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K. C. Hailstorm is hosting a VIP album release party for her debut album, Tainted Cupcakes. This release is predicted to be the album of the year as it is stacked with potential chart-topping hits. K. C. has invited the who’s who of the music industry to the uber-exclusive Beverly Hills Posh Club for a night of great music and delicious food. The red carpet is ready to greet the biggest names in the industry. 
    On another note, the blood-sucking paparazzi members are armed and ready to capture the drama of the night, as it's nearly impossible to have big egos and outlandish personalities in the same space. However, K.C. hopes everything goes smoothly, as she doesn't want drama on her big day. 
   You've received your invitation, and your personal stylist is working full-time on your look for this epic event. You have a poisoned history with a few of the other stars, so it is important that you steal the limelight – and not them. This is where your story begins.

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Guest List

Pop Star

A former backup dancer for the Pop King, K.C. Hailstorm is now capturing the spotlight with her debut single, Encounter. Her recent signing with Great Records marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter, with her forthcoming album expected to impact the charts significantly. K.C.'s music breathes new life into the genre, blending the dynamic spirit of the 80s pop scene with contemporary flair, reigniting the appeal of synth-pop melodies. This unique fusion pays homage to the rich musical heritage of the past and sets the stage for a modern revival, positioning K.C. as a pivotal figure in the resurgence of a beloved sound.


Pop Star

Hailing from the Netherlands, Lowde Lordson has infused American pop culture with her soulful, mature voice, which is unusual for her young age. Her music, reminiscent of retro power ballads, captivates with deep emotional resonance, standing out in today's music scene with its depth and complexity. This unique blend of youthful energy and an old soul's sensibility has quickly made her a favorite among listeners longing for a classic ballad's emotional depth and storytelling, positioning her as a rising star with a promising future ahead.



Pop Star

Originating from Los Angeles, Rene Weever has burst onto the music scene with her electrifying debut single, Rage, captivating radio listeners far and wide. Amid speculation regarding her enduring impact on the music industry, Rene's recent partnerships with high-profile artists hint at her rising prominence. With a sound that reverberates with rock's raw, rebellious essence, she is quickly carving out a niche for herself, signaling a wave of change. This blend of defiance and musical innovation marks Rene as a noteworthy newcomer and a dynamic artist poised to leave a lasting mark with her unique sonic signature.



Rap Artist

Nicole Triage, hailing from New York, has etched her name in history with an unprecedented number of singles landing on the Billboard Hot 100. Renowned as an industry titan, her impact transcends the bounds of her music, encapsulating the bold defiance at the heart of hip-hop culture. Through her innovative style and masterful lyricism, Nicole pays tribute to the genre's trailblazers, breathing new life into the foundational elements of hip-hop. This fusion of reverence for the past with a fresh, contemporary edge reinvigorates the genre, making Nicole Triage a pivotal figure in shaping its future direction and inspiring a new wave of artists.



Pop Star

Loni Derey's distinctive musical style, infused with the flair of the 1920s, has carved out a place for her on the Billboard Music charts. Amid intense scrutiny from the media, her commitment to her craft never falters. Loni's sound, echoing the groundbreaking crooners of the Roaring Twenties, introduces a timeless elegance and vintage charm that appeals to a broad audience. This homage to an era renowned for revolutionizing both music and fashion strikes a chord with listeners, captivating those who yearn for the dynamic spirit and rich sounds of the vintage music scene, bridging generations through the universal language of melody.



Pop Star

This Grammy-winning pop star hit the Billboard Top 100 at a young age. Her fans see her as the epitome of humility and sincerity, believing her to be the most genuine pop star around. Yet, those closest to her have revealed her tendency for intense temper tantrums when things don't go her way. This duality adds a layer of intrigue to her public image, contrasting sharply with the heartfelt emotion she pours into her music. Her knack for transforming personal turmoil into compelling artistry has cemented her status as a beloved figure in the music scene, showcasing the complexity of her character beyond the spotlight.



Pop Star

"Eccentric" might as well be Cady's middle name, considering how well it suits her persona—her face could practically illustrate the term in the dictionary. Despite the flurry of trash tabloid articles painting her as a secret rebel, Cady skillfully preserves her image as the quintessential good girl. This juxtaposition between public perception and rumored reality adds an intriguing layer to her celebrity, making her all the more fascinating to her fans and the general public alike.



Pop Star

Arella's journey to fame kicked off on Broadway, paving the way for a lead role in a popular children's TV show. Her signing with Nation Records marked the beginning of an astronomical rise to the pinnacle of pop music. Currently hailed as one of the year's most sensational pop stars, Arella's formidable talent is matched only by her tyrannical demeanor, creating a stark contrast between her public allure and private persona. This combination of immense popularity and demanding personality makes her an intriguing figure in the music industry.



Rap Artist

Originally from the UK and a former model for Beve Jean Co., Izzy has made a name in the rap world far beyond her roots. She frequently finds herself in the spotlight for her music and her penchant for igniting feuds with fellow artists on social media. Despite her hard-edged persona and the controversies that swirl around her, Izzy conceals a lesser-known side of herself: her significant academic accomplishments. Beneath the surface of this tough exterior lies a brilliant mind, revealing that there's much more to Izzy than meets the eye.



Pop Star

Emerging from Australia, Cloe Von is eager to carve her niche within the bustling American pop scene. Already a rising sensation in her homeland, known affectionately as Oz, she's set her sights on climbing the Billboard charts alongside her American peers. Cloe's ambition and talent hint at a promising crossover, ready to introduce her unique sound to a global audience and blend it with the diverse landscape of American music.



Pop Star

Bae stands as a towering figure in the music world, having transitioned from the leader of a renowned girl group to achieving solo superstardom. Her name is synonymous with innovation in the industry, and she is celebrated for her extravagant costume transformations and uniquely eccentric stage shows. This flair for the dramatic cements Bae's status as an icon and captivates and charms audiences worldwide, showcasing her as a master of visual and musical artistry.



Pop Star

Mira Cypo's journey into the limelight began in her childhood when she played the gifted rock star Allie from Cali, a role that endeared her to many. Her unpredictable actions have recently left fans and critics alike in suspense, with her next move anyone's guess. This unpredictability has added an intriguing layer to Mira's persona, transforming her into a figure of endless fascination in the entertainment world.

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