Pat Kingsley is a gregarious pop star from the town of Godley Hollow. Recently signed by Kingsley Records, Pat has risen to the top of the charts with the hit song Breakin’ the Chainz.  People say everything Pat touches turns to gold, so it’s wise to stay in Pat’s shadows if you are seeking fame and fortune. Pat’s a dedicated friend and a blast to be around. Pat hasn’t been home to Godley Hollow since the world tour began six months ago. People are speculating that Pat and Roland’s marriage may have been on the rocks at the time of his death.

EARLY LIFE: Pat was brought up in the affluent Upper West Side, Manhattan.  From age 12, Pat attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart, a private Roman Catholic school on Manhattan's Upper East Side. Pat has always been a misfit among peers with many of them citing Pat as being far too eccentric.  

Pat dropped out of high school as a junior and  worked as a receptionist in a neurology clinic until marrying Roland Kingsley in 2014. Pat met Roland at a charity event for Paws in the Big Apple in New York City. The two married within two months, and Pat relocated to Godley Hollow.


BUSINESS CAREER: known professionally as Royale, Pat's a singer, songwriter, and actress. A recently popular contemporary recording artist, Pat's noted for constantly experimenting with innovative musical ideas, such as using soda bottles as instruments while performing.  Pat hit the top of the charts with the song Breakin' the Chainz (click to view the lyrics) and with the great success of the song, launched an extended world tour six months ago. 


PHILANTHROPY: Pat Kingsley has contributed to various charities with Roland Kingsley (Pat's Spouse). Pat has helped various relief efforts around the globe since marrying Roland Kingsley. Pat donated the proceeds of all concerts in Japan last month to an east coast hurricane relief fund.  


PERSONAL LIFE: Pat is currently married to Roland Kingsley. Pat and Roland were married in 2014. Pat does not have children and is estranged from most of Roland's children/stepchildren.



  • Pat has sold an estimated 3 million albums in a short time and is forecasted to be a best-selling artist in the upcoming years.

  • Pat recently won the National Arts Award for incredible accomplishments in the early stages of a career.