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614 Scarlet Ct. Murder mystery

The Dawson family moved into their new home at 614 Scarlet Court nearly two months ago.   There are rumors circulating around town of strange happenings that plagued the prior homeowners of 614 Scarlet Ct.   The last family moved abruptly from the tiny town of Shady Oaks, abandoning their dream home.  The Dawson's have yet to hear about what happened.

Isabella has planned the first annual block party for the residents of her neighborhood. She is an experienced party host, and has already earned the infamous title of town gossip. Nonetheless, the intrigued neighbors, including you, have RSVP'd to the party.  This is where your story begins...

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Invited Guests

Isabella Dawson is the moody homemaker and wife of Ben Dawson.  Isabella and her family recently moved to the tiny town of Shady Oak. It didn’t take long before Isabella was labeled as the neighborhood gossip.  Nobody likes to be around Isabella because of her violent mood swings, but her beautiful home is perfect for entertaining.


Interior Designer 
Addison Shade is a resourceful interior designer.  At times, this house stylin’ diva can be meticulous, and she isn’t known for patience. She has designed most of the houses in the town of Shady Oaks. Rumor has it she might have a reality show in the works – even though some say her work isn’t up to par.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Paint-splattered overalls or other interior design / carpentry attire. Optional to have carpentry tools as props.


Chef, Shady Oaks Diner
Dakota Drumley is the rude chef at Shady Oaks Diner.  Dakota is the most discourteous soul in town and is a notorious party crasher.  For this reason, Dakota received an invitation to the Dawson’s Block Party just to ease the tension!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s uniform. Optional to have a toy chef’s knife as a prop.


Librarian, Shady Oaks Library
Kendall Kennedy is the antisocial librarian that suffers from anger management problems.  Kendall is judgmental and often offends the patrons of the Shady Oaks Library.  Kendall has an intense fear of germs, so getting too close is out of the question!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative librarian attire. Books as optional props. Latex gloves and a mask as additional optional props.


Pharmaceutical Chemist
Ben Dawson is the most annoying one-upper in the town of Shady Oaks.  If you’ve done, said, or tried anything – Ben’s done it bigger, better, and more often.  Ben is new to the tiny town of Shady Oaks, having recently relocated his family here. Ben landed a job at Bonlin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. where he is a Senior Formulations Chemist.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab jacket, glasses. Optional to have scientific items (i.e. test tubes, beakers, etc.) as optional props.


Convenience Store Clerk, Shady Oaks Mart
Quentin Maddox is the eerie convenience store clerk at Shady Oaks Mart.  A constant whistler, Quentin will always grace you with uncomfortable stares and periods of awkward silence during a conversation.  There’s no way to avoid him, however, as he works at the only convenience store in town!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scraggly, tattered white t-shirt. Hair unkempt with a thin beard with a 
pointed tuft at the chin.


Restaurant Manager
Basil Cross is the self-centered restaurant manager from Deadwood City, the neighboring big city of about 36,000 people.  Basil constantly perspires and smokes a Sherlock Holmes inspired pipe around the clock.  He used to live at 614 Scarlet Ct. with his sister’s family but refuses to talk about his bad experiences in the house.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire. A Sherlock Holmes’s style pipe and a plastic baggie with water 
and a sponge as an optional prop to keep you ‘sweaty.’


Manager, Shady Oaks Recreation Center
Gaven Phoenix is the muscle-bound jock and manager of the Shady Oaks Recreation Center.  A recent high school graduate, he often hangs out with Quentin Maddox in his spare time.  Gaven was a notorious high school bully, and some say he hasn’t changed.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Athletic attire &/or any tight clothing to display your real or fake muscles. 
Mirrored aviated sunglasses as an optional prop.


Retired Candy Shop Owner
Robby Charles is a retired business owner and chocolatier.  Robby is the founder of Charles Chocolates, a world-famous line of chocolates that moved their headquarters from the tiny town of Shady Oaks to New York City eight years ago when Robby retired.   Robby is paranoid and believes the government is watching their every move. However, what interest would the government have in a retired chocolatier?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Retiree attire –very casual. A grayed or white wig as an optional accessory. 
Chocolates as an optional prop.


Manager, Deadwood Lake Marina
Margo Presley is the mysterious manager of Deadwood Lake Marina.  If you look beyond her gothic and shady appearance, she is one of the friendliest and dearest friends you could ever have.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gothic, almost vampire-looking attire. Black lipstick and black nail polish as 
optional accessories.


District Attorney of Shady Oaks
Liam Williams is the aggressive district attorney of the tiny town of Shady Oaks.  Liam Williams owns one of the three mansions in town, but has never entertained nor allowed a soul to enter his home.  The townspeople often gossip about what Liam is hiding.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy business attire.


Junior Chemist, Bonlin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Nigel Sage is an ex-star athlete who has lettered in every sport during high school.  After an unfortunate accident ended his athletic career, Nigel followed his father’s footsteps and became a chemist.  He is now a junior chemist at Bonlin Pharmaceuticals where his father runs the show as the CEO.  Nigel has a shady past, as he was an infamous tyrant during high school.  His reputation hasn’t improved since then.


High School Student
Sadie Dawson is the intellectual high school senior.  Sadie is new to the tiny town of Shady Oaks and attends high school in the neighboring town of Deadwood City.  A dependable and loyal young woman, Sadie is the friend to have.  That is, if her obsessive-compulsive disorder doesn’t bother you.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy and young looking attire.


Police Officer, Shady Oaks
You’ll wonder how this crabby, introverted police officer ever thought he could protect and serve the people of Shady Oaks.  Surprisingly, Officer Nelson is one of the most highly decorated officers at the Shady Oaks Police Department!  One likely scenario is the officer intimidates everyone at the station, so they do what they are told.  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Toy gun and badge as optional props.


C.E.O., Bonlin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, you would find J.R. Sage’s picture plastered by the description.  J.R. is the father of Nigel Sage and self-loving CEO of the only industry in town – Bonlin Pharmaceuticals.  Since a significant portion of the town either is employed at Bonlin Pharmaceuticals or has a family member that works for J.R., you would be safe to say that J.R. controls Shady Oaks.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.


High School English Teacher
Pepper Crenshaw, an impatient English teacher at Deadwood High School, is the most adventurous soul in the tiny town of Shady Oaks.  A former jet-setter, talented gardener, and nature lover, Pepper has traveled around the world and experienced cultures and cuisine that most will only ever see on television!  Pepper’s students, however, report she has a zero tolerance policy in the classroom!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative and formal, very expensive looking gown. Flashy costume 
jewelry. A tightly curled, red wig as an optional accessory.


Owner, Shady Oaks Mart
Earline Crenshaw, a recent widow, is the hardworking owner of Shady Oaks Mart.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this business owner is a known cheater during board games. Beware if you ever play a game against this master of deceit!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elderly woman attire with thick glasses. A tightly curled white wig as an optional accessory.


Mayor of Shady Oaks
There are two sides to Mayor Pauli A. Tishon, and one of them should be avoided at all costs!  If you have something to offer Pauli, the mayor has your back.  However, if you cross Pauli, mean spirits will rise to the occasion to greet you.  The mayor’s mood quickly changes, so those working in the mayor’s office have learned to evade Pauli on a bad day!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.


Reporter, CBC News
Pat Couric is always on top of the latest story and sometimes before the story happens!  Pat’s an ambitious investigative reporter for the CBC Television Station, and will stop at nothing to be first to get the scoop.  Pat is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from CBC News.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal conservative business attire.An optional microphone and notepad as 


Owner, Shady Oaks Boutique
Tanya Claus is the bubbly owner of the Shady Oaks Boutique.  She is also an aspiring pop star and works as a local lounge singer at the Lakefront Pub.  She believes she is talented but hasn’t had a big break yet.  Tanya is a perfectionist, and if there’s ever a need for a peacemaker, she’s your girl.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ultra-trendy and fashionable attire.


Reporter, CBC News
Pat Couric is always on top of the latest story and sometimes before the story happens! Pat’s an ambitious investigative reporter for the television station CBC, and will stop at nothing to be first to get the scoop. Pat is rarely seen without a troupe of highly professional colleagues from CBC News.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal conservative business attire. 


Police Officer, Shady Oaks
Officer Nelson is one of the most highly decorated officers at the Shady Oaks Police Department and is always found with a slew of loyal followers and fellow officers. Officer Nelson is very intimidating and everybody does what Officer Nelson says to do.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Toy gun and badge as optional props.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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