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Once Upon a Murder

Once upon a time, there was a faraway land called the Enchanted Realm.  The people of the land got along harmoniously for many centuries...that is, until Queen Black gained control of the Silver Tree Forest.

It was not long before happy endings turned into nightmares, as the ruling Kingdom of Gullyshire suffered repeated attacks, and the villains began to gain control. The mystic mountains filled with nefarious monsters and were no longer safe, and wicked witches took over the charmed forest.

Queen Black has shocked the realm and has invited all of the territories to the Dark Castle of the Silver Tree Forest to sign a peace treaty.

She may have evil intentions. 

Nonetheless, you have been invited by Queen Black.  This is where your story begins.

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Invited Guests



Princess of Silver Tree Forest

Ice White is the most gorgeous woman in the Silver Tree Forest.  Her beauty has infuriated her wicked stepmother, Queen Black, who has undergone many failed attempts at taking her life.  The princess has a cheerful demeanor and doesn’t allow negativity to infiltrate her.  She is on a challenging mission to make her evil stepmother love her.

Costume Suggestions: Red hair bow, dark hair (wig if needed).  Red, yellow and blue princess dress.



Queen of Silver Tree Forest

Queen Black is the malevolent ruler of the Silver Tree Forest.  There are whispers across the land that the Queen murdered her husband, King White.  However, there is no evidence of any crime and the queen claims he abandoned her.  Nonetheless, Queen Black doesn’t let the princess get in her way and rules the land by instilling fear in the hearts of her people.

Costume Suggestions: Gothic queen attire.  Black hair (wig if needed) and gothic makeup.



Resident of Dreamland

Alicia is a mischievous young girl from London who accidentally ended up in the topsy-turvy world of Dreamland.  This is where she met her true love, the Heart Knave.   However, she has had to keep her relationship a secret in fear that the Heart Queen will have her peasant head on a golden platter.

Costume Suggestions: Light blue headband, blond hair (wig if needed) and blue dress.




Pandella lives with the infamous Azalea family of Gullyshire Kingdom. Her father’s untimely death landed his estate in her stepmother’s lap, and she was reduced to a mere servant of the palace she grew up in.  Her former name was Della, but in honor of the pans that she uses to cook with, her five stepsisters nicknamed her Pandella. She would do anything to escape, but doesn’t have the means.

Costume Suggestions: Blue princess dress - you’ve stolen it from your stepsister, but you don’t care.  Blonde (wig if needed) hair in an up-do.  Glass (clear plastic) shoes as an optional accessory.



Imprisoned Princess

Bella’s father, the king of the Charmed Forest, angered a magical beast as a child by stealing blackberries from the beast’s garden.  In retaliation, the irrational monster vowed to take the future king’s first born child as his own.  The fiend made good on his promise and took Bella on her 25th birthday to a cursed palace that can only be seen by those possessing magical powers.    

Costume Suggestions: Yellow Victorian-style ball gown with long brown hair in curls (wig if needed). Red rose as an optional prop



Ruler of Mystic Forest

Magnificent is the courageous queen of the Mystic Forest.  Magnificent has the magical ability to control the living entities of the forest, and this gives her territory great power and protection. However, Magnificent has recently had to protect the adjacent Mystic Mountains from an increasing number of monsters from another realm.  The residents of the Mystic Forest are very worried that she may one day lose the fight.

Costume Suggestions: Gothic ball gown, hair styled into ‘horns’ (wig, if needed).




Scarlet lives in a tiny village in the Mystic Mountains and runs the only medical clinic in the territory.  However, she has a very ill grandmother that lives deep in the Silver Tree Forest.  Scarlet often travels to visit her grandmother to give her food and administer medication.  However, the strange influx of monsters to the Mystic Mountains has hindered her journeys lately. 

Costume Suggestions: Red cloak with a black & white dress underneath.  A basket of food, toy weapon, and fake medicine as optional props.



Ruler of Osland

The Naughty Witch of Osland wears a magical pair of golden shoes that gives her insurmountable power in her territory.  She uses this power to control her army of winged baboons and bees to get whatever she wants.  Osland has three witches that are constantly at war of good versus evil, and the land is in a constant state of turmoil.  Rumor has it that this witch is growing bored of the fighting in Osland and is yearning for more power.

Costume Suggestions: Witch costume with green face and hand makeup. Golden shoes as an accessory (you can purchase a cheap pair and spray paint/glitter them).




Rumble Milton is the antagonistic sorcerer of the Enchanted Realm.  Rumble is the most powerful being in the land, yet is the most selfish person you’ll ever meet.  He is known for bailing people out of trouble; however, if one calls upon Rumble for assistance, they will owe him dearly.  It is best to stay clear of this roguish warlock.

Costume Suggestions: Burlap style cloak.  Sorcerer’s staff / cane as an optional prop.



Prince of Gullyshire Kingdom

Prince Edward Jon, otherwise known as The Charming Prince, is the heir to the Gullyshire throne, which is the main ruling body of the Enchanted Realm.  There are constant threats of uprisings throughout the realm, but the royal army has managed to keep things under control thus far.  An unidentified army has been repeatedly attacking the castle, and King Robert Charles, I, has mysteriously fallen into a coma.  Prince Jon is now ruling the realm.

Costume Suggestions: A prince’s uniform.



Pirate of the Caspar Sea

Captain Jim Blade is the notorious pirate of the Caspar Sea.  Everybody in the realm knows Captain Blade, but Captain Blade claims he is a friend to no one. Captain Blade has kept busy battling an infamous sea monster from another realm, sea witches and attacks from the shore of Spellbound Island.  He was already slightly bad-tempered, but his current situation has him utterly cantankerous.

Costume Suggestions: Pirate costume. Optional to have a toy cutlass sword and parrot as optional props.



Leader of the Boys of Spellbound Island

Petey Pen is the fearless leader of the Doomed Boys of Spellbound Island - an island of banished hooligans.  Petey and his group were banished to this land for various forms of rebellion.  There are rumors floating about that Petey has recently acquired magic.  If this is true, it could mean disaster for the Enchanted Realm.

Costume Suggestions: Gothic attire. 


Resident of Gullyshire

Rapinzle spent many years trapped in Trimtote Castle with The Monster.  A few years ago, a pirate of the Caspar Sea spotted her as she escaped from the invisible palace and was attempting to swim away.  She now lives in a charming cottage in Gullyshire Kingdom as a hair designer.

Costume Suggestions: Long, flowing gown and an extra-long wig.



Queen of Dreamland

The Heart Queen is the maniacal sister of Queen Black.  She rules Dreamland with an iron fist and is quick to order your execution if you cross her.  She is constantly surrounded by her army which is led by the Heart Knave.

Costume Suggestions: Red Queen costume with heart décor. An auburn wig and theatrical makeup.



Princess of Mystic Forest

Princess Adora is the former Queen of Mystic Forest.  After waking from a long-lasting sleep curse, she convinced Magnificent to take her place, as Magnificent is powerful and had proven her leadership abilities during Adora’s sleep curse.  Princess Adora is the last remaining member of the royal family and is unable to handle the stress of being queen.  Princess Adora still serves as Magnificent’s chief advisor, however.

Costume Suggestions:White princess dress, a nature-themed crown.



Ruler of Trimtote

The Monster is a fiend that rules the invisible territory of Trimtote.  Rumor has it that this beast is inconsolable, unpleasant and even dangerous to be around.  Long ago, The Monster had a skirmish with Bella’s father over magical blackberries.  In retaliation, The Monster vowed to steal Bella on her 25th birthday and keep her as a lifelong prisoner.  The fiend kept his word and Bella is now living in Trimtote Palace with the beast.

Costume Suggestions: Lion-style makeup and headdress with normal party attire otherwise.



Diamond Miner, Silver Tree Forest

Grouchy is a bad-tempered diamond miner in the Silver Tree Forest.  Queen Black sets a rigorous schedule for the seven miners of the diamond mines, but Princess White secretly does what she can do to make them comfortable.

Costume Suggestions: Dwarf-life costume with a toy pick axe as an optional prop.



Diamond Miner, Silver Tree Forest

Dreamy used to be a quiet daydreamer but is now the tortured soul of the diamond mines.  Queen Black caught wind that Dreamy had a crush on Princess Ice White and turned his dreams to nightmares.  Dreamy has done everything in his power to avoid sleep since that day.

Costume Suggestions: Dwarf-life costume with a toy pick axe as an optional prop.  Draw black circles under your eyes from a lack of sleep due to nightmares - use black / purple eye shadow. Sleep cap as an optional accessory.



Resident of Osland

RGwen the Nice Witch is the only reason that Osland hasn’t declared war on the rest of the Enchanted Realm.  The balance of good and evil in Osland has recently been disturbed after the Naughty Witch acquired a pair of very powerful magic shoes.  However, Gwen’s good magic is also powerful and she has been able to keep things under control in Osland…for now.

Costume Suggestions: White princess style dress, white wig and a glittery scepter/wand.


Resident of Dreamland

The Crazy Hatter was once Queen Black’s personal hat maker and confidant.  One day, the Crazy Hatter made an off-the-cuff comment that Princess White was the most beautiful in the realm, and was immediately banished to Dreamland by Queen Black.  Rumor has it that this hat maker has recently lost his/her sanity after having to deal with the Heart Queen for so many years.

Costume Suggestions: Large, oversized top hat, red hair (wig), a colorful velvet suit.



Prince of Charmed Forest

Prince Cane is the younger brother of Bella and son of King Franklin of Charmed Forest.  Prince Cane has recently set out on an arduous journey to find a way to rescue his sister from the invisible territory of Trimtote.  Sources close to the royal family say that the prince hasn’t found what he is looking for yet.

Costume Suggestions: Prince Costume



Resident of Caspar Sea

Arella is a lovely mermaid from the Caspar Sea.  Lately, the sea has been terrorized by an evil sea monster, the Crackston.  Arella has recently joined forces with the notorious pirates of the Caspar Sea in attempts to fight the Crackston, but they have yet to be successful.

Costume Suggestions:Mermaid costume, and long, red wig. 



General of Dreamland Army

The Heart Knave is the courageous general of the royal army of the Heart Queen in Dreamland.  He secretly has plans to wed a peasant girl named Alicia.  If the Heart Queen was to find out about this marriage, she would certainly have both of their heads.  There is a buzz going around Dreamland that the knave might have plans to escape Dreamland with his fiancé to the Kingdom of Gullyshire.

Costume Suggestions: Medieval solider costume with a heart decoration or sorcerer robes (red, if possible).  Toy sword as a prop.



Fairy of Charmed Forest

Winkerbell is the mischievous fairy of Charmed Forest.  She is a notorious thief and troublemaking gossip.  However, Winkerbell has a good heart underneath her naughtiness and will always be there for a friend in need.

Costume Suggestions: Fairy Costume



Sorcerer of Osland

The Noble Os is the outgoing sorcerer of Osland.  He does what he can to stay out of the crossfire of the three witches that control the land, but lately, he has been involved in many scandals.  The Naughty Witch has upset the balance of good versus evil with the discovery of her magical shoes.  Now, evil is gaining ground in the ongoing battle in this territory.  The Noble Os can definitely make a difference if he wanted to pick a side.

Costume Suggestions: Top hat, black suit or tuxedo with a wand.



General of Charmed Forest Army

Robby Hood used to be an outlaw, but has formed a strong alliance with King Franklin in recent years.   Robby is now the general of the army of Charmed Forest. Those closest to Robby say that it is only a matter of time before Robby goes rogue again.  Being good simply isn’t in Robby’s blood.

Costume Suggestions: Medieval leather gear with toy bow and arrows.


Resident of Dreamland

The Pale Rabbit is a hard working social worker in Dreamland.  This neurotic cottontail travels to distant realms to learn about different cultures in order to do an efficient job back in Dreamland.  The Pale Rabbit is well-respected in Dreamland by everybody besides the Heart Queen.

Costume Suggestions: Casual attire with a rabbit mask or rabbit makeup with a rabbit ear headband and cottontail as an accessory.  Optional to wear a full rabbit costume.  A pocket watch &/or a colorful vest as optional accessories. 



Resident of Mystic Mountains

Blondilox has a rather mysterious past.  Many years ago, she arrived in the Mystic Mountains, found an abandoned cottage, and claimed it as her own.  Nobody knows where this beauty came from or what she is doing in the Enchanted Realm.

Costume Suggestions: Blonde wig with ringlets with a fairytale style dress or long, flowing gown.



Resident of Osland

Metal Man used to be made of flesh and blood before he was cursed to live as an aluminum man.  However, Metal Man has a great outlook on life - given his circumstances.  He is always smiling and does whatever he can to make others happy.

Costume Suggestions: Silver attire, silver face makeup and oil can as an optional prop.



Resident of Charmed Forest

Handel and his sister Greda are vigilantes of the Enchanted Realm.  They live in Charmed Forest, but often go on adventures throughout the realm to fight crime.  They are known as the superheroes of the realm.

Costume Suggestions: Vigilante superhero costume. Toy weapons as optional props. 



Resident of Charmed Forest

Greda is the brave vigilante of the Enchanted Realm.  She lives with her brother Handel in Charmed Forest, but often goes on adventures throughout the realm to fight crime.  Greda and her brother are known as the superheroes of the realm.

Costume Suggestions: Vigilante superhero costume. Toy weapons as optional props.



Resident of Gullyshire Kingdom

Cruel Devila is a villainous fashionista who lives in the Kingdom of Gullyshire.  Cruel is the no-nonsense CEO of a fashion design label called Puppitos.  She will do absolutely anything to produce trend-making fashion.

Costume Suggestions: Black and white wig with a Dalmatian spotted coat/robe.  Toy filtered cigarette holder as a prop.



Resident of Osland

Dorothea unexpectedly ended up in the war-ridden territory of the Enchanted Realm called Osland.  She has recently been learning how to cast good magic spells with the Nice Witch of Osland.  One day, she hopes to join her in the fight against evil in Osland.

Costume Suggestions: Long hair in pigtail braids.  Blue checkered dress, white socks and red shoes. 



Resident of Mystic Mountains

The Wicked Wolf used to be the villain of Mystic Mountains until mysterious monsters invaded the territory.  To everyone’s shock, the Wicked Wolf allied with Magnificent to assist in the eradication of the monsters.  Nonetheless, the monsters are growing in number with each passing day.  Magnificent and the wolf are growing tired and will eventually lose the fight.

Costume Suggestions:Werewolf costume.



Resident of Silver Tree Forest

Medula is a foul serpent-like creature that lives in Silver Tree Forest in an isolated cave.  She doesn’t bother anybody, but when people bother her…they live to regret it.  If you lock eyes with Medula, she will capture your facial features and leave you without a face.  You do not want to be on Medula’s bad side!

Costume Suggestions: Wig with snakes for hair or dreadlocks.  If you have the ability, paint snake skin on your forehead for an awesome snake-like effect. Flowing green or gold Egyptian style gown.



Resident of Gullyshire Kingdom

Elsie is from the forgotten land of Aragon that was destroyed many years ago by tumultuous ice storms.   Elsie, a former princess, moved to Gullyshire and lives a rather humble existence as an ice sculptor.  Elsie has the power of ice magic and is known to have quite a temper.

Costume Suggestions: Blue metallic gown, blonde or blue hair in a braid or any ice princess costume. 



Queen Black's Hunter

The Hunter is Queen Black’s loyal bounty hunter and spy.  She uses The Hunter for covert missions to spy on other territories and to hunt for people that are evading the queen.  The Hunter has the ability to transform into a raven at will and is nearly unstoppable.  The Hunter serves Queen Black and will do anything that he is asked to do.

Costume Suggestions: Medieval huntsman costume. 



Resident of Gullyshire Kingdom

The Godmother is the Queen of all Fairies in the Enchanted Realm.  With her primary residence in Gullyshire Kingdom, she keeps the royal family abreast of how things are going across the realm.  The Godmother knows everything about magic, yet is not the most powerful in the realm. 

Costume Suggestions: Princess fairy costume.



Resident of Gullyshire Kingdom

Kristopher is a horse and unicorn stable attendant for the royal family of Gullyshire Kingdom.  A prior resident of Aragon with the former Princess Elsie, he fled to the Enchanted Realm after his land succumbed to ice storms.

Costume Suggestions: Medieval attire for a stable boy / mountain man.



Resident of Gullyshire Kingdom

Pine O. Kio is a cursed man whose legs were turned to pine after his father, a master swordsmith, refused to make a controversial sword for someone free of charge.  Pine walks with an awkward stiffness, but has made the best of his handicap, nonetheless.  He hopes that one day, the curse will be broken and he will feel his own legs again.

Costume Suggestions:Casual attire and be ready to walk very awkwardly! 


Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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