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Murder at the Luau Party

Sun City is a small town outside of Hollywood that is a celebrity vacation destination with beautiful beaches, excellent weather and wonderful resorts.  Darby Cerulean, a local magician of Sun City, is hosting a to-die-for backyard luau party. Everybody in Sun City is talking about what an epic party this will be.  Rumors have flown around the grapevine that Darby’s guest list might not be exclusively the crème de la crème of high society, but why should anybody question Darby’s motives?  Darby promises that it will be a fun time in the sun with exciting party games, wonderful luau-inspired delicacies, and stimulating conversation.  You have received your invitation, and it is time to pick out your most festive luau attire for the party.  This is where your story begins… 

ready to shop?

Invited Guests



CBC News Reporter

Adair Burgundy is always the source of breaking news from Sun City.  Adair is an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the CBC television station and will stop at nothing to get the scoop. 

Nobody has seen Adair Burgundy about town lately. Rumors are starting to fly that something might be wrong with Adair.  However, Adair recently went on a huge shopping spree in New York City, so things couldn't be all bad. 

Suggested attire: Summer casual attire. Optional to have a toy microphone as a prop. Optional accessories are a pen and notepad.


Hollywood Icon

A somewhat late bloomer as compared to other big screen icons, Alex Jade became an overnight sensation with the release of the movie Short Toenails.  Alex is a quirky trendsetter that can do no wrong in the eyes of fans, but has declared war with members of the media.

Alex's last movie didn't fair well at the Box Office. Unfortunately, the critics and moviegoers alike both gave it a thumbs down on many of the popular online review sites.  Alex's career might be starting a downward spiral. 

Suggested attire: casual summer attire. 


Gossip Columnist, Sun City Daily

Cricket Pewter is the talented gossip columnist for the Sun City Daily.  Cricket knows the who’s who of Sun City, and is quick to shadow unsuspecting Hollywood celebrities as soon as they enter the city limits.  It is definitely not a good thing to be mentioned in the Sun City Daily gossip column, and the locals know to avoid Cricket at all costs.

Cricket's estranged uncle recently passed away. There are rumors that the estate was sizable and that Cricket was listed in the Last Will. However, something has prevented Cricket from getting the big check. 

Suggested attire: Casual yet trendy summer attire. Pen and paper as optional props.



Darby is a rising-star magician who performs awe-inspiring illusions with intriguing storytelling.  Darby aspires to grow a fan base large enough to support a world tour, but so far, Darby hasn’t been able to get out of Sun City.

Darby comes from a long line of semi-famous magicians with a bunch of magic tricks that only the Cerulean magicians have ever performed. Other magicians would pay top dollar to get Darby's black book of secrets. 

Suggested attire: Summer attire, black top hat as an optional prop. Another optional prop is a magic trick set.



Jude Plum is the high-society socialite that cannot stay out of the trash tabloids.  Jude’s parents own the successful chain of Orbit Hotels around the world and supply Jude with a never ending cash flow and high-level connections.  Jude is uber-famous, but for no reason other than being a very wealthy troublemaker.

Many say that Jude might be a psychopath, as Jude has no empathy for anyone. Jude has been seeing the best doc that money can buy, but hasn't reported any of the results of those meetings. The gossip mill also circulates a rumor that the Plum family has deep mob affiliations. 

Suggested attire: Very trendy / expensive looking summer attire. Fake money popping out of your pockets as optional props.


Fashion Designer

Parson was a poor orphan that learned to sew by hand - and today, aspires to make a mark in fashion history.   This ultra-reserved aspiring icon of style has recently opened up his/her first boutique in Sun City.  Parson hopes to one day have Parson Golden Designs worn on the red carpets of Hollywood.

Parson has been struggling financially, even with the online business and storefront. Parson hasn't yet found a way to connect with the Hollywood elite.

Suggested attire: Very trendy, fashionable summer attire with lots of accessories.


B Movie Star

Piper White is the struggling B movie star.  Known for powerful screams and overly dramatic chase scenes, Piper is destined to take over the Hollywood big screen.  According to Piper, if s/he doesn’t make it big in Hollywood – it will be someone else’s fault, as this drama conjurer is remarkably quick to point the blame at anyone for anything.

However, someone is anonymously posting negative reviews of Piper's films. Piper has hired a private investigator to find the poster's identity, as many of the same typographical errors and slang are used in the reviews.

Suggested attire: Trendy, glamorous summer attire. Optional prop is a marker and slips of paper to give autographs to the other guests.


Professional Poker Player

Greenlee Black is one of the most hilarious people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Greenlee’s a knee-slapping amateur comedian at night and a highly-skilled poker player by day. Greenlee has recently been pursuing a career as a professional comic.

People around town have been talking about how Greenlee is set to inherit a big sum of money. Everyone wonders what Greenlee will do once the money comes in - stay a poker player or pursue a career in comedy?

Suggested attire: Trendy summer attire. Optional to have poker chips and playing cards in every pocket. Bring some jokes with you!


Daytime Soap Opera Star

A former reality star, Ren Peach recently landed a starring role on a hit soap opera called Gorgeous Thieves.  Ren’s attractive mug can be seen in most grocery checkout lines, as s/he is a popular choice for the cover of teen mags. Unfortunately, sources say that Ren has allowed the fame to go straight to his/her head.

Ren Peach and Alex Jade are archenemies. Neither one gives the other respect, and they often get into spats if they are forced to be around each other for any length of time.  Ren is searching for a vacation home in Sun City, but to date, hasn't been lucky enough to find the perfect home. 

Suggested attire: Glamorous summer attire.


Pop Icon

Rigny Cyan is the ultra-eccentric pop icon from Mississippi.  Now a music chart topper, Rigny still speaks with a southern accent and follows the rules of southern hospitality.  However, claws will pop out if you make Rigny angry.

Rigny struggled in the early days while performing at shopping centers in Sun City.  Rigny prevailed and became a huge star, leaving the doubters and harrassers behind. 

Suggested attire: Quirky pop star summer attire such as short dress (female), torn fishnet stockings and brightly colored heels. For a male, ultra-trendy summer attire.


Ride Operator

Waverly Scarlet is the boisterous rollercoaster operator at the Sun City Amusement Park.  Waverly is anything but friendly and constantly mocks the customers who board the rides.

Recently, the amusement park received notice of a lawsuit against the park. Some say that Waverly might be the reason for the legal action. If this is true, Waverly's job might be in jeopardy.

Suggested attire: Any type of uniform or a t-shirt and shorts with a name tag that says Sun City Amusement Park.


Tennis Instructor

Story Indigo is the insufferable tennis instructor.  Lacking control for volume and content, s/he speaks her mind without a care in the world.  A long-time tennis pro, Story is anything but tolerant of beginning tennis players and isn’t ashamed to let them know how s/he feels. 

Some people in town haven't paid their bills for their private lessons, and since Story works on commission, this is putting Story in a financial bind.  

Suggested attire: Tennis attire. Optional to bring a tennis racket as a prop.



If you look up narcissism in the dictionary, Winter Olive’s picture would be plastered by the description. Winter is the friendly, yet self-loving neighborhood butcher with a dreadful over-exaggeration problem.

Winter used to be the town's friendliest barista at Star Coffee House on Nutmeg Street. However, due to daily complaints made by one customer, Winter was fired and had to seek a new career.  However, sources closest to Winter say s/he is happier as a butcher.

Suggested attire: Apron and butcher’s hat with summer attire. Plastic butcher knife as an optional prop.



Details, details, details!  If you’re speaking to Dracen Gray, you had better get ready for a plethora of intricate points and facts!  This over-explaining comedian will jump at the chance to perform an impromptu standup comedy routine.

Recently, Dracen shut down a performance because of a heckler. After Dracen walked off stage, there was a fist fight with bloody noses as a result. The audience at Dracen's shows have been packed to the brim ever since. However, there has been an upsurge of hecklers ever since the incident. This might lead to the end of Dracen's comedy career. 

Suggested attire: Funny t-shirt and shorts. Optional to bring jokes with you.



The ultra-mysterious Dakota Lemon is no stranger to the American trash tabloids.  Rumor has it that this celebrity mogul dabbles in just about everything that’s illegal and depraved! 

One thing people do know for sure is that anyone who double-crosses Dakota is never seen again.  Be nice to Dakota. Give Dakota what they want or pay the price!

Suggested attire: Very trendy summer attire. Fake money popping out of your pockets as an optional prop.

Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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