An original merchant ship captured by Sir Henry Barburosa, this ship sails under a black Jolly Roger flag..once you are in firing range.  Sir Henry was a fierce pirate, feared by all - including royalty. He later became the leader of the Privateers on the open sea after being approached by King Charles. He assisted the English in invading Jamaica and was later knighted. King Charles knew to keep his enemies close and turn them into allies.

After an unexpected mutiny over five years ago, Sir Henry gave up the captain's hat in exchange for his life and now owns the Pillagin' Pirate Tavern.

Under the new leadership, the El Lobo Del Mar has built a nasty reputation of attacking other pirate ships without so much as a warning shot. As one of the new captain's first orders, the El Lobo Del Mar - a traditional all-male pirate ship - brutally attacked The Raging Cannon. Many of the lady pirates still hold a grudge against the current captain  - Cap'n Barnacle Burntbeard - an eccentric pirate and ruthless leader of men. 

Fitted with powerful cannons on board, this continues to be one of the most feared pirate ships in the Caribbean. 



















The Black Onyx is the two hundred ton fifty-gun frigate of the Caribbean led by the infamous Captain Jack Blacksparrow.  Cap'n Jack is notorious for plundering and pillaging the three main ports - Port Royal in Jamaica, Tortuga in Haiti, and Nassau in the Bahamas - and for that reason, he and the hundred men who sail under him are never welcomed on land.   The Black Onyx is the fastest ship of the Caribbean, hands down. The other pirate ships are darn lucky that Cap'n Jack is focused on hunting treasures and not commondeering pirate ships.

The Captain has summoned the other pirate ships to the Pillagin' Pirate Tavern to discuss the location of the four legendary pieces of the Parrot Island treasure map - a potentially-cursed pirate map leading to a vast array of hidden treasures from the 1400's.  He has promised the treasures are bountiful and will be plenty to go around. Legend has it that the map was torn into the four pieces by a pirate who knew he was doomed for seeking the treasure. 

The burning question is - why does Captain Jack want to find the pieces of the map if the treasure is cursed? 















Captain Poncy Hawthorne is known as the brains of the Caribbean. She broke tradition when she recruited her all-lady crew and commandeered The Raging Cannon pirate ship.  Cap'n Poncy sails the Caribbean without an ounce of fear - even though she was attacked by the El Lobo Del Mar on her second day at sea about five years ago.  Since then, however, she's grown her sea legs and leads her crew with an iron fist and a cool head. 

Rumor has it that the ladies of The Raging Cannon are looking for a spot of revenge nowadays. 















Once a respected privateer, Captain Morgan Cabondish captured a French slave ship in 1721, refitted it with 30 cannons, and joined the ranks of the outlaws of the sea. Legend has it that Captain Cabondish has survived over ten stabbings and multiple gunshot wounds in his lifetime. Some say the captain may be immortal...or even cursed. 

The Yeti O' T'Sea has a crew of over 150 men and women and is the first co-ed ship to sail the Caribbean. Some say the ship's loyalties are divided and a mutiny is on the horizon.