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The following is a list of Malum (Dark Craft) spells that are strictly forbidden on the grounds of Charmstone Academy: 

IMMORTALIS: this spell confers the caster with immortality for a 4-hour period. However, during this period, your vital organs (brain, heart, liver, lung, kidneys, skin) will age at the rate of 200x faster than normal. This spell is only suggested to be used for serious battles. The Charmstone Academy faculty do not want the students toying with this spell and aging their bodies at abnormal speeds. However, this spell is taught during the 12th-year Dark Crafts course.  

DOLORTE: this spell will throw its victim into an intense and unrelenting spasm of pain via every nerve ending of their body for a period of ten minutes. There is no antidote or counterspell. Many people have gone mad from having too many of these cast upon repeatedly. One may only use this spell to defend oneself during a world war between magical factions. Other than that, it is illegal, and the caster is likely to end up in Wormwood Reformatory (a highly-feared magical jail guarded by the meanest goblins of Magus Hollow). Students of Charmstone Academy are not even allowed to study it. 

OBSTUPEFACIO: this spell petrifies its victim for a 24-hour period. During this time, the victim can still feel, hear, and see everything surrounding them. However, they will be unable to move anything on their body. This spell is not illegal but is forbidden to be cast at the Academy. They are allowed to practice on enchanted mannequins in the courtyard while taking the 12th-Year Dark Crafts course.  This spell is taught during the 12th-year Dark Crafts course.  

DICIO: this spell enables the caster to possess the victim's body for up to an hour. Within this period, the spellcaster can control the victim's actions, thoughts, and speech, making it appear as though everything is ordinary with this person. This is quite dangerous for the victim, as they can be set up as criminals, cause harm to themselves or others, or at a minimum - do poorly on Academy Checkpoint Exams. While casting the spell, the caster does need to be in a quiet location. Any disturbance will break the spell. 

STULTUS:  this spell lowers the IQ of the victim by 50% each time it is cast. It can take up to a year for the victim to regain their original IQ. For obvious reasons, this can be devastating to the victim. This spell is banned by the magical world altogether. Any jury would send anyone casting it to Wormwood Reformatory (a magical jail guarded by the meanest goblins of Magus Hollow). This is not taught at Charmstone. However, one can find it in illegal publications that still circulate in Magus Hollow by underground factions.

OBCIDO: this is a fatal spell that is only used in the magical world during world wars between magical factions. If used at any other time, the witch or wizard will be subjected to a swift trial by jury, and most likely, they will be sent to the magical prison - Wormwood Reformatory. This spell is taught during the 12th-year Dark Crafts course - but only to students who have an impeccable academic record and plan to move on to become members of the Mystic Militum (the guardians of Magus Hollow) after graduating from the Academy.    

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