Sage Abbey is the infamous millionaire and art collector who hails from Italy. Sage is currently traveling the globe in search of rare pieces of art and Hollywood collectibles. This Italian hothead has difficulty controlling bursts of anger when things don’t go as planned. Sage visited the dreary town of Godley Hollow to attend a special session at Klaus Auctions. However, Sage didn’t win the auction of a historical dress worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang Happy Birthday to JFK. Sage thought Roland Kingsley was a friend but found out otherwise the fateful night at the auction house.

EARLY LIFE: Sage hails from Venice, Italy. Sage first studied art at the College of Art & Design in Florence, Italy. Sage inherited twenty million from a grand aunt three years ago, and ever since, an intense love for art has compelled Sage to travel the world to collect rare pieces from ancient Egyptian jewels to Hollywood memorabilia.

CAREER: Once Sage inherited the estate, Sage became a full time art collector and jetsetter. Sage reportedly owns over 5 million in Hollywood memorabilia, and possbily more in other artifacts.

Roland Kingsley and Sage became friends five years ago, having met through various auctions around the country. Roland Kingsley won the auction against Sage for the Marilyn Monroe dress, only after telling Sage it would be up for auction at Klaus Auctions in Godley Grove. Sage had mentioned before that s/he would love to acquire it, so Roland knew what he was doing. Roland Kingsley's only piece of Hollywood memorabilia is the Marilyn Monroe dress. 

Sage once loaned Wynne Kingsley 10,000 USD, but to date, hasn't been paid back. Sage loaned the money to Wynne because Sage was friends with Roland.  However, Roland had no knowledge of this loan.


  • Children's Charity Onlus Italia

PERSONAL LIFE: Sage was divorced a month before receiving the inheritance. Rumor has it that Sage knew of the grand aunt's pending death and hurried the divorce through the courts to avoid having to share the money. Sage does not have children.


  • None