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Halloween Homicide at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House

The cast members of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House worked really hard this Halloween season scaring the people of the town. The management of the Chamber of Screams has decided to reward the employees with a mini-Halloween celebration held during normal business hours in the employee break room. As you are well aware, the Chamber of Screams Haunted House typically shuts down each night for a brief time period so the employees can get a break and straighten up the haunted scenes. You heard a rumor when you first started working here that the management probably does this so the line of customers outside will build up and The Chamber of Screams will look twice as busy and much more popular. Regardless of the reason for this break, you definitely look forward to the upcoming treat during your next shift at work. This is where your story begins...

find the perfect monster costume!

Invited Guests


Mad Scientist
Dr. Jeckle Hyde, who happens to be a doctor in real life, plays the leading role in the mad science laboratory in the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  Known to be an arrogant over-exaggerator, Dr. Hyde might still win your heart with Australian charm.  But don’t be fooled; Dr. Hyde cares about one thing and one thing only…Dr. Hyde.  You better let this crazy doc have the final say or you might not care for the outcome!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mad Scientist costume – crazy wig, glasses, lab coat. Beakers, test tubes as optional props.


Alien Invader
Nani Noonunfa plays the leading role in the Alien Invasion room of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  Nani can be difficult to deal with, as s/he is used to getting his/her way. This alien performer throws an angry tirade if told ‘no.’  The word is that this heir works in the haunted house purely for fun as his/her parents are multi-millionaires.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any scary alien costume. Ex: Paint skin blue & use a metal colander for a hat and thread blue yarn through it for hair. Fake money coming out of every pocket as optional props.


Fun House Clown
Money Milenko is one of the many creepy clowns that work in the Fun House section of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  A party clown-for-hire by day, eccentric describes this hair-raising entertainer best.  You won’t be taking this acquaintance home for dinner with the parents, as Money Milenko is known for his/her extremely horrible manners. COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scary clown costume. Any type of clown items (i.e. horn, rubber chicken, etc.) as optional props.


The Count plays the leading role in the vampire castle room of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  A defense attorney by day, s/he is a nightmare colleague who spews incessant trash-talk and brutal honesty.  S/he says whatever comes to mind, so if you don’t want to hear the truth…avoid this fanged-monster at all cost…RUN!  
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vampire costume. Fangs and black slick wig as optional props.


Jamie Vorahees (Serial Killer)
V certainly hasn’t made many friends at the Chamber of Screams Haunted House over the years while playing the role of a serial killer – Jamie Vorahees. V is extremely uptight, inflexible and impersonal…at work and at play.   V doesn’t do anything besides work seasonally at the haunted house, and is known to use connections on the streets to cause havoc with anyone that crosses him/her. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Torn work clothing, a hockey mask and a toy knife or machete.


Rappen Tyte is the spunky college student from the local University who plays the role of a mummy in the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  Rappen constantly mocks everyone and has a reputation for being quite greedy and overzealous. Just don’t get into a situation where Rappen could take advantage of you…or you’ll lose!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mummy costume. Heavy white & black face makeup.


Bride of Frankelstein
Mary Franx is the antisocial wannabe super model who plays the role of the Bride of Frankelstein in the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. She is extremely judgmental of others and tends to offend others with her brazen comments. Mary has an intense fear of germs so getting too close to her is out of the question! She definitely keeps her distance from the customers in the haunted house.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Bride of Frankenstein costume. Black and white wig and a wedding gown. Black bouquet as an optional prop.


If you looked up perfectionist in the dictionary, Axel Guns’ picture would be plastered by the description. Axel has a severe problem with believing nothing s/he does is good enough. An artist by day, s/he constantly works on perfecting artistic creations - which happen to be considered as some of the best in the nation! Even Axel’s appearance must be perfect, as s/he doesn’t pass up a reflective surface to check to see if everything is in order.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Executioner costume. Dark robes, dark hood and a fake executioner’s axe. A handheld mirror as an optional prop.


This fun-loving party animal and prankster shouldn’t be trusted, but this butcher from the slaughter house scene is definitely one to hang out with at any party!   Sam Chawpalot has tricks hidden in every sleeve – which makes total sense since s/he owns a joke shop!  You better watch your back around this mischievous fun-provoker!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Blood-spattered butcher costume. Toy butcher knife &/or rubber chicken as optional props. A post it note pad and a pen as optional and fun props


Kruger Freddie (Serial Killer)
Tyler Dreams plays the leading role in the Nightmare on 13th Street room in the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  Tyler is an aspiring actor/actress and takes the job very seriously, as s/he is one of the scariest characters in the house!  Beware - if you don’t appreciate the art of close-talking, avoid conversations with this menacing dream chaser!  Tyler stands uncomfortably close to you when s/he speaks. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Freddy Krueger costume. Tattered Red and Brown sweater, hat and fake knife fingers. Mask is optional.


Phantom of the Opera
Originally hailing from France, this phantom performer came to America and hit the Hollywood big screen as a child. By his/her fifteenth birthday, Leroux had left the Hollywood lifestyle for small town living.  Leroux plays the leading role in the Opera House room in the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  But don’t go to this cast member for a cheer up if you had a bad night, as s/he has a knack for spreading depression.  S/he’s earned the nickname of ‘Doomer McGloomer.’ 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black shirt/pants, red cape and a white ‘Phantom of the Opera’ mask.


Pocus Eastwick is the loony fast-food worker that plays the role of a crazed witch in the witch’s coven room of the Chamber of Screams Haunted house. She takes her job a little too seriously as everyone who works in the haunted house gossips about how Pocus really thinks she is a real witch. They all think she has some major mental issues!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume. Broomstick as an optional prop.


Grim Reaper
Bing Black plays the ill-omened role of the Grim Reaper - one of the many tour guides of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  Ironically, s/he is a fun-loving standup comedian by day and randomly bursts into song whenever the time’s right.  That is, when s/he is not working at the Chamber of Screams!   COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Grim reaper costume. Toy sickle as an optional prop. Bring your best jokes to tell your co-workers as you love to practice your standup act.


Swamp Creature
Details, details, details! If you’re speaking to Gerri Green, you better get ready to hear a plethora of intricate fine points and facts! This is one over-explaining member of the Lagoon Room of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House. Just clear your calendar for a bit if you plan to speak to Gerri!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Green swamp creature costume. Paint skin green and brown. Wear a green shirt, pants and attach green & brown strips of fabric for a ‘swampy’ effect.


Zed Zeff is ultra-mysterious and plays the leading zombie role in the cemetery scene of the Chamber of Screams Haunted House.  New to the cast this year, nobody knows anything about Zed Zeff and this makes a few people very uneasy. 
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Zombie costume. Tattered clothing, scars/skeleton showing and heavy white / black makeup on the face. A messy wig as an optional prop.


Mickey Myers (Serial Killer)
Red Axehouse is the brazen firefighter by day and by night; this blaze-wrestler is a romantic poet who performs at the local poetry club – that is, when he is not dressed as a serial killer and chasing young people around the Chamber of Screams Haunted house! Armed with perfect manners and chivalrous words, this is one sincere and overly-adoring gentleman.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Coveralls, a mask and a fake knife.  A reddish, brown short wig as an optional prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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