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Nested in the breathtaking Thanos Mountains, Thornwood is a relatively small town. Hartford University, one of the world's most prestigious scholarly institutions, is the municipality's lifeblood and is famous for its extraordinary contributions to many academic fields.

     In recent news, Dr. Indiana Tawny, a famed archaeologist and professor at Hartford, unearthed a crown estimated to be a thousand years old from the submerged city of Posidonia. The crown, thought to be made of meteorite metals, platinum, and a combination of luminous minerals and bioluminescent organisms, might have belonged to the ancient city's ruling class. Scientists and historians from all corners of the world are desperate to participate in a collaborative research project surrounding the crown.

     But before the find becomes a perpetual laboratory subject, the mayor of Thornwood is hosting a celebratory bash for the discovery in Thornwood Town Hall. The night of the gala, the prized artifact will be displayed behind a glass case in the center of the Starlight Sonata Ballroom for all to admire.

     Soon after the announcement of the celebration, the town's hotels found themselves fully booked, as well as every restaurant in the city for days surrounding the event. The tickets for the event sold out in mere minutes, but you were fortunate to get your hands on one. This is where your story begins.


Ticketholders for the Gala 



Professor of Archeology

                Indiana Tawny is a dedicated professor and chairperson of the archaeology department at Hartford University. Indiana is kind, helpful, and a genuine joy to be around. Unfortunately, Indiana's gentle personality is often taken advantage of, and this professor usually ends up in harm's way. Nonetheless, everybody loves to see Dr. Tawny's contagious smile.

     Mayor Mint was proud to announce that Chuck Cheddar, an action-adventure movie star, would be attending the gala in honor of the crown's discovery. Chuck's publicist has contacted Indiana and arranged for Chuck to meet Dr. Tawny for lunch the day of the gala. Indiana is starstruck and cannot wait to meet one of Hollywood's biggest faces. 

     Dr. Tawny's numerous archaeological finds have gained significant recognition, but the discovery of this crown has created a sensation on social media, capturing the attention of the Associated Press. Now, the entire world is captivated by the story.

 Suggested attire:  Trendy yet conservative archaeological or explorer costume in a tawny/beige/khaki color.


CBC News Reporter

                Ashton Jade is a gregarious news reporter for CBC News. Ashton will do anything to get the scoop and outshine their competition at RBC News. Therefore, if you don't want your skeletons escaping your closet, stay clear of Ashton. Some have accused Ashton of creating or fabricating news stories in the past, so not many people trust this reporter.

Ashton Jade's relentless pursuit of the next big story has earned them a reputation for being both tenacious and unscrupulous in their journalistic endeavors. With a career defined by the pursuit of exclusives that could catapult them to the top of the news cycle, Ashton operates under the principle that no scoop is too small and no tactic too bold if it means beating RBC News to the punch. This aggressive approach to journalism, however, has not been without its controversies. Accusations of bending the truth or, in some instances, outright fabrication have swirled around Ashton, leading to a palpable sense of distrust among peers and the public alike. In a profession where credibility is currency, Ashton finds themselves walking a fine line between fame and infamy, with each story potentially tipping the scales.

Ashton will be at the gala with eyes and ears open, waiting for a story to break. The CBC News crew has been put on notice and are ready to pounce on any story that may emerge the night of the gala. 

   Suggested attire:  Conservative green attire and a notepad to take notes, as you never know when a story will break out.  Reporter costumes.   Women's for suits.  Men's for suits


Police Chief

                Finn Navy is the brazen police chief of Thornwood. Finn micromanages a police force of 400 officers but is usually considered fair. Still, Finn gets what they want at all costs, so stay out of Chief Navy's crosshairs if you wish to remain on the chief's good side. 

 Off the clock, Finn's love for the thrill of sporting competitions is known to few, a passion the chief indulges with a zeal matched only by the commitment to the badge. Yet, beneath the surface of Finn's commendable dedication lies a complex web of challenges. 

Finn, by choice, plays a role in all security-related activities in Thornwood, which occasionally causes friction with non-police security personnel. Consequently, Finn's rapport with the Town Hall's security office is somewhat strained. Despite this, Finn has asserted authority and will oversee the secure transport and placement of the crown into the ballroom's glass display case for the upcoming gala, working with the private firm, Thornwood Security, who will deliver the secure case to Town Hall on the day of the gala.

                Finn's closest friend in town is Gentry Black. The two have dinner every Friday night, but sometimes on Thursday when their schedules conflict. Finn gets along well enough with Mayor Mint, but the mayor is not Finn's favorite person in town.

Suggested attire:  Trendy yet conservative navy-blue police uniform with a Chief’s badge/hat.



Federal Agent

                Jules Scarlet is an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Or it could be for the Central Intelligence Agency. Or perhaps a top-secret agency? Nobody in town truly knows where Jules goes when they leave town. This secret agent is challenging to be around, as it is impossible to tell if Jules is on the clock. Watch what you say around this undercover snoop.

Jules Scarlet's enigmatic persona extends beyond their ambiguous employment, casting a veil of mystery over their every interaction. Townsfolk speculate wildly about Jules' clandestine missions, whispering about international espionage, covert operations, and high-stakes negotiations that could be ripped straight from the pages of a spy novel. This air of secrecy makes casual conversations with Jules a nerve-wracking experience, as one can never be sure if seemingly innocent remarks are being filed away for a report to some shadowy overseer. Living in the same locale as Jules is akin to being in a perpetual espionage thriller, where the line between friend and informant is as elusive as Jules' true allegiance.

   Suggested attire:  Red glamorous suit or gown. Secret agent props (toy gun, earpiece).



                A former hit morning radio host, Omari Gray is now a social media influencer with over a million followers. Omari's a great friend to have and a dreadful enemy to make. Omari has the attention of the internet and can make nearly any story go viral. Omari has endless energy, and this type of vibe can be too much for most people. Some people have found this attention seeker untrustworthy.

Omari's eyes are perpetually set on the horizon, scouting for any chance to climb the ladder of success. Fueled by aspirations of becoming a household name, this influencer appears willing to push boundaries and explore uncharted territories to secure their spot among the stars. Their relentless drive and ambition hint at a readiness to embrace both conventional and unconventional paths, suggesting that for Omari, the pursuit of fame could justify the means, no matter how audacious or controversial they may be.

  Suggested attire:  Trendy yet conservative gray attire of any kind. Women's suits.  Men's suits


Professor of Biochemistry

                Dr. Brin White is the chairperson of the biochemistry department at Hartford University. Brin is constantly working in the lab, filled to the brim with ambition. Brin's work habits can be off-putting, as this professor's energy exudes stress. Dr. White never relaxes and is continually wound tight. Brin's colleagues worry about this scientist's health and well-being. Dr. White is a night owl insomniac and often takes work from the lab home.

Dr. White comes from a large family, all of whom still live in Thornwood. On the rare occasions when Brin steps away from the lab to take a break, Brin's typically found spending time with family members. Consequently, Brin has little time for a social life beyond these family engagements.

Brin's contributions to biochemistry are noteworthy, especially with the development of an anti-venom for Australia's rare Pistol Snake last year. However, these significant achievements have only been recognized by the local press. Despite this, Brin appears unfazed by the widespread attention Dr. Tawny's crown discovery has received.

 Suggested attire:   White lab coat and any biochemistry props you wish.



Retired Tech Genius

                People say that everything Blaise touches will turn into gold. Blaise is a former tech genius from Silicon Valley who moved to the quiet college town of Thornwood after selling an AI Vasanth Music Composer application and banking millions. Blaise is only days from launching a global beauty pageant system integrated with AI bells and whistles. Those who've gotten the inside scoop have told the press that the pageant system will be groundbreaking. Stay in this entrepreneur's shadows if you seek good luck and fortune, as there's plenty to go around.

Numerous townspeople have persistently approached Blaise, seeking roles within the pageant system, but Blaise has been too overwhelmed to evaluate the potential candidates. With the pageant's imminent debut and the upcoming world tour, Blaise faces the possibility of departing Thornwood for an extended period, leaving little time to address these requests.

   Suggested attire:  Trendy yet conservative turquoise/greenish-blue/teal attire of any kind.   Women's suits.  Men's suits


Retired Army General

                Gentry Black has moved home to Thornwood after serving four decades in the U.S. Army. Gentry sometimes teaches courses in various departments at Hartford University, as Gentry's skills, knowledge, and experience are broad. Gentry also has an extensive network of friends and family and knows most of the Thornwood townsfolk. It’s been challenging for Gentry to adjust to civilian life, and for this reason, Gentry can appear bossy at times.

Recently, Gentry has felt a strong desire to engage in meaningful activities but hasn't yet delved deeply enough into self-exploration to determine what those might be. Since retiring, Gentry has experienced a sense of restlessness, attempting various hobbies without much success, partly due to limitations from an old war injury in their shoulder.

Gentry and Finn Navy maintain a close friendship, making time for weekly catch-up dinners, typically on Fridays, though occasionally on Thursdays due to scheduling conflicts. Gentry's easygoing nature and charisma make them a beloved figure in town, with many considering Gentry a close friend. Gentry and Finn will likely have their weekly dinner at the usual place in town the night before the gala.

The big-time Hollywood publicist, Axe Quinn, is Gentry's nephew. Mayor Mint had asked Gentry for Axe's contact information and successfully arranged for A-list movie star and Axe's client, Chuck Cheddar, to attend the gala, Gentry is looking forward to the opportunity of catching up with Axe over coffee while he's in Thornwood. 

 Suggested attire:   Any costume with a black Army General’s hat, as you still like to wear it – even though you’re retired.



Opera Singer

                Peyton Pewter is a semi-famous opera singer who has a home base in Thornwood. Peyton travels with the Grand Stage Opera Tour throughout the year. Peyton might be out of town for most of the year, but this songbird is wired into Thornwood's dynamics and inner workings and knows a little about everyone's business. Nosy Peyton often fears missing out on things and can be a bit of a rumor-spreader.

Whenever Peyton is in Thornwood, they're inevitably spotted around town, engaging with the locals and soaking up the latest gossip. With various circles of friends, Peyton's itinerary fills up swiftly during their stays, but this performer thrives on the town's vibrant energy.

Recently, Peyton vied for a lead role in an anticipated opera production but was cast in a supporting role instead— a first in their career. Peyton has been reticent about the details and feels somewhat sheepish about taking on a less prominent part in what's touted to be a blockbuster show.

Nonetheless, Peyton has made arrangements to be in town the day of the gala, with a packed agenda of coffee meetups, lunch gatherings, and more lined up!

 Suggested attire: Flowing,  opera-inspired shades of gray attire. Sharpie marker for autographs as an optional accessory.



Unknown Occupation

                Logan Plum is somewhat antisocial and is known as a con artist in the town of Thornwood. Not one for enjoyable conversation, Logan can be a litigious troublemaker. Nobody knows precisely how Logan earns money to live, but many people have theories. With Logan’s faults aside, this townie is a dedicated and loyal friend to a handful of people – one of whom is Mayor Mint.  

Logan's enigmatic nature extends beyond their financial means; it's rumored they possess a treasure trove of secrets about Thornwood's elite, making Logan a figure both feared and respected in certain circles. Despite their unsavory reputation, Logan has demonstrated an unwavering support for Mayor Mint, even in the town's most turbulent times. This loyalty has sparked speculation about the depth of their bond and the history they share, adding layers to Logan's already complex character.

   Suggested attire:  Non-stylish purple/plum attire of any kind.  




Originally hailing from the bustling streets of London, Stevie Periwinkle is a seasoned adventurer with a passion for deep-sea fishing that knows no bounds. With a keen sense of adventure and a love for the open ocean, Stevie traverses the globe in search of the ultimate fishing spots, seeking out the most elusive and prized catches beneath the waves.

As the proprietor of Periwinkle Tours, a private business specializing in deep-sea fishing excursions, Stevie offers enthusiasts the chance to embark on unforgettable journeys during the warmer months. With expert guidance and a wealth of knowledge about marine life, Stevie ensures that each excursion is an exhilarating and rewarding experience for all who join.

Stevie bought a modest property in Thornwood fifteen years ago, and considers the quiet town home. Despite the thrill of exploring far-flung seas, Stevie finds solace and contentment in returning to the tranquil embrace of Thornwood during the rest of the year. Nestled amidst the quaint charms of the town, Stevie savors the simple pleasures of small-town life, relishing moments of quietude and camaraderie with the locals.

Stevie has recently become a go-to booking for A-listers. This exhausted fisherman recently returned from a 14-day excursion with a Hollywood icon and his family. Stevie's now home in Thornwood for a brief stay before setting out on the open seas with Whitney Spears, a controversial pop star, for a 7-day deep sea excursion.  Stevie is trying to get as much rest and relaxation as possible before setting out with Whitney, as she is a challenge to manage.

   Suggested attire:  Blue-colored attire of any kind with a fisherman's hat or pirate hat as an optional prop.  Women's suits.  Men's suits



Micky Ivory is a figure shrouded in enigma with a brilliant mind that navigates the complexities of both outer space and human interaction with equal intrigue. As an astronaut, Micky's achievements soar to celestial heights, yet it's Mickey's elusive presence in social settings that often leaves others intrigued and baffled.

With an exceptionally high IQ score that borders on the extraordinary, Micky possesses a depth of intellect that transcends ordinary comprehension. This astronaut's thoughts dance among the stars with insights reaching far beyond the confines of earthly understanding. Yet, for many, engaging with Micky proves to be a daunting challenge. Everyone struggles to find common ground with a mind that operates on a plane of intellect few can fathom.

Micky's journey to the cosmos began as a rocket scientist in a laboratory, but now, Micky's a vital member of a small group of elite astronauts. Micky's intellect is often described as 'superhuman,' a descriptor that hints at the unfathomable depths of their cognitive abilities.

Despite Micky's brilliance, this outer space dweller is not one to seek the spotlight. Instead, you'll find Micky lingering in the shadows of social gatherings, observing the intricacies of human interaction with a quiet intensity. 

Micky journeys on three space missions a year for a top-secret research program. Many of the locals have speculated what Micky has been working on, but realize that with Micky's level of intelligence - they likely wouldn't understand it, nevertheless. 

   Suggested attire:  White astronaut costume.   



President of Hartford University

Charlie Pink commands not just an institution but an entire domain of knowledge and influence as the esteemed president of Hartford University. With an air of quiet authority and a keen intellect that rivals the most astute scholars, Charlie presides over the hallowed halls of academia with a watchful eye and a razor-sharp mind.

 Charlie's ability to glean information surpasses mere intuition; it is a finely honed skill cultivated through years of clandestine surveillance and strategic eavesdropping.

Charlie's presence is often elusive with footsteps echoing softly through the campus like a phantom in the night. Few are aware of the extent of Charlie's knowledge, for this president's methods of gathering information is as subtle as effective.

To those who encounter Charlie Pink, they may appear unassuming at first glance—a figure lost in thought, perhaps, or engrossed in the pages of a book. But beneath that unassuming exterior lies a mind that is constantly at work, piecing together fragments of overheard conversations and whispered secrets to form a mosaic of understanding that few can rival.

Whether shaping the course of university policy or quietly pulling the strings from behind the scenes, Charlie remains a figure of intrigue and fascination—a president whose true power lies not in overt displays of authority, but in the whisper of a well-placed word and the subtle art of knowing when to listen.

   Suggested attire:  Business formal attire, either in pink or with a pink accent. Women's suits.  Men's suits



Amusement Park Ride Operator

Carney Cobalt is a dedicated employee of Thornwood Amusement Center. Carney serves as the chief ride operator of the colorful chaos known as the Topsy-Turvy Tea Party. With a booming voice and a mischievous gleam in their eye, Carney commands attention while guiding thrill-seekers through a journey of spinning teacups that spin and wobble at high speeds, sending screams and laughter through the air. 

But beneath Carney's larger-than-life persona lies a darker undercurrent—a penchant for mockery and a reputation for unbridled greed. Quick-witted and sharp-tongued, Carney delights in poking fun at unsuspecting patrons with barbed comments cutting through the air like the sharp crack of a whip.

It's not just amusement that Carney seeks to provide; it's a sense of superiority, a thrill of power that comes from lording over those who dare to step into the domain of the Topsy-Turvy Tea Party. With a cunning eye for opportunity and a knack for exploiting weakness, Carney is not one to be trifled with. Whether it's coaxing an extra dollar from a wide-eyed rider for an extra safety belt, or charging patrons for advice on how to win the carnival games on the midway - Carney Cobalt is always on the lookout for ways to turn a profit.

   Suggested attire:  Blue carnival/amusement park uniform/t-shirt.



RBC News Reporter

Tele Taupe is a force to be reckoned with in the world of journalism - a relentless seeker of truth and a master of uncovering the next big story before it even hits the headlines. As an ambitious investigative reporter for RBC Television Station, Tele's hunger for breaking news knows no bounds. Tele will push the boundaries of ethical journalism in pursuit of their next scoop.

With a keen intuition that borders on premonition, Tele seems to possess an uncanny ability to sniff out stories before they've even unfolded. Whether it's a political scandal brewing behind closed doors or a corporate cover-up waiting to be exposed, Tele is always one step ahead, their instincts honed by years of experience and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

But Tele's ambition knows no bounds, and they are not above bending the rules or resorting to less-than-savory tactics to get the story first. From cultivating secret sources to hacking into confidential databases, Tele will stop at nothing to ensure that their byline is the one that graces the front page. In the cutthroat world of journalism, where success is measured by ratings and exclusives, Tele knows that sometimes you have to play dirty to come out on top.

   Suggested attire:  Taupe/beige/khaki reporter attire. It's optional to have a microphone (toy) as a prop.  Women's suits.  Men's suits



Bank Teller

Chek Lilac epitomizes penny-pinching precision as a meticulous bank teller who leaves no cent unaccounted for. With a reputation riddled with excessive frugality, Chek is locally famous for painstaking attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to squeezing every last penny from every transaction. As customers approach Chek's counter, they are met with a flurry of activity as Chek counts and recounts each bill and coin with an almost obsessive fervor. Chek's keen eye for detail leaves no room for error.

But it's not just in the confines of the bank that Chek's frugality shines through. Planning a lunch date with this banker is an exercise in patience, as Chek's relentless calculations extend to every aspect of the meal—from analyzing the menu prices to splitting the bill down to the last penny based on who took bites of what.

Despite the exasperation that Chek's meticulousness may elicit, there's a certain charm to the pennywise ways—a dedication to fiscal responsibility that is as admirable as it is aggravating. And for those who can withstand the endless calculations and prolonged waits, Chek is a great friend to have - especially during tax season. 

   Suggested attire:  Purple (any shade) business attire. Or black with an accent of purple.  Women's suits.  Men's suits


Antique Collector

Remy Fuchsia is not just an antique collector but a connoisseur with a taste for the rare and exquisite, navigating the world of antiquities with a blend of ruthless charm. Hailing from the picturesque streets of Paris, Remy exudes an air of sophistication that masks the less noteworthy nature of being a seasoned cynic who views the world through skeptical eyes. With methods in securing prized artifacts that are as unorthodox as effective, Remy stops at nothing to outmaneuver the rivals in the cutthroat world of auctions.

Behind a polished façade lies a shrewd strategist who sees every auction as a battlefield, employing tactics that range from subtle manipulation to outright sabotage. Remy's reputation is riddled with infamous deeds echoing through the auction houses of Europe and the United States. Tales have emerged over the years of slashed tires, mysteriously jammed locks, and disappearing items before auctions—all of which were allegedly orchestrated by Remy in a relentless pursuit of victory. But a sharp wit and quick thinking skills have proven to be formidable defenses against any accusations, leaving those who seek to expose Remy frustrated and empty-handed. To Remy, the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of claiming the prize outweigh any moral qualms, making this collector both feared and respected in the world of antiquities. 

Remy has residential properties worldwide, but prefers the quiet life in Thornwood, so Remy considers this charming town a home base. Remy is strongly against the mayor's desire to make Thornwood a tourist trap.

  Suggested attire:  Pink attire of any kind.  Women's for suits.  Men's for suits.  Also, if you don't already have one, practice a French accent! 


Museum Curator

                Bradley Golden is a charismatic Thornwood Natural Science and History Museum curator. A tad narcissistic, Bradley is aware of their stunning looks and, therefore, can get away with what most people cannot. Bradley can be difficult to work with at the museum, so some of Bradley's colleagues steer clear of this curator.

Posidonia, shrouded in mystery and aged over a millennium, has long been the subject of varied narratives—ranging from local folklore to scholarly debates—over its exact nature: was it a city, an indistinct region, or perhaps akin to what we today would call a nation? Its precise location remained elusive until recent scholarly efforts unveiled its secrets, transforming age-old legends into tangible reality.

In this light, Bradley has masterfully curated a breathtaking exhibit at the museum, showcasing the sole architectural remnants of Posidonia ever discovered, thanks to the groundbreaking underwater excavations led by a few of Dr. Tawny's colleagues in the Department of Archaeology at Harford University. These relics, embodying the city's submerged splendor, have unfortunately only captivated local attention, leaving the exhibit's broader appeal somewhat diminished. This lack of wider recognition comes at a critical juncture, especially as Mayor Mint champions the transformation of Thornwood into a premier tourist destination, a move that could have spotlighted Bradley's exhibit. Amidst this backdrop, Bradley is at a crossroads, yearning for the exhibit to be the linchpin in Thornwood's cultural revival and this curator's professional advancement. The inclusion of the crown, a pivotal artifact discovered by Indiana, is seen as the missing jewel that could elevate the exhibit from local curiosity to national treasure, ensuring its success and, by extension, Bradley's bid for a much-deserved promotion.

  Suggested attire:  Golden/yellow attire of any kind.  Women's for suits.  Men's for suits.


Survivalist Instructor

                Drew Olive is a survivalist and wilderness instructor, teaching survival techniques to corporate groups, families, and individuals through week-long camping excursions in the Thanos Mountains surrounding Thornwood. Drew is a tad eccentric, and many townsfolk don't trust this mountain dweller. Drew surveils people randomly for no apparent reason, but this survivalist says that spying is a valuable skill one must nurture.

Drew has set up an informational booth for the survivalist business at Thornwood Galleria, coincidentally on the same day as the gala. Unaware of the gala when signing the contract, Drew now faces the challenge of coordinating a schedule to ensure the booth is staffed from 9 AM to 9 PM. Fortunately, Drew's business partner, freshly back from vacation and indebted with a few favors, is available to help.

Meanwhile, Drew appears to be brainstorming yet another business endeavor. While the specifics remain a mystery, the townsfolk are buzzing with curiosity and anticipation over what Drew might unveil next.

   Suggested attire:   Any type of wilderness/survival with camo/olive green of any kind.



Mayor of Thornwood

                Riley Mint is the mayor of Thornwood. Riley has been the mayor for twenty years and is facing an upcoming election soon. This politician is a hard worker and takes care of the primary needs of the people of Thornwood. Mayor Mint's status seems fine, as there are no other candidates registered thus far. The town is quiet and calm, so nobody has ever found a reason to run against Riley. However, remember that Riley is a politician who will do and say anything to stay in power.

The excitement among the townsfolk is palpable, all thanks to Riley leveraging a connection through Gentry Black to secure a major victory: having Chuck Cheddar, a leading Hollywood star, attend the gala. Mayor Mint is seizing this opportunity to elevate Thornwood's profile, aiming to transform it from an undiscovered gem into a sought-after tourist destination—a vision Riley has harbored for the town.

With the mayoral election looming, Mayor Mint's anxiety intensifies daily, haunted by the possibility of new candidates entering the race up to 30 days before the election. Having helmed Thornwood for twenty years, Riley's identity is deeply intertwined with their role as mayor, amplifying the weight of each passing day as the election draws near.

  Suggested attire:  Mint or light/lime green-colored polyester suit. Women's suits.  Men's suits.  Or, you might find something within the 1970s section for menAnd 1970s section for women.  



Former T.V. Star

                Pram Peach is a former soap opera star from the long-running show The Beautiful People. After Pram’s character was written off the show, Pram moved to Thornwood from the wild vibes of Hollywood only six months ago. Pram spun a globe and stopped it with a pencil eraser, vowing to move to whatever location the eraser landed on, which was Thornwood. Some townies have speculated that this former star is bored living in such a quiet town.

Pram portrayed the enduring character Snakey Jordan, an international art thief, on the television series. The role benefitted from Pram's in-depth training in thievery techniques, facilitated by the show's collaboration with industry experts. The writers enlisted the help of rehabilitated thieves, Silicon Valley consultants, and martial artists to guarantee the authenticity of each scene, ensuring that Pram's portrayal was grounded in real-world tactics and strategies.

   Suggested attire:   Peach/orange/salmon-colored trendy movie star attire of any kind worthy of a celebrity.   



Carey Coral's arrival in Thornwood the day after Indiana's discovery of the ancient crown from the submerged city of Posidonia raised more than a few eyebrows among the locals, as the gala to celebrate the crown's discovery had yet to be announced globally by the mayor. As a guest of the historical Taft Bed and Breakfast, Carey's presence has added an air of mystery to the quaint town. Thornwood, with its quiet streets and close-knit community, isn't accustomed to outsiders, especially those who arrive with such impeccable timing.

Despite the curiosity buzzing through Thornwood, Carey Coral has been keeping a low profile, avoiding mingling with the townies and instead opting for solitary strolls through the picturesque streets, and doing self-guided tours of the university and other buildings in town. The enigmatic figure's intentions remain shrouded in secrecy, leaving the townsfolk to speculate about the true purpose behind Carey's visit and what secrets might be hidden beneath this tourists' mysterious exterior.

Carey claims to be a sales clerk at The Hot Topics, a retail store that sells gothic clothing in Tennessee. But Carey speaks with an indiscernible accent that fades in and out, so nobody believes Carey lives in Tennessee, much less that Carey was born there. 

   Suggested attire:   Peach/orange/salmon-colored attire of any kind.  Women's suits.  Men's suits


Academic Advisor

                 Wolfe Indigo is a sarcastic academic advisor. Wolfe moved to Thornwood a year ago after graduating from a small college in Southern Louisiana. Unfortunately, this advisor seems more miserable and awkward than when the moving trucks arrived at the Treetop Terrace Apartments. Rumor has it that Wolfe has applied to multiple positions in town since moving here but hasn’t even received an interview. Everyone is curious as to why Wolfe doesn’t like working at Hartford University.

Wolfe pursued a bachelor's degree in Psychology, yet this academic background hasn't significantly aided in navigating interpersonal relationships with colleagues or students. Struggling to maintain a professional demeanor, Wolfe often interacts with authority figures as if they were peers from college days. This approach has not favorably impressed those in Thornwood, casting Wolfe as an unlikely candidate for local opportunities. Consequently, Wolfe is compelled to seek employment in other, more vibrant cities, moving away from the tranquil environment of Thornwood in search of a setting that resonates more with their personality and aspirations.

However, even if by a miracle that Wolfe charms an employer and gets a job - Wolfe has no possible means to make the move to another city. 

  Suggested attire:  Conservative indigo/dark-purple attire of any kind.  Women's for suits.  Men's for suits





                Reese Cerulean is the wealthiest person in Thornwood. Reese is quite powerful, owning many businesses and properties in town. At Hartford University, the Cerulean Science Hall was named after Reece's great-grandfather, a famous biochemist with multiple biochemical patents that became the source of the Cerulean fortune. A crude businessperson, Reese has plans to open many new businesses in the upcoming year.

           Reese possesses a fortune large enough to last several lifetimes, yet driven by an innate ambition, this entrepreneur is relentless in their pursuit of peak success. Whether it's becoming a world leader, founding a Mars colony, or achieving another monumental goal, Reese is determined to push boundaries until there's nowhere left to ascend.

In Thornwood, Reese is surrounded by a tight-knit circle of friends who ensure Reese's calendar is brimming with social gatherings, business appointments, and any reason to spend time with this multimillionaire.

Mayor Mint harbors a constant worry that Reese Cerulean might vie for the mayoral position of Thornwood. However, Reese's ambitions lie beyond local governance; starting at the top is more Reese’s style, making a bid for the U.S. Senate or even the presidency more likely paths should Reese decide to enter the political arena. But thus far, Reese has had zero interest in entering the political arena. Thus, Mayor Mint can rest easy—the mayoralty of Thornwood isn't on Reese's radar.

  Suggested attire:   Blue designer/expensive-looking attire of any kind. Money, jewels, other other expensive items hanging out of your pockets.  

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