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Homicide at the Tacky Sweater Shindig

Citizens of Holly Hills: save the date, mark your calendars, and set your alarms– the annual Tacky Sweater Shindig is just around the corner! This charming event will take place in the spectacular Silver Bells Ballroom of the Snowflake Manor. Party guests will mingle in tacky sweater garb with enchanting people, exquisite food, and fabulous entertainment. A night to remember, you will make to die for Christmas memories for years to come! Dress to impress in your Christmas tacky sweater best! On another note, rumors that some of the townspeople are planning to get revenge on one another this night are entirely false. Everybody will be perfectly safe. At least the Snowflake Manor’s management hope that’s the case. No drama will be tolerated! This is where your story begins.

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Invited Guests


 Martha May Bells is an heiress who always gets what she wants – except for her secret childhood crush. Martha May has mastered the art of eavesdropping, so if you have skeletons in your cupboard, it is best not to breathe a word of them. The neighbors get annoyed by Martha May during the holiday season since she is ultra-competitive with her Christmas décor.
Suggested Costume: Tacky but elegant Christmas sweater. Hair in an outrageous Christmas-inspired updo.


Carol Knight is one of the most friendly people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Being a manicurist, Carol knows most everybody in the town of Holly Hills because they are on her client list. She stresses during the holidays, however, since her eccentric brother comes to town.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Tacky Christmas accessories to go with your sweater.


Dog Groomer
Sam Manger is the obnoxious dog groomer at Manger Mutt Cuts. Sam is an animal lover and takes excellent care of animals. However, s/he is a terrible groomer with horrible ideas for pet haircuts. Sam’s newest style is the box cut, and the poodles of Holly Hills are all hiding in closets until their hair grows back.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Print off pictures of ridiculous dog grooming cuts to bring with you as your portfolio (optional).


Eddie Evergreen is the obnoxious baker at Cousin Eddie’s Cookies.  Eddie lives life the way that s/he wants and doesn’t care about being judged. The townsfolk of Holly Hills gave Eddie a nickname of 3C, which stands for crass, cluttered and chaotic.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Spatula or whisk and chef’s hat as optional accessories.


Display Design Manager
Ginger Starry is the manipulative display designer for Nogstrum’s Department Store. She inherited the role of display design manager when her boss choked on a piece of fruitcake at the company’s holiday party. Ginger also takes on other part-time positions around town to make ends meet.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.  Very over-the-top Christmas accessories.


Farrah Frost plays the role of The Sugarplum Fairy at the Decking Halls Playhouse.  Farrah is a beautiful ballerina who teaches private lessons to the kids of Holly Hills in the offseason. During the holidays, however, Farrah is always on her toes.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.  Ballet shoes & fairy wings are an optional accessory.


Olympic Ice Dancer
Roxy Rudolph is an enigma to most people of Holly Hills. She is a talented Olympic Silver Medalist and U.S. National Champion ice dancer. Roxy has decided to put her skates away, slow down the pace, and enjoy life. She plans to open an eggnog shop on Winter Street next to Cousin Eddie’s Cookies.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.  Silver medal as an optional prop.


Candy Store Owner, Furkus Fudge
Scut Furkus is a notorious neighborhood bully that plagued the Sugar Plum Point subdivision for many years. When Scut inherited his/her grandfather’s candy store, s/he had to turn over a new leaf when the townspeople picketed on the sidewalk. Nowadays, Scut is one of the most helpful people in the town of Holly Hills.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.  Coonskin cap as an optional accessory.


Train Conductor
Ralphie Chestnut is genuinely fun to be around because he was born for comedy. A dedicated train conductor for the North Pole Express, he loves to tell jokes during the ride. He’s known for the story about his mother buying him a BB gun for Christmas after months of begging. He nearly shot himself in the eye the first and last time he pulled the trigger.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.  Glasses as an accessory.


Kevin McAllister is a thirty-something who still lives at home with his parents. Kevin has post-traumatic stress disorder from his childhood when he was home alone, having to fend off burglars on Christmas Day. The holiday season is mentally draining on Kevin, and he is not sure when or if he can ever get over his Christmas trauma.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.


Mattress Salesman
Howie Langston is the devoted father and overworked mattress salesman. Every holiday season, Howie will do anything it takes to find his son the perfect Christmas present. This year, he is at his wit’s end searching for a Supersonic Man doll.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.


A struggling inventor, Clark Griswall is the traditional family man. He will go to the ends of the earth to make his family happy. However, Clark has a knack for making the wrong decisions and finding trouble.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.


Clark Griswall’s family members are a demanding bunch. In addition to his immediate family, he has in-laws flying and driving in for the holidays from all directions. The Griswall house is the most energetic…and dysfunctional house in Holly Hills. 
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.

Toy Store Clerk
Angelica Peace is the jovial toy store clerk at Toys B Us toy store. She does whatever she can for her customers and believes in the saying the customer is always right. Angelica is a caring person and has a good shoulder to cry on if you ever need one.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Any type of toys as optional props..


Assistant Manager, Nogstrum’s Department Store 
Klaus Noel is the grumpy assistant manager of Nogstrum’s Department Store. Klaus manages the employees of the store with an iron fist, but his style is very different from the lackadaisical store manager that allows employees to get away with murder…literally.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.


Christmas Tree Farmer 
Lou Hinkle is a friendly Christmas tree farmer and owner of Hinkle’s Trees. Lou’s great, great grandfather founded the family tree lot back in 1899. Lou is proud of her/his family’s lot and works very hard during the holiday season.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Grab some fresh evergreen twigs to adorn your sweater.


Pop Star 
Merry North is the uber-famous pop star that grew up in Holly Hills. Since she topped the charts, she hasn’t had time to come home to see her family, but this holiday season, she’s blocked out a chunk of time to be in town!
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater worthy of a pop star. Super trendy hair and makeup.


Gold Miner 
Yukon Donner spends his days looking for gold on the California coast. After Yukon makes a big find, he sells his treasure and goes on vacation for as long as his funds allow. Yukon has decided to vacation in Holly Hills for the holidays.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Toy pick axe as a prop.


Television Executive, RBC TV Studios 
Franklin Crosman is the selfish, cynical television executive for RBC TV Studios. He has worked all year on the plans for a live adaptation of Rudolph for Christmas Eve and will do absolutely anything to see his project through. Franklin doesn’t care about Christmas – he’s only concerned with ratings.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.


Personal Shopper, Nogstrum’s Department Store 
Candy December is a ruthless personal shopper at Nogstrum’s Department Store. Candy’s wealthy clients are demanding, but she is merciless when it comes to getting her clients what they need. Stay out of this callous shopper’s way if you know what’s good for you. 
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater.


Former NFL Quarterback 
Chris Kringle is the insufferable former NFL quarterback. He thinks he is a lady killer, but can’t even land a date for a Friday night. Those closest to Chris say he tries too hard, but he believes women are scared to approach him because he is a huge celebrity athlete. Truth is, they avoid him like the plague.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Football as an optional prop.  Sharpie marker as an optional prop (people may want your autograph).


Department Store Santa 
Will Marcus is new to the town of Holly Hills. Will landed a job as the role of Santa Claus in Christmas Village of Nogstrum’s Department Store. Will has exhibited erratic behavior, and was recently arrested for attempting to sleep in the gingerbread house in the store. Once he gets out of jail, nobody knows what will happen with his job.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater over Santa suit. Beard, Santa hat, glasses as optional props.


Sales Clerk Nogstrum’s Department Store
Clarice Nicholas is the tenacious sales clerk in the fragrance department of Nogstrum’s Department Store. Clarice finds it difficult to take ‘no’ for an answer and is ranked as the top sales person of the month…most months of the year.  Clarice always gets her way.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater. Bring fragrance soaked cards with you for people to sample (optional).


Mannequin Designer 
Eve Elden is the bubbly mannequin designer at Nogstrum’s Department Store. Eve has worked at the store for nearly two years and is an extremely committed employee. She’s always willing to stay late, help other departments, and switch shifts when needed. Eve is a genuinely nice person.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater with ultra-trendy Christmas accessories.


Head Department Store Elf 
Hermey Garland leads the elves of Christmas Village in Nogstrum’s Department Store. Hermey is an insecure introvert and is currently working his/her way through dental school. Hermey didn’t want to manage the other elves, but wasn’t given a choice.
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater over an elf costume.


Nogstrum’s Department Store 
Hermey Garland leads the elves of Christmas Village in Nogstrum’s Department Store. They are a spirited bunch of holiday workers who do their very best to take care of the girls and boys who visit Santa in Christmas Village. 
Suggested Costume: Tacky sweater over an elf costume.


Life is one party at a time.

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Now, it's time to have fun with your party.  Always stay in character and make the experience your own. Get ready for a memorable time with your friends!

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