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Find the Spy: Mr. Peabody

Dr. Percy Peabody has invited you to his mansion in Dead Hollow for a VIP dining experience.  On this night of mystery, he will plant a saboteur among the dinner guests and pose a series of unremitting challenges you will have to conquer in order to receive clues about the spy. The one who correctly guesses the saboteur's identity will leave the mansion unscathed with a piece of the Peabody fortune. If you guess incorrectly…well…let’s just say the stakes are high on this night.

Dr. Peabody has invited you to attend this exclusive event.  Will you take the challenge and risk everything for a life of luxury?  This is where your story begins.

Invited Guests



Art Collector

Sage Abbey is the infamous millionaire and art collector who hails from Italy. Sage is currently traveling the country in search of rare pieces of art. This Italian hothead has difficulty controlling bursts of anger when things don’t go as planned. Following a road rage incident, this enraged moneybag is temporarily stuck in the dreary town of Dead Hollow for court-mandated anger-management sessions.

Suggested attire: Upscale semi-formal / formal dinner party attire.



Pharmaceutical Chemist

Devyn Banks is a philanthropic pharmaceutical chemist.  This scientist works around the clock in search of a treatment for Cotard Delusion – otherwise known as ‘Walking Corpse Syndrome.’ Devyn puts in more hours than the CEO of the company and is determined to find the cure for this rare and awful disease.

Suggested attire: Lab jacket over semi-formal dinner party attire.



Romance Novelist

Jaiden Cane is a famous romance novelist from southern Louisiana.  Jaiden moved to Dead Hollow about eight months ago to gain inspiration for a new project. However, the project didn’t pan out, and now Jaiden is doing everything possible to break a severe case of writer’s block.

Suggested attire: Trendy yet whimsical semi-formal / formal dinner party attire.



Competitive Eater

Britt Danson is a competitive eater who was born and raised in the gloomy town of Dead Hollow. Now, Britt leads an exciting life traveling the globe in search of the most challenging food competitions. Britt is a familiar face on the Foodie Networkand is an infamous food critic on social media food sites such as YumYum and NomNosh.

Suggested attire: Terry cloth headband and wristbands with semi-formal dinner party attire.



News Anchor

Every day at 7 PM, Cameron Evergreen’s face is front and center of television screens across Dead Hollow. Cameron is a determined news anchor for RBC TV who suffers from a severe case of social anxiety.  However, Cameron doesn’t let that get in the way–if ambition were money, Cameron would be the world’s first trillionaire.

Suggested attire: Semi-formal / formal dinner party attire and a toy microphone &/or notepad to ‘get the story’



Hollywood Icon

Rowan Farson is one of the most well-known celebrities in Hollywood. This haughty celeb’s home town is Dead Hollow and when s/he’s not filming a big budget film or living it up in a penthouse in Las Vegas, s/he retreats to the ‘Farson Mansion’ on the outskirts of town—far away from the paparazzi.

Suggested attire: Upscale and trendy formal dinner party attire.




Avery Gobe was a former blackjack dealer in a glamorous Las Vegas casino on the strip. However, Avery grew tired of having to work long hours, so s/he moved back home to Dead Hollow. Avery currently lives in the basement of his/her parent’s home and is searching for a job.

Suggested attire: Semi-formal dinner party attire.  Bring a fake resume / Curriculum vitae with you.




If you haven’t visited Paz’s website – you have no idea what’s going on in the world of celebs. Paz is famous for uncovering juicy gossip about celebrities, business icons, and politicians. Paz’s blog has reaped negative attention over the years and some claim Paz only writes about people who do not benefit him/her. Take a moment to read the blogs, follow the tabloids and you be the judge.

Suggested attire: Very trendy semi formal / formal dinner party attire. Notepad to take ‘notes’ on people – you’re always looking for a story.



Casino Dealer 

Jude Idlebird is an intolerable craps dealer from the beautiful Wizard Towers Resort on the Las Vegas strip. Jude is intolerant of bad behavior and does not believe in the motto ‘the customer is always right.’ When players get boisterous at the craps table, Jude has them escorted out by security. Jude is definitely not worried about the casino making money!

Suggested attire: Semi-formal / formal dinner party attire with a green dealer’s visor or other casino/gambling props.



Writer, New York Daily Post

Cress Jones is the lovestruck writer for the New York Daily Post. Cress has an insatiable crush on the Hollywood Icon, Alex Blade, and has been known to use a media pass to gain entry to events where Alex is attending.  Cress is essentially a stalker in a paper-thin disguise.

Suggested attire:  Semi-formal / formal dinner party attire with a fake ‘press pass.’



Chief Financial Officer

Parker King is the go-getting CFO for Gym Time – a global chain of high-tech gymnasiums. Parker has done a fine job over the last decade of keeping the company profitable. However, since the global expansion—the corporation is slowly sinking and has been forecasted by Business Trends Weekly to collapse by the second quarter of next year.

Suggested attire: Semi-formal / formal dinner party attire.



Record Label Executive

Tory Lively is the long-winded record label executive from P2 Records – an Indie record label. Long ago, Tory landed the lucrative position as the top exec by signing the legendary ‘90s rock group – Bang a Gong. Since then, Tory couldn’t discover new talent if they were performing in his/her living room.

Suggested attire: Semi-formal / formal dinner party attire.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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