Pumpkin Panic - a Fun Family Whodunit

It's that time again for the Pumpkin Town Annual Halloween Celebration that is traditionally held at the Pumpkin Town Recreation Center. The town's people - including you - will soon arrive on the scene in awe-inspiring Halloween fashion in anticipation of the annual ultra-competitive Pumpkin Carving Challenge and Giant Pumpkin Contest! Get ready to show your competitive spirit with some exciting Halloween games such as the Hilarious Halloween Dance Contest and the Creepy Disguise Challenge.  This year will be an extremely memorable Halloween in Pumpkin Town.  You've been invited and have your costume ready and this is where your story begins.

Need some threads?

Invited Guests


Adventurer & Ancient History Professor
Dr. Indy Jonas is the arrogant, over-exaggerating Ancient History professor at Pumpkin Town College. Dr. Jonas can win you over with a little Australian charm, but don’t be fooled; Dr. Jonas cares about one thing and one thing only…Dr. Jonas.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An archeologist / rugged explorer costume.


Circus Clown
Don’t fully trust this fun-loving party animal and prankster, Binko Bonko! But this clown is definitely one to invite to any event! This circus clown has tricks hidden in every sleeve and surprises around every corner! You better watch your back around this mischievous fun-provoking entertainer!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of clown costume. A post it note pad and pen as suggested props. Any practical joke items as
optional props.


Cave Person
Barze. Hmmm….who is Barze, anyway? There was once a television show about primitive people who lived in African jungles…but what would someone like this be doing at the Annual Pumpkin Town Halloween Party in modern times? This is a mystery in itself.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cave person costume. Club as an optional prop.


Infamous French Mime
Hailing from good ole’ Paris…the mysterious Silencio is an infamous mime. S/he earns money performing her mime routines at various tourist-ridden locations down the Seine river in France. S/he was once an American child movie star but chose to leave Hollywood to travel around the globe - primarily because s/he doesn’t like to talk much.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Derby hat, white makeup with black and red accents. A white & black striped shirt and black pants with


Comedienne & Jester
This comedian is a hoot to be around and was once voted as America’s Favorite on the show Final Comic Standing. This modern day town Jester has never broken character in public and when you’re around this comic - be careful of the flying jokes - they’re everywhere!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A jester costume – multicolored spandex unitard with a jester hat. Tons of jokes!


Modern Day Outlaw
Robin Mood and the Happy Team live in Sherman Forest on the outskirts of Pumpkin Town. Robin Mood is an outlaw but the citizens and law enforcement of Pumpkin Town look the other way as Robin has a great heart and good intentions when s/he leads the Happy Team to take from the rich and give to the needy. However, Robin can be very emotional and quite moody at times!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of ‘Robin Hood’ costume. A fake bow and arrow as optional props.


Ali N. Hunter is the nerdy, unassuming NASA Astronaut. Ali’s nickname is ‘The Cooler’ as when back on Earth at the NASA offices, s/he loves to hang around the water cooler and make annoying comments to the office personnel walking by.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Astronaut costume. Space aliens, rock specimens, etc. as optional props.


Country Music Singer/Song Writer
This pampered, spoiled country music star tops the country music charts with anything she releases. She is one of the top paid and most sought after country music stars and her iconic status often angers other country music divas who rode the country music train when it wasn’t quite as trendy as it is today. Hope Mountain is also known for an unhealthy obsession…with herself!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous country attire with a cowboy hat and a mirror to frequently check yourself with.


Fire Chief
You would never guess that such a meager self-questioning person could climb his/her way into such a high ranking position with the fire department! Chief Entay is a kind hearted soul, but with a self esteem approaching absolute zero! In addition, this fire fighter also has a real tough time with over-explaining everything.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fireperson costume.


Medicino is a medical doctor by day and a super hero by night. This healer wanders the streets at night with his/her super nurse partner and renders medical assistance to anyone in need. The media gave this physician by day the nickname ‘Medicino’ and declared him/her a superhero about a year ago when s/he saved the life of an elderly lady. Since then, Medicino’s embraced it and wears a superhero costume. Why not?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of superhero costume with band aids and other medical supplies affixed to it.


Snake Charmer
The gentleman snake charmer, Surry Pante, is an extremely tranquil individual. Surry avoids disputes with his mere wit and skills of negotiation and this cliché-talking charmer can instantly command the respect of any snake in the world.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Snake charmer attire. Fake snake, basket and recorder flute as optional props.


Modern Day Pirate
Jolly Turner is a mild-manned first mate with extraordinary sword skills. Most see this modern day pirate as loyal yet naïve. Jolly has a funny quirk of rhyming sentences because s/he believes it gets her into a zone and helps focusing...especially during times of stress. Friends of Jolly find it quite hysterical at times.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Puffy sleeved pirate shirt, vest, sash type belt, pirate pants, boots and a pirate hat. A fake sword and an eye patch are optional props.


Scientist & College Professor
The beautiful Alberta Newton is the penultimate absent minded professor. Inquire about science and she’ll blow you away with her intellect, inquire about anything else, well…she’s an average Jane and lacks a shred of common sense to boot!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab jacket and test tubes as props.


Trendy Opera Singer
Shara Brightly is a fun-loving and eccentric American Opera Star. She is known for her ever-changing colorful hair and glitzy formal attire. Popular with the younger crowd and definitely member of the rich and famous, this is the first opera star that can say she’s made her way into teenage IPods.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ultra glitzy and glamorous attire. A cliché opera hat as an optional prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!