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Pandemonium at the Poolside

Sunny Shinewell's annual pool parties are the epitome of summertime splendor, known far and wide for their vibrant atmosphere, lavish settings, and the dazzling array of guests they attract. Year after year, these gatherings set the standard for high-spirited, luxurious fun under the sun. As expected, the who's who of the social scene, affectionately known as the usual suspects, will once again make their way to Sunny's stylish abode, donned in their most spectacular poolside ensembles.

This year, like every year before, your much-anticipated invitation has arrived, promising another unforgettable day filled with sunshine, laughter, and the finest company. It's time to dive into your wardrobe and select the perfect outfit that speaks to both comfort and class, as you prepare to join the festivities. Whether you're lounging by the pool with a chilled drink in hand, mingling with the crowd, or making a splash, this day promises to be filled with delightful moments and memorable encounters. Your story kicks off here, in the heart of summer bliss, at Sunny Shinewell's legendary pool party. Get ready for a day of sun-kissed fun and unparalleled enjoyment!

Guest List



Swim Coach, Sun Valley High School

The beautiful Sunny Shinewell is a prim and proper lady. She is an undefeated swim team coach for Sun Valley High School and takes her job very seriously. Sunny has a mysterious character, but she’s a gracious and loyal friend. Many people close to her say she’s not been the same since her heart was broken two years ago. Sunny swears she has moved on, but only time will tell.

Sunny has invited a questionable combination of guests to her pool party. Some people are afraid that things might not go as Sunny has planned. However, this is the party of the year, so nobody plans to miss it. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Poolside attire. A whistle is an optional prop.



Lifeguard, Sun Valley Recreation Center
Marco Polo is a charismatic gentleman and an energetic Sun Valley Recreation Center pool lifeguard. However, he’s recently been falling asleep on the lifeguard stand while on duty. Many say he is a liability to the recreation center, and someone is bound to get hurt while he’s on watch. Marco contends he is fine and is now controlling his sleepy situation with energy drinks. But why is Marco so tired? That’s the question the recreation center manager would like to have answered!

To date, nobody has drowned under Marco's watch, but that statistic seems to be a ticking time bomb. Marco does still work the most popular shifts, and seems to be the head lifeguard. Maybe it's time for Marco to step down? 
Poolside attire or lifeguard costume. A whistle and a boogeyboard are optional props.


Surf Instructor, Sun Valley Beach
If you looked up the word perfectionist in the dictionary, Uvi’s picture would be next to the description. Uvi Raze is a total fusspot when it comes to surfing.  Even though she's the best at riding the waves, she constantly has a need for improvement. She has been stressed out lately with false news reports of sharks around Sun Valley Beach, and this is ruining her business! Uvi claims the local news has nothing to report, so they are fabricating stories! She might be right, but what can she do about it. 

Also, there are unverified rumors that Uvi and her best friend May might be involved in the scandalous Mailbox Bandit case. Could this be because they are angry with some of the townsfolk for some reason? What drives someone to want to venture out under the moonlight to beat mailboxes with baseball bats? Many people want that question answered. 
Poolside attire. Surfboard as an optional prop.


Olympic Gold Medalist
Brella Beaches is an Olympic gold medalist and reigning national swimming champion.  She picked up three gold medals while competing in the last summer Olympics.  Nevertheless, she’s let success go to her pretty head, as she’s become quite the narcissist. Because she boasts about how perfect she is in the media, paparazzi follow her in an attempt to catch her doing something unscrupulous.

Brella is growing tired of being followed by the paparazzi and wishes she could make them stop. However, Sun Valley isn't a town full of celebrities, so they've paid their way here with only one focus. The paparazzi probably won't leave until they get some photos and a story they can sell. Brella better be on her best behavior. 
Poolside attire. A fake Olympic gold medal as an optional prop.


Paperboy, Sun Valley Times

Ray is the introverted neighborhood paperboy for the Sun Valley Times. Ray’s a good listener, so he's your boy if you need some advice. However, don’t expect to get much in return, as he’s not known for stimulating conversation. Many of the townspeople criticize Ray for not having future career aspirations.  He defends himself by saying he is happy where he is in life and nobody has the right to judge him. Papers need to be delivered!

In high school, Ray was outgoing, one of the most popular kids, and had won most of the scholarly competitions for the school. So what happened to Ray? He had one of the brightest futures - or so people thought.  Many of his old high school buddies speculate that someone or something might have caused Ray's personality to change, drawing him into a shell that he can't escape from. Nevertheless, newspaper delivery is a dying occupation, so Ray better start looking for a new career. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Poolside attire. . Newspapers are optional props.


Owner, Sun Valley Tanning Salon
Tanny Waters is the bubbly tanning salon owner. She has a history of sibling rivalry with her brother, Speed O. Blue. She’s quirky and would rather sing her words than speak normally. This behavior tends to drive a few people crazy—especially her brother. Tanny is currently working on a commercial ad campaign for her tanning salon. She has strong opposition from skincare advocates, but this isn’t stopping her.

Many people are vying to be Tanny's new spokesperson, but she hasn't made any final decisions. She could do it herself, she could hire an actor, or maybe - a local personality.  But she only has the funds for one campaign, so she must make the right decision, or her business could go into a downward spiral. Her business isn't what it used to be - ever since everyone knows now that no skin type is immune to damaging UV rays. She's tried to move over to spray tanning, but the first machine she purchased gave the users a bright orange hue.
Poolside attire. Fake coupons for Beach Palm Tanning Salon are optional props.


Sunblock Chemist, Bronzetone Skincare
Sally Surfton is the no-nonsense sunblock chemist for Bronzetone Skincare.  She will not tolerate anyone going out in the sun without protection and is famous for lengthy lectures about proper skincare! Sally makes it well known that she is against any behavior involving the willing damage of the skin. This includes people visiting tanning salons. Sally has vowed to put a stop to Tanny Water’s ad campaign for her tanning salon.

Sally's friends think that she needs to stop trying to save the world - or at least the skin of the world - and that she should pick up a relaxing hobby. Sally's listened to their concerns and then immediately marches to public pools to do surveillance of who isn't wearing sunscreen. Sally needs to find a hobby that makes her happy - and fast! There is such a thing as taking your job too seriously. 
Poolside attire. Different bottles of suntan lotion are optional props.


Sun Valley Recreation Center Manager
Speed O. Blue remains somewhat professional as the Sun Valley Recreation Center manager during his shifts. However, his arrogance and ill-manneredness are stifling once he's off work. He’s rude, but his English accent seems enough to win some people over. Too bad his accent isn’t authentic, however. Speed O. Blue is a former schoolyard bully who has broken a few hearts in his time. For this reason, he’s not the most popular person in the town of Sun Valley.

Speed O. has dated many people in Sun Valley but hasn't found someone 'good enough' or so he says. Nevertheless, Speed O. has many friends in town and loves to have parties - and they are very loud and boisterous parties. Let's hope he doesn't turn Sunny's event into one of his type of gatherings. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Speedo Bathing Suit (not unless ya wanna). Any
poolside attire. .


Reality Television Star
Danger is an ultra-competitive reality television star. Her boorish behavior can be shocking at times, but it’s well-suited for reality television. There isn’t much that Danger hasn’t done on the small screen, but if there’s a challenge facing her, she’ll take it.  Rumor has it that Danger has signed a contract to be on a ground-breaking docu-series that will be released next year. Too bad she can’t talk about it. Everybody is dying to know what the show’s about!

Because of her reality star status, Danger will often do public stunts, like going to the movies with a pet tarantula riding on her shoulder, or going to the grocery story with plastic insects attached to her. She films the public reactions to her crazy stunts and slaps the videos on her social media channels. Danger is all about getting publicity and fame. Whatever she is doing is working, as she has almost a million followers!
poolside attire. , with optional bandages for fake injuries and a bag of plastic insects/snakes as a prop.


May Flowers is the snooty heiress of Sun Valley.  Her mansion is the only one of its kind in town, but nobody besides her best friend, Uvi Raze, has ever been allowed inside!  The neighbors often wonder what this ritzy diva is hiding. The Flowers family have built most of the buildings in town, run at least half of the businesses, and have many influential connections across the nation. May is not one to be messed with – that’s for sure. However, there are rumors that May’s been dealing with a blackmailer. Who would be so foolish?

Also, there are unverified rumors that May and Uvi could be involved in the scandalous Mailbox Bandit case. Nobody in town can fathom why someone with everything going for them would sneak out at night to destroy other people's property. It doesn't make any sense. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy poolside attire. . Fake money/gold pieces in money bags and extravagant costume jewelry as optional props.


Monster Truck Driver
Melan O. Site is the most annoying one-upper you’ll ever meet.  If you’ve done, said, or tried anything - Melan will give you an elaborate story about how she’s done it more often, said it already, and tried it twice!  Mischief is her middle name, as she often drives her enormous monster trucks around town - even though they are not street-legal. Melan has many corporate sponsors with her gig, so she needs to keep her nose clean. Even so much as a traffic ticket wouldn’t fare well with her sponsors.

Even though she's breaking the law with her monster truck on the street, nobody in town has ever cared. In fact, she stops to take photographs by her truck with townsfolk whenever she's flagged down.  But it's only a matter of time before Melan's luck runs out, so she has vowed to cut back on the joyrides.  Melan recently acquired a big-time sponsorship, so she has more to lose now than ever.
Poolside attire. Optional mini toy monster trucks as props.


Owner, Sam's Sugar Shack
Fun is Sam Solblock’s middle name. Sam’s a gourmet candymaker and owner of Sam’s Sugar Shack. He occasionally pulls practical jokes on friends, family, and even customers. Sam's a child at heart, so when you are around this chocolatier, you should watch your back. However, he's not made up of all smiles, as someone recently has found a loophole in his store's return policy. Sam’s business is in dire straits, and he needs to do something fast!

Sam is very upset because his mailbox was targeted by the midnight vandals of Sun Valley known as the Mailbox Bandits. Sam has told the police that he will do anything to help find these vandals, as he's not in a financial place to purchase a new mailbox because someone wanted to have fun with a baseball bat. 
Poolside attire. A Post-it notepad and a pen are highly suggested props, and any practical joke item is optional.


Unemployed Moocher

Makken R. Waves has been unemployed ever since he inherited his home from his great-grandmother years ago. He is physically capable of working but claims he doesn’t want to because a job would interfere with playing video games. He borrows money for his living expenses from his non-mooching friends, who have all started to avoid him for that reason. As ducks fly with ducks, Makken usually has a group of his fellow mooches with him. If you’re around them for more than ten seconds, they will ask you for money, so beware.

Sunny Shinewell had to invite Makken & Co. to her pool party because they are also notorious party crashers. Sunny figured that inviting them would give her more of a sense of control of their behavior. Let's all hope that Sunny's right. They will not miss a party, as it means free food, free entertainment, and access to many people who could give them 'loans.' 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Poolside attire or gamer-themed costume or pajamas. You don't want to look employable. A wallet with nothing inside as an optional prop.


Professional Diver
Divey Bords is the spunky professional diver and Sun Valley Diving Team captain.  Divey often mocks people to get under their skin, so many people try to avoid this high diver. However, Divey is the team's best diver, leading the squad to win several state championships and nationals. Recently, there has been strife among the team, but Divey believes it is now under control.

Divey Bords is good friends with Tanny Waters and will defend and support Tanny at all costs. Divey doesn't like that some people, such as sunblock chemists with nothing better do to, have started public campaigns against tanning salons and have even targeted Tanny's business. Divey will be the first one to tell them to mind their business and leave Tanny alone.  
poolside attire..


Pet Poolfer is a gregarious neighborhood babysitter. If you are shy about hearing the truth, don't engage in a chat with Pet.  This is one brutally honest babysitter with an unfortunate habit of over-exaggeration. Lately, Pet has had difficulty keeping a watchful eye on big groups of kids. This sitter often brings large groups of kids in public, but  things don’t always go as planned.

Pet babysits kids all over town, but takes a lot of babysitting gigs from Tele Evitang, who has ten children. Tele is a reporter for RBC News, so Pet must be on call because Tele would need to leave without notice if a story breaks out. That's why Pet is often looking for missed calls or texts. 
Poolside attire. Any items that a babysitter would have as optional props (e.g., sunscreen, coloring books, beach ball, etc.). A real-looking baby doll as an optional prop.


Neighborhood Gossip and Investigative Reporter, RBC News
Tele Evitang is always on top of the latest story, and sometimes before they even happen!  An ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the television station RBC, Tele will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop.  This nosy neighbor is always spreading gossip, so choose your words carefully and don't let the skeletons out of your closet around Tele.

Tele is unhappy that Brella Beaches has drawn paparazzi to the somewhat quiet town of Sun Valley. Feeling the stress of competition, Tele has been on edge lately and has worked even harder not to miss a developing story in town. It would be the worst possible scenario for the paparazzi to get a local story before Tele does. 

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual/ poolside attire. with a pen and notepad as a prop.

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