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Rowan Farson is a Hollywood icon. This haughty celeb has mansions around the globe, but claims the favorite one is in the hometown of Godley Hollow. Rowan uses the estate in this isolated town as a relaxation retreat between filming big budget films and living it up in a penthouse in Las Vegas. The locals call the property the ‘Farson Compound,’ which is located on the outskirts of town, hidden from paparazzi.

EARLY LIFE: Rowan Farson grew up in the rainy town of Astoria, Oregon. Rowan auditioned for every school play, and always landed the lead roles. Rowan's parents relocated to Los Angeles for Rowan to pursue a career in acting. 

CAREER: Rowan landed the first major acting role at the age of twelve in a television sit-com, Modern Day Family.  After four seasons of the hit show, Rowan moved on to the big screen. Rowan has earned a star on Hollywood Boulevard.


  • Modern Day Family, 2000-2003

  • Find the Fish (Voice), 2006

  • Family Man (Voice) 2010


  • What is Gilbert Eating?, 1993

  • June & Benny, 1994

  • The Doctor's Wife, 1995

  • Brave Soul, 1996

  • The Man Who Cried Wolf, 1996

  • Chocolate Falls, 1997

  • Sleep in Neverland, 1997

  • Secret Door, 1998

  • Sleep in the Hollow, 1999

  • The Dead Bride, 2000

  • Willie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2001

  • Once Upon a Time, 2002

  • Pirates of the Seas, Buried Treasures, 2003

  • Pirates of the Seas, Davey Jone's Locker, 2004

  • Pirates of the Seas, Parrot Island, 2005

  • Pirates of the Seas, The Black Sail, 2006

  • The Shadows Beneath Us, 2007

  • The Lone Gunman, 2008

  • Off Into the Woods, 2009

  • Ritous (voice) 2009

  • The Frank Tourist, 2009

  • Alicia in Wonderland, 2010

  • Look through the Glass, 2011

  • Imagine That, 2012

  • The Public Assassin, 2013

  • Lucky You, 2014

  • The Tequila Thing, 2015

  • Children of the Okra, 2016

  • Great Creatures and Where to Get Them, 2016

  • Murder on the Cargo Plane, 2017

  • Great Creatures and Where to Get Them, 2018



  • 21st Century Leaders

  • American Foundation for AIDS Research

  • American Foundation for Equal Rights

  • Andrea Bocelli Foundation

  • Ante Up For Africa

  • Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes

  • CARE

  • Casey Lee Ball Foundation

  • Cinema For Peace

  • Clothes Off Our Back

  • ENOUGH Project

  • Entertainment Industry Foundation

  • Everyone Matters

  • Feeding America

  • International Rescue Committee

  • Make-A-Wish Foundation

  • Make It Right

  • Make Poverty History

PERSONAL LIFE: It is rumored that Rowan is currently planning a wedding for next year.  Rowan has no children, but has been in a secret, long-term relationship.


  • Nominated for an Emmy award for Oustanding Supporting Actor/Actress , 2010

  • Nominated for an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor/Actress, 2010

  • Nominated for an Emmy award for Oustanding Supporting Actor/Actress , 2012

  • Nominated for an Oscar award for Best Actor/Actress, 2012

  • Emmy award for Oustanding Supporting Actor/Actress , 2013

  • Nominated for an Oscar award for Best Actor/Actress, 2013

  • Nominated for an Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor/Actress, 2014

  • Nominated for an Oscar award for Best Actor/Actress, 2015

  • Oscar award for Best Supporting Actor/Actress, 2016

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