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The ripper plagues america

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THE RIPPER: Eyewitness account of what The Ripper looks like. This was taken by New Orleans Police Department's sketch artist, Joanna Johnson. 

This unknown person was seen leaving James Walker's home at 9:05 PM the night James was murdered. A neighbor saw him from her window as he exited the front door and walked off into the dark of night.

A notorious serial killer has terrorized innocent Americans from New Orleans, to Arkansas, to New York City and most recently, Buffalo, New York. The Ripper has only been seen by one eyewitness after his first kill in a quiet neighborhood of New Orleans called Bayou Oaks.
The Ripper kills on Halloween each year and has claimed seven lives over the last four years. There doesn't seem to be any connections between any of the victims, and they seem to be chosen at random.  The following is a list of his victims: 
New Orleans, Louisiana (4 years ago):
#1: Jamie Walker, 31/F. Banker. 

Little Rock Arkansas (3 years ago):
#2: Betty Hogsmeade, 45/F. Schoolteacher.
#3: John Williams, 55/M. Men's clothing store clerk. 

New York City, New York (2 years ago): 
#4: Helen Edmundson, 56/F. Journalist. 

Buffalo, New York (1 year ago)
#5: George Yates, 35/M. Radio announcer.
#6: Ann Truman, 39/F. Nurse.
#7: Valentina Ricci 21/F. Beauty pageant contestant. 

The Ripper strangles his victims with a unique type of piano wire and leaves a red rose at each crime scene - that's how they linked the crimes and classified him a serial killer. The police believe he subdues his victims first with chloroform, as the chemical has been found in the serological analyses. But the killer is smart - he never leaves any substantial clues for the police. 
However, the NYPD has intel that the killer was last in New York City.  Has The Ripper come back to kill again? Is the Big Apple his hometown? The gossipmongers in the city believe they know who The Ripper might be.  Stay vigilant. Keep your head on a swivel. 
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