However, double-crossing this politician is not advised.

  Suggested threads & props:  Business suit.  Any political propaganda (i.e. vote buttons) as optional accessories. 




Don’t bother buying a hairstyle magazine if you plan to sit in Bobbi Pen’s styling chair, as there’s only one cut and style that Bobbi knows – a Mohawk!  Unless you are into the alternative lifestyle, don’t make an appointment with this gossiping stylist.

 Suggested threads & props:  Trendy, hipster outfit.   Optional to wear a Mohawk wig.  A trendy Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.  



Criminal Defense Attorney

‘Liar, liar, pants on fire’ was undoubtedly made up about Lou Lyalot.  If freedom is your desire, you want this obnoxious criminal defense attorney on your side of the courtroom, even if you are guilty of murder!  Lou makes ambulance chasers look like Peace Corps volunteers!

 Suggested threads & props:  Business suit with an obnoxious tie.  Fake business cards as optional props.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



High School Principal

Is it Principal Thibodaux or Principal Loony?  Well, the latter is what the kids not-so-lovingly nicknamed this administrator at Boudreaux High school.  Teens beware: rumor has it that not everyone sent to the principal’s office makes it back to class. Some teens are never seen nor heard from again!

 Suggested threads & props:  Conservative business suit/teacher or nerd costume.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop. 



Red Axehouse is the brazen firefighter by day and by night; this blaze-wrestler is a romantic poet performing at the Amorville Poet’s Lounge. Armed with perfect manners and graceful words, this is one adorable firefighter.

Suggested threads & props: Firefighter costume.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Physical Therapist

Is there a doctor in the house?  Yes, of course!  It’s Dr. Milan Handy!  Dr. Handy will get you back on your feet when you are down, but get ready for this doc to be three inches from your face during a chat!  This close-talking behavior is surprising, since the good doc has an irrational fear of germs!

 Suggested threads & props: Lab coat.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Human Resource Director

Haven Bubbles certainly hasn’t made many friends as the director of Human Resources at Blue Crab Technologies.  Haven is inflexible and impersonal…at work and play.  Haven is notorious for the abuse of power and authority at the company.

  Suggested threads & props: Business casual attire.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Information Technology Representative

Mac Apples is the arrogant, exaggerating information technology representative for one of the largest corporations in Amorville – Blue Crab Technologies.  Mac Apples can win you over with Australian charm, but don’t be fooled. If you’re not tech savvy, Mac will make you feel two inches tall.  Mac is a technology snob!

 Suggested threads & props: Nerd costume.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.




Billie Benjamin is the spunky bartender from the Jester Bar in the French Quarter.  Billie constantly mocks everyone and has a reputation for being overzealous.  Avoid situations where Billie can take advantage of you.

 Suggested threads & props: White oxford, black pants and a bartender's apron with a bar rag sticking out of your back pocket. Optional for a bartender's arm band.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Hazmat Removal Specialist

Emery Sactive is the sarcastic hazardous material removal specialist.  Emery works for the city of New Orleans cleaning up toxic waste spills, asbestos, and lead from surfaces.  Emery is never in a good mood, but would you be chipper having to clean up toxic messes all day?

 Suggested threads & props: Hazmat suit/costume.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Spice Specialist

Rainbow Moonshine is the most adventurous soul you’ll ever meet.  A jetsetter, talented gardener, and nature lover, Rainbow has traveled around the world and experienced cultures and cuisine that most will only see on television!  Rainbow owns a store in the French Quarter called Spice of Life that specializes in homegrown spices.

Suggested threads & props: Hippie costume.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.




Ouch!  Well, that is what most of Alby Stichen’s customers are saying nowadays!  This clumsy stitch guru picked the wrong career, as Alby has a huge problem of turning clients into unwilling pin cushions!

 Suggested threads & props: Trendy attire.  Pin cushion wristband and measuring tape as optional props. A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.



Window Washer

Addison Heights is not your typical window washer.  Addison is silly, young, and broke with an aura of mischief at all times.  Addison is unpredictable and often seen helping people on the street. Addison is a recognized humanitarian.

  Suggested threads & props: Casual attire with a squeegee as an optional prop.  A Mardi Gras mask as an optional prop.


Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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