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Too Many Witches will Spoil the Brew

The 1300th Witch’s Coven is poised to convene within the mystical bounds of Ravenwood Forest for their annual assembly. It's a time for brewing potent concoctions, mastering new incantations, and engaging in the age-old pastime of warlock gossip. Yet, beneath the surface of anticipation, there's a stir of unrest; whispers of discord have begun to shadow the usual camaraderie. The magical synergy that once unified the coven seems to be fraying, leading to concerns among some members about the collective harmony.

A controversial proposal has surfaced in response to these undercurrents of tension: to mandate pre-gathering counseling sessions aimed at mending rifts and restoring unity. Despite mixed feelings within the group, Onyx Blazen, with decisive authority, has mandated attendance for all. No member is to be exempt from this initiative in hopes of weaving back together the frayed edges of their fellowship.

As a witch of the venerable 1300th Coven, you find yourself at the heart of these unfolding events. The fabric of your magical community hangs in the balance as you approach the enchanted gathering. Amidst spells and shadows, your unique tale is about to unfold. Welcome to the beginning of your story in the Ravenwood Forest.

Guest List


Powers of Fire
The spicy Onyx Blazen is a powerful witch who suffers from severe anger management problems. Being powerful and angry is quite the frightful combo - especially considering her specialty is the powers of fire!  Onyx is a strong, unyielding leader of the 1300th Coven and is highly regarded in the magical community.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume with flame decorations on the cape and an optional wand with fake flames at the tip.


Powers of Ice
Crystal Wynter is the emotionless witch with the strength of the powers of ice. She speaks without feeling and is known to say unkind things to her fellow coven members. Crystal doesn’t smile or laugh, and those around her often wonder what she is plotting against them. Crystal doesn’t get along with many people, especially Onyx Blazen.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Light blue cape, light blue crown, and wand.


Lady Draconus is the Coven member you can count on to lighten the room. She is a summoner of animals, preferably dragons. Lady Draconus dances when music is played and always finds a way to have a great time. She is a dedicated and loyal friend to her fellow witches of the 1300th Coven. Nevertheless, she’s a ruthless shopper, so stay out of her way during clearance sales!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with a stuffed dragon as an optional prop.


Powers of Poison
Powers of poison are Raven Brew’s forte. She owns the internationally acclaimed store Alchemy Attic. Raven peddles her wares to the potion makers in the magical world.  This enchanted merchant is the neighborhood gossip, so be careful when spilling your secrets while Raven’s in earshot.  Raven has a gift for reading fortunes. Whether they are true fortunes or not, only the future will tell.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witches costume with a cauldron as an optional prop.

Powers of Disguise & Invisibility
If you’re looking for an elusive, mysterious, and unpredictable witch, you may find Persephone Zander! This magical diva prefers to sing instead of talk! Known to be magically weaker than her fire-casting powerful sister, Onyx Blazen, this witch has the magical specialty of disguise and invisibility. Persephone plays a living game of the timeless classic hide-and-seek.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with an eye mask as an optional prop.

Powers of Magnetism
Luna Crow has the gift of the powers of magnetism and is the friendliest witch in the 1300th Coven.  She is super friendly and a total blast to be around. Luna has a hidden talent, and she can make rap songs about the situations around her. Luna loves to perform her songs for anyone with willing ears.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with large fake magnets attached to the cape as optional props.


Powers of Wind
Serena Willow couldn’t tell a lie to save her life!  This abrasive witch speaks the truth whether you want to hear it or not!  Serena’s specialty is the powers of wind. Anger this witch, and you’ll be running from a private tornado!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful hair and witch costume. Broom as an optional prop.


Powers of Transfiguration
Belladona Balder is the most unreliable witch in the 1300th Coven. Some say her untrustworthiness stems from her specialty of transfiguration. Belladonna can morph into any animal she desires, but along with her gift comes bizarre & irrepressible animal mannerisms!  Belladona loves to tell jokes about animals!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with random animal headbands to switch out - as optional props.

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