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In the heart of Dublin, Paddy O'Brian's Irish Pub will host its annual St. Patrick's Day celebration once again.  Pub regulars and tourists from miles around will come together to enjoy fun Irish games, food, and music!  You've got your ticket. This is where your story begins.

need some'n GREEN?

Guest List:

Riverdance Performer

Murphy O’Sullivan is the hardworking Riverdance performer.  An obnoxious one-upper, this entertainer is the one to avoid at social gatherings.  He’s not the type of lad to take home to meet the parents!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any style of dance costume- i.e. suit with sequins, etc. Optional to wear tap/clogging shoes.


Irish Pop Star

You’d wonder how this introverted pop idol ever made it to the stage!  This talented singer has recently become a hit sensation in Ireland!  International fame and fortune are around the corner for this performer if her horrible attitude doesn’t get in the way.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wild and crazy pop idol costume. Optional fake/real microphone as a prop. Bright red (or other color) wig as an optional accessory.


Rugby Player

Quinn Doyle is the intellectual rugby player from the Irish Rugby Football League.  A dependable person, Quinn is the most loyal friend you’ll ever have. However, he’s bossy and will escalate a fit into a tirade when things don’t go his way.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Rugby uniform or any athletic attire.


Weather Reporter

Bree O’Doherty’s the friendly weather girl on RBC Television. This climate correspondent gets the party going with innovative dance moves, so get ready to cut a rug with Bree if she’s near. However, she hides a wicked altered ego behind a happy façade. Once the outer onion skin peels away, she’s a villain.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire (Irish-inspired/green preferred). 


Video Editor

Killian O’Conner is the eccentric video editor for RBC Television Station.  Killian is obsessive and may drive you crazy with extreme attention to detail! Conversations with Killian are often long, drawn out, and filled with a plethora of unnecessary facts.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire (Irish-inspired/green preferred). 


Professional Billiards Player

Keira O’Mahoney is a narcissistic professional billiards player.  Globally acclaimed for her billiards talent, Keira often dresses up in disguise to become a nefarious pool shark! She isn’t trustworthy, that’s for sure.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire  (Irish-inspired/green preferred). . Optional pool stick and chalk as props. 


Television Cameraman

Patrick O’Carroll is the moody and insensitive television cameraman.  Patrick’s colleagues at the station can’t stand to be around Patrick’s mood swings, but his father is the C.E.O. of the RBC Television station. Pat has major job security!

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual business attire  (Irish-inspired/green preferred).  Optional video camera (real or fake) as a prop. 



Callie Flynn is the nosy receptionist at the RBC television station. Callie knows everything about everybody, as she eavesdrops on private conversations. She hasn’t made many friends for obvious reasons, but she’s the best source in town for juicy gossip.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual business attire (Irish-inspired/green preferred). Optional to have headphones as a prop. 


Lead Singer of the Ginger Mohawks

Liam O’Reilly is a local punk rocker who fronts the band Ginger Mohawks.  He is an animal rights activist and heads up various campaigns when he’s not on tour.  Liam prefers to sing instead of talk. This behavior may become peculiar during a long chat.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Punk rock attire  (Irish-inspired/green preferred).  Optional real or fake guitar as a prop. A red Mohawk wig as an optional accessory.


Abstract Artist

Cadence Kavanagh is a paranoid abstract artist who believes the Irish government spies on her every move. But why would the government spy on an artist?  Cadence has many reasons, but none of them seem rational.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire with optional paint splatters on it (Irish-inspired/green preferred).  A box of aluminum foil as an optional prop if you want to wrap everything so the government can’t spy on you. 


Professional Skateboarder

This rude skateboarder will ruin any party with his offensive behavior! Everyone tries to avoid Aiden Sweeney, as he’s the most impolite person in Dublin.  Aiden is unhappily married to Bree O’Doherty’s sister and often boasts about how miserable he makes the O’Doherty family! Nice gent, huh?

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Skateboard attire  (Irish-inspired/green preferred).  An optional skateboard as a prop.



Adara MacDermott is the domineering homemaker and neighborhood gossip. Adara will do anything to get the scoop on the latest gossip, but nobody’s ever scored the 4-1-1 on her!  She’s got to be hiding something, but what?

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A house dress  (Irish-inspired/green preferred), apron, and rubber gloves as an optional prop.



Morgan O’Leary is a nerdy astrophysicist.  A budding comic, Morgan performs twice a week at the neighborhood comedy club.  If Morgan’s in the room, people are in stitches.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A t-shirt with a humorous saying on it with blue jeans. 


Wannabe Superhero

Flanagan Sheehan has been unemployed since he inherited his great-grandmother’s home. He borrows money for his living experiences, and as ducks fly with ducks, Flanagan hangs out with his fellow mooches on a daily basis.  This group of moochers nicknamed themselves ‘The Midnight Heroes.’ Every night, they pretend to be superheroes watching over the streets of Dublin.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Superhero costume of any kind.


Motorcycle Gang Leader

Riley O’Keefe is the cordial leader of the motorcycle gang, the Dublin Greasers. A butcher by day, this motorcycle diva roars down the streets of Dublin in her spare time.  Riley makes it her life’s mission to make sure her bikers are better outfitted and more highly-skilled on a bike than the rival gang, the Dublin Motonauts.

COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Motorcycle ‘biker’ attire  (Irish-inspired/green preferred).  


Here are a couple of fun St. Patrick's Day videos to get you in the spirit: 

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