Piper Kingsley is bursting with charisma!  That’s how Piper can swoop into any situation and get the scoop. Be careful of what you disclose to this ambitious blogger, as Piper is always trying to get an angle for a blog-worthy story! Piper’s blog, playfully named Piper’s Place, has over 8 million loyal followers from around the globe. Having Piper break a scandalous story on you is far worse than the local news media reporting one. Piper earned a college degree in economics.

EARLY LIFE: Piper Kingsley grew up on Sunset Boulevard. Exposed to the Hollywood life at an early age, Piper became obsessed with celebrity gossip, and started the blog Piper's Place while still in high school. While running the blog and juggling course assignments, Piper earned a BA degree in Economics from Midwestern State University. Today, Piper runs the blog which has over thirty employees and a home office in Burbank, California.

BUSINESS CAREER: Piper has dedicated full-time to Piper's Place blog since high school, which now has over 8 million  loyal followers from around the globe.  The blog is eclectic - once focused on food, then fashion, but now the blog makes posts about anything and everything! 

Roland Kingsley has made multiple offers to buy the blog, but Piper has adamantly refused, citing that Roland probably wants to acquire the blog to control what is said about Roland.  Roland recently acquired the rival blog, All About Olly, from New York City - a blog that was notorious for posting unfavorable stories about the Kingsley family. Since the acquisition, there hasn't been one negative story posted about Roland - and that's why Piper would never take Roland's offer to buy Piper's Place!


  • Pet Orphans of Southern California 

  • Ace of Hearts (animal charity)

PERSONAL LIFE: Piper has been divorced five times.


  • Best New Voice, Savor Magazine, 2009

  • Best Food Blog Photography, Savor Magazine, 2010

  • Best Food Video, Savor Magazine, 2011

  • Best Humor Blog, Savor Magazine 2012

  • The Bloggie Award of the Year, 2013

  • Best Blog of the Year, Online Journalism Magazine, 2014

  • Best Blog of the Year, Online Journalism Magazine, 2015

  • Hollywood Blogger of the Year, 2015

  • Best Blog of the Year, Online Journalism Magazine, 2016

  • Best Blog of the Year, Online Journalism Magazine, 2017